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Cooking the Old School Way with Wood and Time at Mighty Quinn's

Two words (make that three). Brisket and Burnt Ends. Slow-cooked with wood and time, the best of New York-style barbecue comes to Manila...

The Standard Hospitality Group, the same group behind the country's number one katsu restaurant, Yabu: House of Katsu and the world-famous ramen, Ippudo, now brings the best of New York-style barbecue to the metro with Mighty Quinn's. Named by the New York Times as the highest rated barbecue in New York, the Most Prized Performer and part of the Top Ten Best Restaurants of 2013, Mighty Quinn's brings back old-school barbecue, prepared slow and low with wood and time with its wide range of signature barbecue dishes. Slow food still rules...

Hailed as the "Barbecue King of New York," Hugh Mangum goes back to his Texas and North Carolina roots to create a distinct New York-style barbecue. The secret? It's all about sourcing the best quality ingredients and cooking it old school with wood and time for a dish that truly transcends. And it's now here in the metro...

And Hugh Mangum's story is equally inspiring. Using what's left of the entire family savings, Hugh Mangum decided to go all-out and laid it all on the line at Brooklyn's food market, Smorgasburg. Ninety minutes later, Hugh Mangum sold out their entire stock of meat, becoming an overnight sensation. Inspired by the success at Smorgasburg, Hugh Mangum, along with partners Micha Magid and Christos Gourmos set up their first restaurant in New York's East Village back in 2012, becoming Mighty Quinn's flagship location. From Brooklyn's Smorgasburg to New York's East Village, Mighty Quinn's crosses oceans to bring its signature barbecue to the Philippines. The Standard Hospitality Group's CEO, John Concepcion (L), is joined by Mighty Quinn's founder and pitmaster, Hugh Mangum (center), and SM Supermalls SVP, Steven Tan (R), at the formal opening of Mighty Quinn's at Mega Fashion Hall. Mighty Quinn's is the third international dining concept by The Standard Hospitality Group, now on its fifth year, adding to its current roster with Yabu: House of Katsu and Ippudo.

And no, the usual ribbon cutting simply won't cut it for the first Mighty Quinn's branch located outside New York. Instead, a wood chopping ceremony marks the formal opening led by Mighty Quinn's pitmaster, Hugh Mangum (L), and The Standard Hospitality Group's CEO, John Concepcion (R) at Mega Fashion Hall.

After the wood chopping ceremony, Mighty Quinn's then served their signature sides with tasty starters like their Sweet Corn Fritters (P 165 Small/P 325 Medium/P 645 Large), soft deep-fried fritters served with sweet and spicy honey. The fritters are soft inside capped by a lightly crisp outer layer, with whole sweet corn kernels adding a layer of sweetness. Perfect with the sweet honey with a whisper of soothing heat from the chili flakes. 

Then, it's time for Mighty Quinn's signature New York-style barbecue. At Mighty Quinn's, you can indulge in a wide variety of slow-cooked smoked meats, including Brisket (P 495 Single Serving/P 1,295 By The Pound), Burnt Ends (P 495 Single Serving/P 1,295 By The Pound), Pulled Pork (P 485 Single Serving/P 1,290 By The Pound), Sausage (P 435 Single Serving/P 1,160 By The Pound), Spare Ribs (P 495 Single Serving with four ribs/P 1,295 By The Pound with twelve ribs), the massive Brontosaurus Rib (P 1,450), and even chicken dishes like spicy Chicken Wings (P 405-six wings/P 685-ten wings), Half Chicken (P 485), and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich (P 485).It's an all-American barbecue Mighty Quinn's.

Fork-tender Beef Brisket, tasty Burnt Ends, rustic Sausages, and savory Pulled Pork, all the barbecue you want, prepared the old school way with wood and time. There's just no other way to achieve that distinct juicy and savory richness with its comforting smoky notes, dry-rubbed to lock in all the flavors.

The perfectly charred outer layer reveals the subtle red smoke rings in the slab of Brisket and Burnt Ends, the result of cooking slow and low with wood and time. It's the pinnacle of the pitmaster's passion for barbecue perfection. And if you're wondering who Mighty Quinn is, Hugh Mangum named his barbecue joint after his son, inspired by the Bob Dylan song released by Manfred Mann in 1968. Pure and classic Americana reflecting the cultural heritage, folklore and rich flavors of the land, served daily at Mighty Quinn's. 

The tender fall-off-the-bone Spare Ribs (P 495-four ribs/P 1,295-twelve ribs) add to an authentic all-American barbecue feast at Mighty Quinn's. The same charred outer layer dry-rubbed with Mighty Quinn's secret spices and seasonings deliver bold flavors to compliment the delicate notes of the juicy pork. And you can expect the same bold and smoky flavors with Mighty Quinn's Pulled Pork, the impressive Brontosaurus Rib, and Half Chicken.

Pair your New York-style barbecue with a range of tasty sides (P 165 Small/P 325 Medium/P 645 Large), including Burnt End Baked Beans, Sweet Potato Casserole, Buttermilk Broccoli Salad, Potato Salad, Slaw, Fries (P 165), Dirty Fries topped with Burnt Ends (P 375), and Dirty Rice (P 89 Small/P 175 Medium/P 265 Large). Each order comes with their signature Pickled Add-Ons, including Cucumber, Red Onions, Chiles, and Celery

Mighty Quinn's signature Brisket (P 495 Single Serving/P 1,295 By The Pound) is by far the best, and probably the most authentic in the metro, capped by a charred outer surface followed by a thin red layer, that red badge of distinction, the smoke ring. It's a sign of the pitmaster's craft honed by years of experience with wood and time. And there's just nothing like the savory richness of tender beef brisket with a layer of smokiness to complete the flavors. 

Hugh Mangum described his signature Brisket as pure "masochism on a plate," detailing the long, slow, and tedious process that goes behind the preparation of each juicy slab of beef brisket. It's pure, real flavors, a result of the "lovely marriage of process and product evolving into something transcendent."

A paper-lined tray loaded with Spare Ribs, Pulled Pork, Burnt Ends and Brisket draped in Mighty Quinn's signature barbecue sauce, sprinkled with rock salt and served with pickled chiles, red onions, cucumber, and celery with a side of Potato Salad, Slaw, and Dirty Rice...just can't get better than that. Hugh Mangum recreates the classic flavors of Texas with his Brisket and Burnt Ends, and the traditional notes of North Carolina with his Spare Ribs and Pulled Pork. Each tender and savory piece pairs well with the pickled add-ons, cleansing the palate, and perfectly finished by the flavorful Dirty Rice, Slaw and Potato Salad. At Mighty Quinn's, you can even choose your Slaw, creamy or sharp with hints of vinegar.

Cap your feast with a comforting bowl of Bread Pudding (P 195), a soft banana pudding topped with vanilla ice cream. It's the perfect finish to an all-American barbecue dining experience at Mighty Quinn's, now open at Mega Fashion Hall...

Mighty Quinn's is located at the 3rd Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.

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