Monday, July 13, 2015

Flavors of Baguio: Comforting American Classics at Ozark Diner

Biscuits, hickory smoked chicken, and burgers. Rich, comforting flavors from the American heartland comes to life high up in Baguio at Ozark Diner...

Baguio's Ozark Diner is one of those must-try dining spots when you're in the country's Summer Capital, with classic American flavors paired with the cool mountain climate for a fun, off-the-beaten path dining experience.

Located in the idyllic campus town of SLU Maryheights/Bakakeng, Ozark Diner recreates the flavors of classic Americana sourcing the freshest and very best local produce for its signature dishes. Inside Ozark Diner, the modern and spacious interiors exude a comforting warmth, and the wide panoramic glass windows provide impressive views.

Everything at Ozark Diner is made from scratch, from its wide selection of indulgent cookies, biscuits, and even pickled vegetables. It's the perfect spot for a real American breakfast, a comforting lunch or dinner, or even coffee with their signature Dark Beer Cheesecake for an afternoon snack. 

Kick off your dining experience at Ozark Diner with their freshly baked Biscuits (P 30), served with honey. The soft and warm biscuits release a buttery aroma with every bite, and the honey gives it that rustic vibe.

For the mains, Ozark Diner's signature Hickory Smoked Chicken (P 310), a half spring chicken served with a biscuit and choice of sides, is one of their popular dishes. Using real hickory wood chips with their own custom-built smokers, the tender and juicy chicken has that layer of smokiness to round out the flavors. Pair your Hickory Smoked Chicken with some of Ozark Diner's sides, including Hoppin' John (P 50), black-eyed peas cooked with ham hock; Dirty Rice (P 60), soft and fluffy rice cooked with liver; Cole Slaw (P 50), French Fries (P 80), Mashed Potato and Gravy (P 50), Mac & Cheese (P 90), Fried Green Tomatoes (P 80), and Fried Chicken Liver (P 80) served with a thick gravy.

At Ozark Diner's open kitchen, the staff prepare their signature burgers, laying premium all-beef patties on the grill as the aroma fills the interiors sending your appetite into overdrive. And you can see all the action from your seat, adding to your dining experience.  

The signature Cheeseburger with Fries (P 200), an all-beef patty topped with cheese, mayo, house-made spicy pickle, lettuce, tomato, and purple onion served on toasted house-made sesame seed bun, is an uncomplicated, simple yet flavorful burger with real and honest flavors. The soft, buttery, and fresh baked buns, the sharpness of the spicy homemade pickle and the richness of the beef come through at the first bite, followed by distinct layers of different notes from the fresh purple onion, the creamy mayo and cheese. The tomatoes and lettuce are fresh with a crisp snap in every bite, with the hefty serving of fries to complete the dish. It's your classic burger with no frills, just the freshest ingredients for pure and clean flavors.

Classic American flavors made from scratch with the very best and freshest local ingredients makes Ozark Diner a recommended stop when in Baguio. After a sumptuous all-American meal, step out and take a leisurely stroll among the tall pines, then if you're up for it, head back for a cookie or a slice of their cheesecake. Ozark Diner is that kind of place, and I could stay here all day...

Ozark Diner is located at 2 Bears Trail corner Bareng Drive, Baguio City or call 0947-445-0873 for inquiries.

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