Saturday, December 10, 2016

More Pork Love at Sangkap

Bagnet Kare-Kare. And Binagoongan Bagnet...a round of pork love and more at Sangkap.

Nothing like a double dose of pork love with specialty bagnet dishes and some extra rice to complete the weekend. And you can find all the pork love you want tucked away at the new development in Pasig at Sangkap by Chef Raymar Reyes...

After a satisfying experience with Sangkap's Cebu Lechon Sinigang, it was time for more pork love with the other signature dishes of Chef Raymar Reyes  (for more on Chef Raymar Reyes and his signature dishes at Sangkap, see my previous post, Mixing It Up at Sangkap).

Drawing inspiration from the rich culinary heritage of Pampanga, Chef Raymar Reyes recreates the classic kare-kare with crispy bagnet. Sangkap's Bagnet Kare-Kare (P 320 Regular, good for 1-2 persons/P 630 Pamilya, good for 3-4 persons) brings together the comforting and familiar flavors of the iconic slow-cooked peanut stew with fresh vegetables and the savory richness of crispy pork bagnet.  

The thick slices of bagnet are perfectly crisp, with its tender and juicy meat capped by a thin layer of crunchy crackling. The richness of the bagnet is perfectly tempered by the bold and sharp notes of the bagoong. Sangkap's sauteed shrimp paste is a blend of sweet and salty notes to complement the flavorful peanut sauce of the kare-kare. The slabs of bagnet are topped with crushed peanuts for even more flavor and texture. A great starter, time for even more pork love...

...with Sangkap's Binagoongan Bagnet (P 280 Regular, good for 1-2 persons/P 450 Pamilya, good for 3-4 persons), more slabs of bagnet with a "popped" outer layer of crunchy crackling draped in thick shrimp paste. It's a bagnet and bagoong combination that will have you going for extra rice. 

With its delicate balance of contrasting textures and flavors coming together in a seamless blend, Sangkap's Binagoongan Bagnet completes your pork love feast. The sharp notes of the shrimp paste tempers the richness of the crispy bagnet, perfectly finished by the thin strips of sour green mangoes and tart tomatoes.

And here's the beef. Sangkap's Kalderetang Lengua (P 330 Regular, good for 1-2 persons/P 610 Pamilya, good for 3-4 persons) offers a refreshing new take on the classic beef dish, with tender cubed chunks of ox-tongue replacing the usual beef. Don't hold back on the extra rice. Different and inventive yet comfortingly familiar, Sangkap offers classic homestyle Filipino cuisine with its wide selection of dishes. And if it's pork love you're after, head on down to Portico Pasig and indulge with Chef Raymar Reyes' repertoire of local dishes at Sangkap. 

Sangkap is located at The Shoppes at Portico, Portico Pasig, Captain Henry Javier Street, Brgy. Oranbo, Pasig City.  

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