Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Discovering The Fifth Taste at The 5th Taste Modern Japanese Cuisine

It's the symphony of flavors, with distinct notes woven in a seamless blend that makes the dining experience special, going beyond the four taste sensations. It's been called the "fifth" taste, now known as "umami," that completes the basic tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. 

At The 5th Taste, you can experience modern Japanese cuisine with a creative twist, combining familiar dishes with a modern and inventive fusion of flavors for a whole new dining experience.

The 5th Taste is located along the quiet neighborhood of P. Guevarra Street in San Juan, offering its own unique take on modern Japanese cuisine. Inside The 5th Taste, the spacious interiors exude a contemporary vibe, with varying wood tones blending with glass and metal.

The 5th Taste's playful approach to flavors becomes evident with its own version of miso, the Deconstructed Miso Soup (P 98), silken tofu and leeks with the traditional miso broth, with the addition of chewy pork floss. The pork floss not only adds texture, but flavor as well with its distinct sweet and salty pork notes, gently released as the pork floss melts in your mouth. The presentation also gives this simple dish an exciting twist, as you pour the miso broth on the clear glass cup. The comforting miso gets a flavorful upgrade at The 5th Taste, as more dishes were served...

The Smoked Mackerel Maki (P 150), a sweet and smoky combo with smoked mackerel flakes and sweet mango drizzled with creamy Japanese mayo, was then served. The bold and salty notes of the smoked mackerel are tempered by the sweet mango for balanced flavors, as the 5th Taste continued its masterful play on flavors.

Crisp, sweet, briny, and savory, the Mussels Tempura (P 150) brings its own set of flavors to the table, with plump mussels deep-fried in light tempura batter drizzled with a duo of wasabi mayo and sweet eel dressing. The contrasting textures of the light and crisp batter and the soft mussels combine with the creamy wasabi mayo and sweet eel dressing for complex flavors.

If the Japanese invented pizza, The 5th Taste showed us how it may have looked and tasted with their unique Kani Salad Pizza (P 225), a light and thin crispy crust topped with shredded kani, cucumber, thin carrot ribbons, and mozzarella drizzled with Japanese mayo, served with a side of spicy chili powder and nutty nori powder.

The paper-thin crust is perfectly crisp and light, the perfect base for the mild and delicate notes of the kani. The fresh cucumber and julienned carrots add layers of sweetness to the unique pizza, as the mozzarella and Japanese mayo round out the flavors with a creamy finish. It's refreshing to sample dishes like this, blending familiar flavors with a new and inventive execution. And yes, one more slice, please.

The 5th Taste also offers a selection of Omurice Curry dishes, like the Crispy Chicken Rice (P 220), crispy chicken paired with Omurice or steamed rice wrapped in omelet with Japanese curry and mozzarella cheese. The crispy chicken, paired with the omurice, is a comforting meal in itself.

The 5th Taste shared their take on the tonkatsu with its own flavorful version, the Jalapeno Cream Cheese Onion Tonkatsu (P 325), tender pork cutlet with the familiar crisp coating with jalapeno cream cheese and onion filling served with a side of Japanese coleslaw. The jalapeno cream cheese and onion paired well with the subtle notes of the pork cutlet, adding a creamy layer of flavor, capped by the crisp breading. The 5th Taste, in a recurring theme, takes the familiar and transforms it to something new and different.

The 5th Taste is located above Goodyear Servitek, and customers who would have their cars serviced often requested for light snacks like sandwiches. The 5th Taste responded with their own version of the classic Philly Cheesesteak, The 5th Taste Cheesesteak Sandwich (P 200), with thin strips of tender stir-fried beef sukiyaki and mozzarella cheese on ciabatta, served with a side of fries. The use of premium sukiyaki beef gives this sandwich a familiar Japanese touch, as familiar flavors are once again transformed at The 5th taste.

The creative blend of flavors and the playful transformation of familiar dishes combine for a unique dining experience at The 5th Taste, with reasonable prices for a winning combination. Looking for inventive modern Japanese cuisine? You can find it at The 5th taste...

The 5th Taste Modern Japanese Cuisine is located at 453 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan or call 705-1856 for inquiries.

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