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Frangos Portuguese Style Chicken: From Weekend Market Stall to Restaurant

It all started with a weekend stall at Legazpi Market, and the inspiring culinary journey of Frangos Portuguese Style Chicken continues with its very first restaurant...

Frangos Portuguese Style Chicken brings the authentic flavors of Piri-Piri Chicken, along with other Portuguese dishes, with its very first restaurant in Makati. It's always great to see some of the stalls in the long-running Legazpi Market evolve into a restaurant, and Frangos Portuguese Style Chicken's transition is welcome news.

Located along Kamagong Street in Barangay San Antonio (right behind Total Gas Station), Frangos Portuguese Style Chicken's bright and spacious interiors are a visual cue to the vibrant notes of their cuisine adding a new culinary experience to the metro's growing list of dining options.

Flame grilled chicken rubbed and marinated with the fiery African Bird's Eye chili is the signature dish, with the name of the restaurant derived from the Portuguese word for "chicken." As dinner guests arrived, the grills are fired up, and the marinated chickens are placed in specially designed holders for grilling. 

My dining experience at Frangos Portuguese Style Chicken kicked off with their unique Roasted Pumpkin Hummus (P 95) served with freshly baked breadsticks. The combination of nutty chickpeas with sweet and smoky pumpkin is new and refreshing, and an inventive spin on the traditional hummus. The pumpkin's subtle sweet notes blend seamlessly with the chickpeas for a new flavor experience.

Chourico Queijo Quesadillas (P 215), with the bold notes of chorizo balanced by the sour cream and tart mango salsa, another great starter before the mains at Frangos Portuguese Style Chicken. The chorizo's upfront and intense notes give Frangos' quesadillas a flavorful punch. Add some tart mango salsa for even more flavors in every bite.

Frangos Wings (P 195), with its smoky and mildly sweet glaze with just a hint of heat from the chili is another must-try specialty, and a good introduction to the chicken dishes. The flavors are rich without overpowering the delicate taste of the juicy chicken, and nibbling on one wing leads to another. And another.

A hearty beef dish was served next, the Beef Trinchado (P 250), with fork-tender cubes of braised beef with marble potatoes and garlic. Almost similar to the Salpicao, the robust yet buttery flavors of the beef come though, with layers of nutty garlic notes along with it. The rustic richness of the flavors are comforting, and it's one more reason to visit Frangos.

The signature Frangos Chicken (P 480/Whole), served with Chili Garlic Sauce, Tomato Piri-Piri, Green Harissa, and a refreshing Mango Salsa, best paired with Frangos Rice (P 45/cup), soft and fluffy rice cooked in rich chicken broth, turmeric, and butter. The chicken is perfectly grilled, lightly charred on the outside yet the meat is tender and juicy, absorbing the flavors of the spices and piri-piri marinade. It's great as is, but gets better when the trio of sauces are added. It's these sauces that really complete your Frangos experience. You can enjoy the sauces individually, or mix them all together, your call. Then, try adding the sauce to your Frangos Rice...just perfect. The Mango Salsa also adds its own distinct layer of flavor to the chicken, with a burst of tart and vibrant notes.

You can also opt for a Half Chicken (P 260), or 1/4 Chicken (P 145), served chopped. Frangos Chicken are served freshly grilled, at its flavorful peak, and it's absolutely worth the 20-25 minute wait. Frangos also offers a variety of sides to go with your Portuguese Style Chicken, including Buttered Corn (P 60), Coleslaw (P 55), Couscous Salad (P 80), Potato Fries (P 50), and Pita Bread (P 45). 

Frangos offers a selection of premium wines, but a cold beer would be an equally excellent choice with Frangos Portuguese Style Chicken. And the local craft artisan beer Tropic Haze (P 165) by Nipa Brew pairs perfectly with the dishes at Frangos. An American style wheat beer brewed with premium, all-natural ingredients delivering light, fresh, and clean flavors with a hint of sweetness and tropical fruit notes, the ideal flavor profile to pair with the Portuguese style chicken at Frangos. 

Other signature dishes at Frangos include the Portuguese Seafood Rice (P 450), Frangos' own version of the classic Arroz de Marisco, a "wet" rice dish similar to a "Caldozo" style paella with a soupy broth. The richness of the broth, infused with the flavors of the seafood, makes this one perfect for the rainy days, or any day, really. It's a meal in itself, and another great dish to supplement your feast at Frangos.

But if you've got to have your pork fix, no worries. The Porco Steak (P 230), a tender and juicy slab of pork should satisfy your porcine craving. The chili garlic sauce and the tomato piri-piri sauce pair well with this dish, complimenting the mild flavors of the juicy pork.  

Another round of Tropic Haze and another slice of Frangos Portuguese Style Chicken, just can't get better than that. The unique yet comforting cuisine at Frangos presents another flavorful addition to the metro's growing food scene. But the story of Frangos is just beginning, with many more flavorful chapters yet to come... 

Frangos is located at 9595 Buma Building, Kamagong Street, Brgy. San Antonio, Makati or call 0917-800-7777 for inquiries or visit their FB Page at

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