Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Christmas Thanksgiving Feast at Shangri-La The Fort's High Street Cafe

As another year comes to a close, there's just so much to be thankful for with countless blessings and the promise of more to come in the new year.

And there's just no better place to celebrate the best of the season than at Shangri-La The Fort's High Street Cafe...

At High Street Cafe, diners can indulge in a wide array of dishes prepared by Executive Chef Joris Rycken and his culinary team in a lavish buffet spread.Think of High Street Cafe as a crossroad where nine culinary neighborhoods converge in one impressive high street.

Where to start? The spacious interiors of High Street Cafe with its linear layout makes it easy to navigate, just let your eyes lead you to whatever takes your fancy. How about a few slices of traditional Roast Turkey (L) at the Carving Station, followed by tender Roast Duck (R) at the Asian Station? Why not.

Over at the Italian Station, you'll find a selection of pasta and sauces all prepared ala minute, so you get it hot and fresh off the pan. You'll also find savory dishes like the fork-tender and comforting Beef Brabacone (L), an absolute must-try, and the rustic Lamb Shank (R) braised in a rich stew.

At the Fresh Seafood Station (L), you'll find the day's freshest catch, with succulent crabs and shellfish on ice. Sauteed in butter and garlic? Absolutely. You'll also find freshly prepared Laksa (R) beside the Asian Station, with a wide range of noodles and toppings for that spicy yet comforting bowl.

At an exclusive lunch hosted by Shangri-La at The Fort, we got to sample High Street Cafe's impressive buffet spread. My dining experience at High Street Cafe began with a refreshing Ramos Fizz (P 400), a soothing Christmas cocktail with rum to get you in the holiday groove in no time.

Then, Executive Chef Joris Rycken served High Street Cafe's signature specialties, starting with a tasty Cheese Platter for starters, including Tuna and Chicken Liver Pate with dried cranberries and a soothing and vibrant red Santa Claus Iced Tea (P 250) topped with fresh strawberries. But Executive Chef Joris Rycken had even more indulgent surprises in store for us... the refreshing Gazpacho topped with fresh prawn and mussel and served in a glass as more dishes were served in a dazzling parade of global flavors. 

Don't miss out on Executive Chef Joris Rycken's rustic Filo Pastry filled with creamy Camembert and topped with a sweet and tart Mango Relish, another tasty starter before the mains.

And there's more. Exotic flavors from the east are recreated with the Chicken Chapati Kung Pao Style, reflecting the culinary diversity and creativity that await diners at Shangri-La at The Fort's High Street Cafe.

Executive Chef Joris Rycken then offered a taste of the different stations at High Street Cafe, including sumptuous Maki (lower left) from the Japanese Station, succulent Oysters Granita (center) from the Fresh Seafood Station, and the inventive Salad in Cones (top right) from the Salad Station.

One more oyster and a round of Ramos Fizz, and you're ready for the mains at High Street Cafe.

The fork-tender Braised Beef Cheeks just melt in your mouth releasing a savory richness lining your palate...

...followed by the comforting flavors of Roast Turkey served with grilled vegetables and a thick gravy. But there's just so much more to try at the new High Street Cafe.

At the Chinese Station, one can savor the rich flavors of traditional Claypot Rice, and the station chefs prepared one version topped with Braised Abalone, Cherry Tomatoes and slices of Lap Cheong sausages...

...or you can opt for the day's freshest catch at High Street Cafe's Fresh Seafood Station... the Grilled River Prawns, large and plump with a delicate sweetness to complete your feast at High Street Cafe.

And if you're still up for it, don't skip a comforting and spicy bowl of Laksa prepared fresh ala minute at the Asian Station.

Cap your feast with a stop at High Street Cafe's decadent Dessert Station and have a slice of sinfully indulgent Tiramisu...

...or some Strawberry Shortcake. Better yet, go for Executive Chef Joris Rycken's recommendations...

High Street Cafe's elegant Yule Log, a rich and moist chocolate roll draped in chocolate and served with Chocolate Covered Strawberry Mallows, Brownies, Cookies, and Meringue, pure eye candy served on glass adding a festive holiday vibe to an impressive feast.

The decadent Panettone, the traditional Italian Christmas bread draped in rich chocolate and topped with chocolate shards and flower petals, adds yet another layer of the festive holiday vibe at High Street Cafe.

The Six-Hour Pudding topped with Fresh Strawberries and served with cream rounds out my holiday feast at High Street Cafe, and what an awesome feast.

Pair your dessert with the equally indulgent Warm Street Coffee (P 400), a non-alcoholic Christmas drink topped with marshmallows and cream drizzled with rich chocolate syrup. Definitely one of the best buffets at The Fort, High Street Cafe is more than just a dining destination. It's an experience offering nine culinary neighborhoods all in one high street. Pan-Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean, and rotisserie dishes, a fresh seafood bar, salad bar, and dessert station, take your pick. There's a lot to be thankful for this past year, and High Street Cafe brings the best of the season with its impressive spread. Toast the new year with an indulgent New Year's Eve dinner buffet for P 3,800 net per person and holiday room packages at the new Shangri-La at The Fort, and welcome the new year with the proper High Street Cafe.

High Street Cafe is located at Shangri-La The Fort, 30th Street corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call (632) 865-3800 for inquiries.

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