Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Winning Pair: New Tropical Treats from J. Co Donuts & Coffee

J. Co Donuts & Coffee introduces a new flavorful duo with a cool tropical vibe...

J. Co's new Coconut Mocha Frappe and Dazzling Queen is another winning pair, with the sweet hints of coconut for a refreshing and new flavor experience. 

Long known for its innovative coffee flavors like the Cafe Avocado, Tiramisu Frappe, and White Chocolate Espresso Frappe, J. Co introduces yet another new flavor inspired by the tropics with the Coconut Mocha Frappe (P 165 Large). Blended with tender coconut jellies and swirled in iced coconut, chocolate, and J Coffee, the new Coconut Mocha Frappe is refreshingly smooth with that distinct tropical vibe. The mild sweetness of the coconut adds a unique layer to this refreshing frappe, blending well with the bold notes of the chocolate and the robust flavors of J Coffee. Different, playful, and inventive, it's definitely a must-try at J. Co. 

Pair your Coconut Mocha Frappe with J. Co's new Dazzling Queen (P 42), a soft and indulgent donut creation filled with berry-coconut cream and topped with strawberry, chocolate, and dried coconut flakes. The bright and vibrant colors of J. Co's newest donut is a visual cue to its festive and tropical flavors.  

A slice reveals the berry coconut cream filling, with its mild coconut notes contrasting with the sharp and tart berry for balanced flavors. The chocolate, strawberry and dried coconut flakes topping rounds out the flavors. The flavorful combo delivers vibrant flavors, exactly what you'd expect with its bright colors.   

The flavorful pair from J. Co Donuts & Coffee offers a delightful and unique tropical treat, delivering a burst of cool tropical flavors to brighten up your day. Check it now at the J. Co store nearest you and prepare for one cool tropical flavor experience.

J. Co Donuts and Coffee is located at Unit 107, Ground Floor, Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City.

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