Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fatburger: The Last Great Hamburger Stand Opens in Manila

"The name of the store was my idea, I wanted to get across the idea of a big burger with everything on it...a meal in itself."

And the name says it all. Lovie Yancey's story, founder of Fatburger, began when she opened her three-stool stand in LA. Since 1952, The Last Great Hamburger Stand has been serving pure California Soul with its signature burgers and their unique build-your-own-burger experience, Angus beef hotdogs, Buffalo chicken, veggie burgers, sandwiches, homemade-from-scratch onion rings and hand-scooped milkshakes. And Fatburger is now here in Manila...

Lovie Yancey wanted to create a culture of big fastfood burgers that can be a meal in itself, with each custom burger cooked-to-order. This unique Fatburger build-your-own-burger experience is recreated in their first branch in the country, offering local diners a taste of California Soul as a lasting legacy to Lovie Yancey.

Lovie Yancey enjoyed creating her burgers while listening to cool music. Inside Fatburger, you'll hear some of the best and classic tracks while enjoying your burger. And there's nothing like some cool tunes to get in the groove and complete your Fatburger experience by building your own burger. Creating and building your own burger is what sets Fatburger apart from the usual burger joints, and Fatburger takes customizing your burger experience seriously. First, get the size you want, the Original 1/4 lb (P 195), Double 1/2 lb (P 295), or Triple 3/4 lb (P 395) with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, relish, and mustard. Then, select your bun, choose from Brioche, White, English Muffin, Gluten-Free Bun, or Lettuce Wrap.  Add cheese, including Cheddar (P 40), American (P 30), or Bleu Cheese (P 50). Pimp-up your burger with Fatburger's premium add-ons, like Bacon (P  50), Fried Egg (P 50), Grilled Onions (P 30), Chili (P 50), Onion Rings (P 30), and Mushrooms (P 30), and you're just about ready for the Fatburger experience. All the burgers at Fatburger are made-to-order, fresh from the grill. Pair your burger with Fatburger's Fat Fries (P 95), Skinny Fries (P 95), Chili Cheese Fries (P 165) or Homemade Onion Rings (P 95), probably the best onion rings I've tried yet.

Pair your burger with Fatburger's Hand-Scooped Real Ice Cream Milkshakes (P 195), in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Oreo Cookies and Cream. Fatburger also offers a tasty pair of Wraps (L), like the Kick'N Chicken Wrap (P 195) and the Chicken Caesar Wrap (P 225).

And if you want even more chicken, Fatburger also offers their filling and satisfying Buffalo Chicken Rice Bowl (P 145), the refreshing Buffalo Chicken Salad (P 295), and the Buffalo Bill Chicken Sandwich (P 225). Craving for wings? They've got that covered too...

In 2013, Fatburger acquired Buffalo's Cafe, known for their buffalo-style chicken wings and sauce established back in 1985 in Georgia. Since then, Buffalo's World Famous Wings has grown to over 25 full service restaurants throughout the US and Middle East and 75 co-branded Fatburger and Buffalo's locations around the world. And just like the burgers of Fatburger, you can choose from a wide range of options for that perfect perfect bowl of wings. First option, Traditional Bone-In or Boneless. Then, choose your size, from Traditional Bone-In Taster (P 175-4 pcs), Regular (P 255-6 pcs), Medium (P 435-10 pcs),and Large (P 695-16 pcs); Boneless Small (P 185-5 pcs), Medium (P 365-10 pcs), and Large (P 555-15 pcs). And finally, select your flavor. Flavors range in three heat levels, from Mild (Sweet Teriyaki, Garlic Parmesan, and Mild), Medium (Red Hot Ranch, Cajun Dry Rub, Coconut Jerk, Medium, Honey Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Honey Bacon BBQ, and Sweet Bourbon BBQ), and Hot (Death Valley, Scorchin', Carolina Fire BBQ, Hot, and Asian Sesame). Wings are served with celery, carrots, and your choice of their made-from-scratch Bleu Cheese or Ranch Dressing.

But it's time to build your own burger...

I go for the Fatburger Triple (P 395) with three juicy all-beef patties on a soft brioche bun with Bacon (P 50) and Cheddar (P 40), the Premium Angus Fatdog (P 165) with mustard, ketchup, onions & relish; and the thick and smooth Hand-Scooped Real Ice Cream Vanilla Milkshake (P 195).

And that Fatburger Triple is huge. Topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and relish draped in mayo and mustard on a soft brioche bun, it's the classic burger with everything on it just the way Lovie Yancey would have done it. And with bacon and cheddar, it's my customized burger the way I like it. Open wide and go for one big bite...

The thick and juicy beef patties are perfectly seasoned without overwhelming the savory notes of the beef, coating your palate with a richness capped by the bacon and cheddar, followed by the creamy flavors of the mayo and the bite of the mustard. Just perfect. But if you think you can go for more, why not take the Fatburger Quad with four all-beef patties, and maybe even get a chance to be featured on their Quad Challenge Boards.

The Premium Angus Fatdog is another must-try at Fatburger. I've always enjoyed my hot dogs with just mustard, onions, and relish, and the Premium Angus Fatdog is exactly that. The sharpness of the relish, the subtle sweetness of the onions, and the bite of the mustard pair so well with the beefy hotdog. You can also opt for their Chili Cheese Dog (P 195), Bacon Chili Cheese Dog (P 265), Los Angeles Street Dog (P 245) or the Western Bacon BBQ Fatdog (P 265).

And just in case you're on a low-carb diet, Fatburger's Lettuce Wrap is the perfect choice. The Fatburger Lettuce Wrap Double (P 295) with Bacon (P 50) and Bleu Cheese (P 50) gives you all the beefy flavors without the extra carbs. Nice.

Cap your Fatburger feast with their sweet Banana Fritters, and I'm pretty sure Lovie Yancie would approve. Fatburger and Buffalo's World Famous open at Glorietta 2.

Fatburger is located at Street Side, Glorietta 2 Palm Drive, Makati. For more updates, visit their Facebook Page at

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