Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Celebrate the Christmas Season with Crystal Jade Dining IN's Holiday Menu

Rich, vibrant holiday flavors add to this year's festive season of merrymaking... Crystal Jade Dining IN with their new Holiday Set Menus. The new repertoire of dishes include savory starters and the freshest seafood, all the way to indulgent desserts. Read on and get into the holiday vibe with Crystal Jade Dining IN's sumptuous holiday sets...

Crystal Jade Dining IN offers three Holiday Menu Sets, and that day we sampled Holiday Set Menu C (P 8,800 good for 6 persons, and comes with complimentary Gift Certificates), a lavish holiday feast featuring eight courses with three new dishes specially created for the season. Each course is a blend of both traditional, familiar and comforting flavors and inventive new dishes prepared in that signature elegant style of Crystal Jade Dining IN, feeding first the eyes with their elaborate presentation before the palate.

The first course for Crystal Jade Dining IN's Holiday Set Menu C features the Combination of Crispy Duck Sandwich with Shredded Duck Fruit Salad, a duo of dishes in one platter with Crystal Jade Dining IN's signature roast duck. Start with the Crispy Duck Sandwich, an intricately stacked appetizer layered with tender and juicy duck meat capped by thin and crisp duck skin, tasty bites with rich and bold flavors and contrasting textures.

The Shredded Duck Fruit Salad is a refreshing side dish combining the savory notes of roast duck with sweet fruits draped in a creamy dressing. The contrasting sweet and savory flavors combine in a seamless blend, pairing well with the Crispy Duck Sandwich.

The Sliced Bittergourd with Plum Sauce, an elegantly plated dish with a Christmas-themed design, includes fresh bittergourd paired with the tart sweetness of the plum sauce. The delicately arranged thin slices of fresh bittergourd and its bright hues of green are a visual cue to the festive season. The fresh bittergourd's distinct notes are perfectly tempered by the sweet plum sauce for balanced flavors, cleansing the palate for the next round of dishes at Crystal Jade Dining In.

The new Almond with Scallop Soup is another elegantly presented dish, with the rich decadence of scallops in a thick and comforting almond bisque served on a sweet whole papaya fruit. Just like Crystal Jade Dining In's signature Double Boiled Crab Claw Soup with Superior Mushroom in Fresh Coconut, a light seafood broth served in a whole coconut (more on my previous post, Authentic Cantonese Fine Dining Comes to The Fort with Crystal Jade Dining IN), the creative presentation of soup dishes at Crystal Jade Dining IN never fails to impress. Using the fresh fruit as the bowl, the flavors of the soup dish are enhanced even further with the sweetness of the fresh papaya. 

The nutty and sweet notes of the almonds add a creamy layer of richness to the thick soup, the perfect base for the fresh scallops with its distinct briny hints. A sip of the broth, followed by a scoop of sweet papaya...just perfect. 

The holiday feast at Crystal Jade Dining IN continued with the Golden Baked Stuffed Crab Shells, with succulent crab meat and mushrooms stuffed and baked in crab shells. The delicate sweetness of the crab meat come through, complimented by the nutty hints of the mushrooms for subtle yet balanced flavors.

The Pan-Fried Beancurd Roll with Special Sauce is a new dish adding a celebratory vibe to the holiday feast, a smooth and mildly sweet beancurd roulade with a savory stuffing laid on a sweet and thick sauce.The paper thin beancurd wrapper with its nutty notes is soft to the bite, with the savory filling and sweet sauce completing the flavors. 

The Fish Maw with Black Truffle & Osmanthus, another new dish, takes the classic Chinese cuisine staple, dried fish bladder or fish maw, paired with the rich, nutty, and earthy notes of fragrant black truffle and the floral hints, almost like apricots, of osmanthus flowers. The fish maw adds a creamy layer of briny richness to the dish followed by the distinct and indulgent flavors of the black truffle for another masterful combination. It's unique flavors like this that make Crystal Jade Dining IN's Holiday Set Menu different and special.

Extra rice? Absolutely. You'll definitely go for seconds with Crystal Jade Dining IN's flavorful Yang Zhou Fried Rice, soft and fluffy rice with assorted meat, seafood and vegetables.

Cap your feast with the sweet and indulgent Red Bean Mango Mousse Cake, a brightly colored layered dessert with sweet mango, velvety smooth cream, and red bean cream for the base.

The distinctive flavor of the red bean adds depth to the sinful dessert with its sweet and nutty notes, perfect when paired with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea. It's a fitting ending to a holiday feast at Crystal Jade Dining IN. Celebrate the season with a sumptuous feast at Crystal Jade Dining IN, simply choose your Holiday Menu Set and leave the rest to the friendly staff to create a memorable dining experience with family and friends.

And there's more. Indulge in an all all-you-can-eat dim sum feast with Crystal Jade Dining IN's Weekend Dim Sum Buffet every Friday to Sunday, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, featuring all your dim sum favorites including the Steamed Cream Custard Bun with Salted Egg Yolk. Other signature dim sum will also be served, like their popular Steamed Soupy Pork Dumpling, the Xiao Long Bao, and Baked Bo Lo BBQ Pork Bun, each masterfully created and executed with the freshest and finest ingredients. You can also start your day with the Crystal Jade Dining IN Weekend Breakfast Dim Sum Buffet every Friday to Sunday, 8:30 am to 10:30 am and enjoy their extensive selection of dim sum and congee with a choice of freshly brewed coffee or tea. See you at Crystal Jade Dining IN...

Crystal Jade Dining IN is located at 7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila or call 808-5233 for inquiries.

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