Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Authentic Northern Indian Cuisine Delivered to Your Doorstep by Tiffin Indian Lunchbox

Searching for authentic Indian cuisine in the metro can be challenging. Not anymore. And you can have a sumptuous Indian feast conveniently delivered to your doorstep with just a few quick taps on your mobile device. 

Your search for authentic Indian cuisine begins with Tiffin Indian Lunchbox and its sumptuous selection of tasty offerings using real spices and the freshest herbs and ingredients for a unique dining experience at home. Take your palate on a culinary journey with the rich and traditional flavors of Northern India without leaving home. Tiffin Indian Lunchbox takes you there...

With its complex blend of spices, special ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, authentic Indian cuisine isn't easy to find in the metro. But there's one name to keep in mind for authentic Indian cuisine conveniently delivered to your home, and that's Tiffin Indian Lunchbox. The unique food delivery concept takes its inspiration from the distinctive packed lunches of India consisting of stacked multiple containers with different dishes delivered by dabbawalas or tiffin wallas through a complicated logistical network. But that's all simplified by Tiffin Indian Lunchbox. You can order via their website at or through GrabFood and FoodPanda. 

Tiffin Indian Lunchbox recreates time-honored and tested recipes from the famed subcontinent using authentic ingredients and traditional methods for bold, vibrant and real flavors that can be enjoyed at home for a refreshingly new dining experience. Take their Paneer Kathi Roll (P 295) served with Mint Chutney and experience the richness of Northern Indian cuisine with each bite. Filled with paneer or homemade cottage cheese baked in a tandoori and sautéed with tomatoes, onions and spices wrapped in a soft roomali roti, it's a light meal in itself. The richness of the paneer comes through with every bite followed by the mild spice blend and sweetness of onions and subtle tart notes of the tomatoes. A dab of Mint Chutney adds even more layers of flavors draping the palate with a minty richness.

The Vegetable Biryani (P 425) is another comforting and flavorful dish from Tiffin Indian Lunchbox loaded with a variety of fresh vegetables like carrots, green beans and peas tossed with long-grain basmati rice along with a blend of spices. Sealed in a clay pot and slow cooked, the aromatic fragrance from the different ingredients tempts you once you open the lid. There's a complex weave of rich flavors in this one dish, from the sweetness of the vegetables to the subtle yet pronounced hints of the spice blend all infused in the long-grain rice.   

Served with Burani Raita, the yogurt based dip tempers the rich spice blend cooling the palate with its creamy finish. The Vegetable Biryani is best enjoyed as is with the first spoonful to experience the lavish blend of spices. Then, add a dab of Burani Raita and let the sweetness of the cucumber and silky smooth consistency of the yogurt complete the flavors. 

The long grain basmati becomes a colorful palette absorbing all the bold and nuanced flavors from the different ingredients released with a flavorful burst with each spoonful. It's a satisfying and healthy meal on its own. 

It's the blend of spices that ties everything together with the Vegetable Biryani, teasing the palate with its complex notes. Each long grain delivers vibrant notes from the spice blend building layers of richness on the palate. You can also opt for the Chicken Biryani (P 450) with succulent chicken thighs. But Tiffin Indian Lunchbox has even more tasty surprises up their sleeves...

The iconic Butter Chicken & Rice (P 425) is the perfect introduction to Indian cuisine with its rounded and silky smooth flavors and finish. Packed in a tiffin-inspired tub, the container with the juicy chicken slathered in a rich gravy becomes the lid keeping it separate from the soft and fluffy basmati rice. 

Tiffin Indian Lunchbox recreates this classic Indian dish with juicy chicken drumsticks marinated in spiced yogurt, cooked in the tandoor and gently slathered in a mildly sweet and rich buttery gravy enhanced by the tart notes of tomatoes. It's the gravy that makes this dish really special, in all its buttery richness.

The long grain basmati rice is the perfect pairing with the savory Butter Chicken, soft and fluffy absorbing all the richness of the gravy. A generous slather of the gravy on the basmati rice makes it a real meal. The delicate flavors of the drumsticks are kicked up by the lavish layers of buttery flavors from the sauce coming together with each bite. Served with soft and lightly crisp papadum, you'll want more of that thick and buttery smooth sauce. For dessert, drape your palate with the indulgent Saffron Phirni (P 95), a smooth rice pudding with milk, saffron, cardamom and nuts.

Add some variety to your home dining experience by discovering different cuisines and flavors. And if your cravings or curiosity leads you to India, Tiffin Indian Lunchbox is your ticket to authentic dishes conveniently delivered to your doorstep. The quarantine experience continues to change and transform our daily routine and despite the gradual easing of restrictions, emerging consumer habits such as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage remain enduring reminders of a challenging year. But it's also a good opportunity to explore authentic flavors from around the world without leaving home.    

From the safe and convenient packaging to the long-grain basmati rice, the light yet tasty Paneer Kathi Roll and Mint Chutney to the Butter Chicken and sweet Saffron Phirni, Tiffin Indian Lunchbox brings authenticity to your home dining table with its specialty dishes. Other sumptuous meal options include the Prawn Curry & Basmati Rice (P 450) and Palak Paneer & Basmati Rice (P 425), all served with crisp Papadum

Order a soothing glass of Summer Rose Tea (P 110), a refreshing blend of black tea with rose essence to complete your Northern Indian feast at home. The deep, bold notes of black tea are softened by the lingering floral hints that's perfect with the savory flavors by Tiffin Indian Lunchbox. In this new normal, you don't need to travel far for authentic flavors. Experiencing authentic and real Northern Indian cuisine is easy, simply hit up the links below for a unique dining experience at home.  

For more on Tiffin Indian Lunchbox, visit their website at for orders and to view the full menu. You can also visit their FB Page at and their IG Feed at @tiffinmanila for more information and updates.

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