Monday, July 13, 2015

Flavors of Baguio: An Off-the-Menu Dinner at The Malt Room

Something light and refreshing, with distinct local flavors... worries. The chefs at Le Monet were up to the challenge and prepared a special, light, healthy, and refreshing off-the-menu dinner at the hotel's elegant Malt Room.

Le Monet's The Malt Room is the hotel's bar and dining room for more intimate gatherings. It's also the perfect spot to unwind after a full day of fun adventures in Baguio. On one side of The Malt Room, wide panoramic glass walls allow diners a magnificent view of lush pine forests, adding to a unique dining experience.

Our dinner at The Malt Room began with the cool Blue Lemonade (L), a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage with freshly baked dinner rolls (R) from the hotel's own Le Monet Bakery. Nothing quite like warm dinner rolls with a generous dab of butter, as we pondered on what the chefs at Le Monet would serve for dinner...

Our dinner started with a refreshing salad, The Filipino Salad with salted egg, tomatoes, and onions drizzled with a shrimp paste dressing. The fresh greens, with its mild sweet hints, are given a flavorful boost with the bold notes of the bagoong dressing and the salted eggs, as the fresh tomatoes add layers of tartness to the dish. The local red onions also add a tasty punch to the salad, combining with the other ingredients for fresh yet complex flavors. It's amazing how the freshest ingredients provide all the flavors you need, and this simple dish proves that once again.

For our main dish, the chefs at Le Monet served their Turmeric Chicken, served with a spiced soy dip and a side of garlic fried rice. Le Monet's version of the regional and iconic Inasal, the perfectly grilled chicken is tender and juicy, with its delicate flavors punctuated by the peppery and citrus notes of the turmeric glaze. Squeeze some lemon over the chicken to bring out even more flavors, then dip in the spiced soy for familiar and comforting flavors. At Le Monet, you can feast with the daily breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet, probably the best in Baguio, or let the chefs surprise you with their own creative and inventive dishes.

At Le Monet's Malt Room, cap your dinner with a shot of premium Scotch whisky, and just chill. It's moments like these that make dining at Le Monet special and memorable.

Le Monet Hotel is located along Ordono Drive inside Camp John Hay, Baguio City, Baguio or call 519-4903 or (+632) 376-5059 (Manila Office) for inquiries and reservations.

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