Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Comfort Food from a Fire Station: Golden Chicken House & Chinese Food Center

Volunteer firefighters enjoy some pretty cool perks. And the Golden Fire Rescue unit of Chinese volunteers in San Juan share some of their favorite Chinese comfort food in one of the city's iconic establishments... Golden Chicken House & Chinese Food Center with their home-style and affordable signature dishes. Dine-in, take-out, or delivery, expect homey and downright comforting dishes to satisfy your appetite without busting your wallet.

Golden Chicken House & Chinese Food Center isn't hard to find, just look for the Golden Fire Rescue Volunteer Station and you'll find it the restaurant. The wide selection of dishes are simple, uncomplicated and honest, no-frills, all flavor. And sometimes, that's more than enough for a satisfying meal. Like Golden Chicken House & Chinese Food Center's Lumpiang Shanghai (P 78 for 6 pcs), served with a tart and sweet chili sauce. The wrappers are noticeably thicker, generously stuffed with savory minced pork that's both filling and comforting, the kind you'd expect in your aunt's home.

A good side dish is Golden Chicken House & Chinese Food Center's Chicken Lollipops (P 84), crispy deep-fried chicken served with their homemade sauce. The contrasting juicy chicken and the crisp outer layer delivers a burst of homey flavors, and great as is, and you just can't stop after having one so better order another just in case.

Volunteer firefighter Jerwin Guan recommended their Beef with Button Mushrooms (P 84), with tender strips of beef sauteed with nutty mushrooms for another comforting combo. Great with steamed white rice, just drizzle some of the sauce on the rice for even more flavor.  He was right. I can have this for lunch and dinner...

Golden Chicken House & Chinese Food Center's menu is impressive, with a wide selection that includes their signature Chicken specials, noodles, pork, seafood, beef, vegetables, soups, rice and rice toppings and other Chinese dishes.

They can also prepare customized packed meals ideal for large groups with an infinite number of combos to fit any budget. I sampled their crispy Pork Chop with Chop Suey packed meal combination with rice, a satisfying meal with excellent value for money. Just give them a call and they will gladly assist you in preparing your own customized meal sets. And if you do decide to visit and dine at Golden Chicken House & Chinese Food Center, bring the kids and go for a tour of their fire station. Simple, uncomplicated and comforting meals at reasonable prices, always a winning combination.

Golden Chicken House & Chinese Food Center is located at 163 N. Domingo Street, Pedro Cruz Street, San Juan City or call 726-0760, 724-7752, 724-6874 668-4088, and 463-1456 for inquiries and more information. 

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