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#BakBAKAnNa: Get It On with the Let's Get Litson by Kraver's Canteen

Down from the clouds, this one's a worthy contender for the top spot in the raging Litson Baka wars from one of the country's newest players in the growing cloud kitchen sector...

Kraver's Canteen, an innovative cloud kitchen, shares their inventive take on Litson Baka with their very own and wittingly named Let's Get Litson. Marinated for 24 hours, smoked and slow-cooked for six hours, the Let's Get Litson by Kraver's Canteen is unbelievably fork-tender with that melt-in-your-mouth finish delivering a savory burst of beefy flavors. And it's just one of many specialty offerings from the cloud kitchens of Kraver's Canteen. Ready to get it on? 

The sweeping changes of the quarantine experience continues to transform our daily routine with dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage emerging as new consumer habits defining a challenging year. We've also seen creative innovations as the food service sector adapts and evolves to the new normal like the cloud kitchen, a communal kitchen without the usual brick and mortar or front of the house of a typical restaurant dedicated solely for food delivery. Now, customers can order a variety of items from different restaurants in one cloud kitchen. Kraver's Canteen offers a wide collection of popular brands to choose from guaranteed to satisfy any craving (see their website here at https://kravers-canteen.com/). Variety and convenience just makes the long days of quarantine so much more bearable, and it's a game-changer.

The unique concept allows food businesses to tweak their operations and adapt to the new normal. And that's a welcome development. Launched early last year, Kraver's Canteen is already making a significant impact on the local culinary landscape with its novel approach and unique product offerings like their popular Let's Get Litson

Available in All-Meat or Rice Trays, the Let's Get Litson by Kraver's Canteen has to be one of the most impressive product offerings to come out in the food delivery scene. Imagine layers of fork-tender slabs of beef complete with that distinctive pink smoke ring on the edges, it's litson baka transformed and elevated to the next level. As far as I know, this is the only smoked variant available for delivery and that extra step just adds a whole lot of flavor setting this apart from the usual offerings. This becomes evident when you lift the lid releasing the fragrant smokiness of the Let's Get Litson. 

But it isn't just the aroma, the slow and tedious infusion from the smoking process adds to the distinctive flavor profile of the Let's Get Litson weaving layers of savory notes to complement the beefy richness. It's these complex layers coming together for an indulgent experience with each and every bite that makes it different and special. Kraver's Canteen not only takes on a rising culinary trend, it made Litson Baka a whole lot better. 

Take a closer look and the slabs of tender beef are also noticeably thicker for that bite and mouthfeel lined with fat adding even more flavor. Great as is with a cold beer, the Rice Tray option is also a sumptuous meal good for 1-2 at home. Laid on soft steamed white rice, the savory juices from the beef brings even more flavor with each spoonful of rice. 

Take a bite and the slab of beef just melts in your mouth draping the palate with its savory richness. This is the litson baka we've all been waiting for, and all it takes are a few quick taps on your mobile device to bring it home to your table. Dining at home becomes a lavish and complete experience with the Let's Get Litson by Kraver's Canteen

Paired with a soy-vinegar dip with fresh chilies, the contrasting sharpness and soothing heat tempers the savory richness of the Let's Get Litson by Kraver's Kanteen. Storing your precious slabs of beef is easy, just leave it in the ref. And when you need to reheat, simply pack the Let's Get Litson in a vacuum-sealed bag or zipper bag and place in a pot to boil for around three to four minutes. You can also just place it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Easy and without the fuss, you can enjoy the same buttery texture the day after. 

Now it's time to order. All Meat (P 359) or Rice Tray (P 199)? 

Whatever you choose, you have a winner with the Let's Get Litson by Kraver's Canteen. And that's not all, Kraver's Canteen has more surprises in their tasty bag of tricks... 

Kraver's Canteen takes their specialty Let's Get Litson as the base for some inventive offerings, including their new Lechon Baka Burrito. It's a savory item that just gives you a proper perspective of the wide assortment of choices available at Kraver's Camteen.

The large Lechon Baka Burrito (P 359) is a hand-held feast that's perfect any time or day, and the addition of the Let's Get Litson gives this Tex-Mex fusion of flavors a solid and beefy punch. 

Peel away the foil and take a big bite through the soft tortilla wrap and sumptuous fillings of richly seasoned Mexican rice, shredded lettuce, sautéed corn, garden fresh vegetables and tart pico de gallo highlighted by the tender Let's Get Litson and you'll agree, the beef makes all the difference. It's a perfect combination hitting all the right notes in a hefty wrap.

The medley of flavors and textures from the different ingredients combine for contrasting notes, but it's the Let's Get Litson that carries and ties everything together in this burrito with its beefy richness and subtle smoky hints. Take one more big bite and let it all come together in a flavorful weave, then take another. You'll be surprised how this large burrito disappears in minutes. 

The Let's Get Litson definitely adds that perfect finishing touch to this specialty burrito, from its distinct smoky notes to its tender butter-like melt-in-your-mouth texture draping each bite with a savory indulgence. Burrito with Let's Get Litson? Yes, please...

And there's more. Kraver's Canteen also offers their specialty Smashed Burgers topped with slabs of Let's Get Litson with Smashed Lechon Baka Burger for a one-two punch of pure beefy goodness or the Korean-inspired Lechon Baka Bulgogi with Black Kimchi Rice (check out their website here at https://kravers-canteen.com/ and their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/kraverscanteen/). Hit it up on your mobile device or order via GrabFood, and your Lechon Baka Burrito and other savory Lechon Baka creations should be on the way to your doorstep.

Pair your meal with Kraver's Canteen's very own special house blend beverage, the refreshing Insani-Tea to complete your dining experience. Conveniently packed in 1 Liter bottles, the specialty Insani-Tea combines fresh fruity flavors with the deep notes of tea for another unique offering from Kraver's Canteen.

Blended with fresh mango and orange juice, the signature Insani-Tea (P 59/1 Liter) offers sweet, fruity and citrusy notes to the palate from real fruits for real flavors. 

If you're feeling naughty, go for the Spiked Insani-Tea infused with alcohol to lift your spirits. Available in 300 mL bottles, the Spiked Insani-Tea offerings from Kraver's Canteen are soothingly sweet and smooth followed by the bold notes of alcohol.  

The Spiked Insani-Tea Monkey Business (P 120) brings the tropical flavors of sweet bananas with a hint of alcohol for that kick at the back of your throat...

...while the Spiked Insani-Tea Ginsanitea (P 99) delivers a cool and playful spin with a fruity G & T alternative. Rum? Try the Spiked Insani-Tea Rumsanitea (P 99). 

Kraver's Canteen also offers a range of tempting desserts like the creamy and decadent Tres Leches (P 250) with a light sponge cake made more indulgent with three kinds of milk, namely evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. 

From refreshing libations to savory mains and desserts, Kraver's Canteen with its unique cloud kitchen format offers a one-stop option for all your cravings and clearly one of the innovations to emerge from the quarantine experience. Be sure to check out the cool offers and discounts as Kraver's Canteen celebrates one year of operations. Ready to get it on? Let's get Litson! 

For more on Kraver's Canteen, visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/kraverscanteen/ for more information and updates or call 0977 245 9038 for orders and delivery. You can also visit their website at https://kravers-canteen.com/.

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