Monday, December 26, 2016

Sweeten Up the Holiday Season with a Cheesy Buko Salad and Eden Cheese

Jars of sweet Nata de Coco and Kaong, cans of Pineapple Chunks, Sweet Corn, and Fruit Cocktail; some cream and condensed milk, and a pack of Eden Cheese...time for a quick buko salad to sweeten up the holidays.

No Christmas is complete without the mandatory buko salad, and it's really quite easy to prepare...with Eden Cheese for the Cheesy Buko Salad.

As part of the on-going Eden Sarap ng Paskong Hanap Mo promotion (more on the promotion here), Eden Cheese sent a box loaded with all the ingredients for a traditional buko salad along with a convenient and handy foodkeeper. It's everything you need for the Christmas buko salad, made better with Eden Cheese. Simply pour all the contents of the various ingredients in a bowl and mix, adding the cream and the condensed milk to bind it all together. Then, top with grated Eden Cheese and set aside in the refrigerator. Once chilled, it's how easy is that?

The soft Eden Cheese caps the fruit salad with its sharp yet creamy notes to temper and balance the sweetness. And you too can have all you need for a Cheesy Buko Salad with Eden Cheese. Find out how you can get a chance to receive the Eden Cheese Holiday Package here.

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