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Brunch with a View at Discovery Country Suites' Restaurant Verbena

A leisurely weekend brunch overlooking the panoramic views of Taal Lake, just can't get any more picture-perfect than that. But it does. Every weekend at Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay... 

Discovery Country Suites, the pioneer Bed and Breakfast destination in Tagaytay, recently introduced Restaurant Verbena's new Brunch Menu, with a sumptuous selection of hearty and comforting country-style fare for that perfect Tagaytay mid-morning brunch.

Discovery Country Suites' award-winning Restaurant Verbena is known for its creative blend of contemporary fusion cuisine with farm-fresh country produce from Tagaytay, offering elegant yet comforting and rustic fare with the freshest flavors. And Restaurant Verbena's new Brunch Menu promises all this and more...

The spacious interiors, with its high ceiling, is draped by natural light, with impressive views of Taal Lake. Restaurant Verbena's soothing earth tones and dark woods is cozy, exuding a comforting warmth, making you feel right at home. A welcome drink of fresh Lemonade in mini-mason jars (R) kicks off my experience at Restaurant Verbena.    
Rhea Sycip (L), the new resident manager of Discovery Country Suites, welcomes guests to Restaurant Verbena. A chef herself, Rhea Sycip walked us through the extensive dessert selection at Restaurant Verbena, as Executive Chef Celmar Ambida (R) gets ready to prepare the signature brunch dishes.

Nothing like a few rounds of sparkling cocktails before brunch, and for a supplementary charge of only P 350, you can enjoy a tipple with Restaurant Verbena's refreshing Kir Royale. Other cocktails include Mimosa, Bellini, and sparkling wines.

Guests for the launch of the new Brunch Menu at Restaurant Verbena were seated by the section overlooking Tagaytay Ridge, with panoramic glass windows for an unobstructed view of Taal Lake. My memorable brunch with a view at Discovery Country Suites' Restaurant Verbena then began... 

Start your brunch right at Restaurant Verbena with their selection of freshly baked Butter Croissants, Danish Pastries, Duck Fat Biscuits, Hot Pan de Sal, and Banana Bread, along with fresh fruits, and juices, coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. That day, the impressive selection included Ham & Cheese Pie (R) and a variety of sweets. 

For the signature mains, here's a preview of Restaurant Verbena's new Brunch Menu, starting with the elegantly plated Prosciutto & Soft Eggs (P 685), with premium shaved prosciutto, 63 degree egg, and asparagus, on a freshly baked English muffin drizzled with nutty basil pesto. The colorful medley of garden fresh vegetables and edible flowers reminds you this is what makes Tagaytay special, with its abundance of fresh produce. And leave it to Executive Chef Celmar Ambida to create dishes using the very best and freshest ingredients for you at Restaurant Verbena.  

Smoked Salmon (P 695), topped with house-made pickled red onions and capers on Farmers Kesong Puti, Tagaytay Tomatoes and House Bagels with a side of fresh greens. The vibrant colors are a visual cue to the freshness of the ingredients, delivering pure and clean flavors.

Pork Belly Benedict (P 565), with crispy pork belly topped with pickled red onions and soft poached egg drizzled with creamy salted egg hollandaise on fresh baked English muffins. If it's pork love you're after, this dish is definitely it.

I go for the Brunch Burger (P 610), with grilled USDA Angus Beef topped with crispy double-smoked bacon, cheddar, tomato, and one over-easy egg drizzled with paprika-mayo on English muffins, with a side of Parmesan fries.

Gently crack the over-easy egg an let the yolk run, blending with the melted cheddar and paprika mayo for rich flavors. The thick premium USDA Angus patty bursts with bold, beefy flavors with every bite, as the distinct and rich notes of the egg, cheddar and paprika mayo weave in for a rich tapestry of flavors. The thick slabs of double-smoked bacon adds its own pronounced smoky notes to round out the flavors. It's a great burger to start the day with, and those Parmesan fries are so spot on, you just can't stop.    

Looking for seafood? Restaurant Verbena's Bouillabaise (P 995), a hearty and comfortng soup with Chilean sea bass, salmon, snapper, shrimp, mussels, and clams delicately poached in a Provencal fish broth, served with rice pilaf and saffron aioli, should satisfy any serious seafood craving.

More dishes were served, reflecting the wide and diverse range of flavors of Restaurant Verbena's new Brunch Menu. The Corned Beef Breakfast Sandwich (P 595), with house-made corned beef topped with melted onions, fried egg, and white Cheddar with a side of Parmesan fries is another flavorful option for brunch.

If you're thinking of starting your day with a slab of ham, you definitely can at Restaurant Verbena. Country Ham (P 525), with a thick slab of house-made country ham drizzled with redeye gravy and a side of sweet corn pudding, is a hefty dish for serous appetites. Other signature brunch entrees at Restaurant Verbena include Eggs en Meurette (P 550), Steak Frites (P 895), and Spanish Broken Eggs with chorizo (P 525).   

But save room for dessert. A slice of Apple Pie ala Mode, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, starts my round of desserts at Restaurant Verbena...

Restaurant Verbena's desserts include a variety of cakes and pastries to cap your weekend brunch... 

...with the rustic Apple Pie Skillet (L) that's best paired with vanilla ice cream, and the elegant Strawberry Shortcake (R) to go with your cup of freshly brewed coffee. And like the perfect weekend brunch, the best part is you can enjoy at your own leisurely pace, nor rush, no worries.

And there's more. Cranberry Muffinette (L), topped with nuts, little bites that's big on flavor, and creamy Lemon Lime Parfait (R), served in mini-mason jars. So many options, that's what you can expect at Restaurant Verbena.

And if you're still up for it, you can indulge in even more desserts, like the wittingly named Hello Dolly (L) and indulgent Cupcakes (R) topped with colorful edible flowers. You can be sure that Resident Manager Rhea Sycip and Executive Chef Celmar Ambida to have even more treats on your next weekend visit to Discovery Country Suites. 

After a satisfying brunch, time to take in the view from high above the famed Tagaytay Ridge overlooking Taal Lake. Another cup of coffee to end a picture-perfect weekend brunch at Discovery Country Suites' Restaurant Verbena. Great food, great views, great Discovery Country Suites' Restaurant Verbena.

Brunch at Restaurant Verbena is available every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

Restaurant Verbena is located at Discovery Country Suites, 300 Calamba Road, San Jose, tagaytay City or call 529-8172 for inquiries and reservations or visit For more in Restaurant Verbena, visit

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