Thursday, November 11, 2021

Have a Soothing Sip with the Mood Boost Cold Brew and Black Detox Fruit Juice by BLK513

Boost your mood and cleanse your system with a simple twist of a cap and a refreshing sip...

BLK 513 introduces its new Black Detox Fruit Juices and Mood Boost Cold Brews to address a growing need among consumers for healthier and tastier options. The concept of juice cleansing has been around for years, but BLK 513 infuses a unique component consistent with the brand's purpose and character with natural activated charcoal (for more on BLK 513, see my post, Welcome Back to the Dark Side: Presenting the New Low Fat Chocolate Frozen Yogurt by BLK 513). BLK 513 also actively pursues creative collaborations, and the latest concept with Edsa Beverage Design Group yielded a trio of rejuvenating brews. Read on for a tasty peek at the newest offerings from BLK 513...

Packed in its signature black box, BLK 513 combines the fresh and clean flavors of natural juices known for its immunity boosting qualities that's now even more relevant due to the quarantine experience along with natural activated charcoal for a trio of refreshing beverages. The Black Detox Fruit Juices by BLK 513 are a timely offering, with its cleansing and immune boosting qualities for a new normal that's here to stay. 

The creator of the country's first activated charcoal yogurt, BLK 513's newest offerings are consistent with the brand's mission of providing access to real and healthier flavors without the guilt. Available in three refreshing flavor variants, the new Black Detox Fruit Juices becomes your first line of defense in this new normal. The Calamansi Black Detox Juice (P 80) offers the vibrant citrus notes of local calamansi along with beneficial immunity nutrients like Vitamin C. The Dalandan Black Detox Juice (P 80) brings the familiar deep sweet notes of dalandan with its smooth finish to the palate while the Mango Passionfruit Black Detox Juice (P 80) delivers a delectable play on sweet and sour notes with each sip. Loaded with Vitamin C and other essential essential nutrients, these all-natural fruit juices comes with the added benefit of natural activated charcoal with its anti-oxidant qualities. 

Simply chill the bottles in the ref and twist open the cap for that fresh burst of real fruit flavors. The new offerings are not only ideal thirst quenchers, it's good for you too. With rich and real flavors that can only come from the freshest fruits, the new Black Detox Fruit Juice line from BLK 513 are an essential addition to the home pantry. It's also a great and healthier alternative to your usual beverage.

The long days of quarantine have made us all appreciate the simple joys of a good cup of coffee at home. BLK 513 collaborates with the Edsa Beverage Design Group for a new line of crafted coffee offerings adding to its growing portfolio of innovative products. The new Mood Boost Cold Brew brings three creative expressions of the finest coffee in a convenient bottle for that caffeine fix. Steeped for 16 hours using freshly roasted pure Arabica beans from Rwanda and Colombia, the new Mood Boost Cold Brew line offers a more refined, smoother and richer finish with less of the acidic notes. The more tedious cold brewing process also preserves and maintain the natural anti-oxidants from coffee beans for a healthier coffee alternative.

Available in three flavorful variants, start your day with the bold and concentrated notes of the BLK 513 Strong Black Cold Brew (P 150) with its complex blend of nuanced hints from Muscovado and dark caramel to toffee for a robust and full-bodied yet smooth finish. The flavor forward notes don't overwhelm the palate, draping it instead with a lavishly smooth layer of refined richness lingering long after the last sip. 

The BLK 513 Oatmeal Dairy Cold Brew (P 150) brings a comforting and even nostalgic play of rich flavors with its naturally sweet profile layered by just a whisper of pleasantly bitter hints with the creamy oatmeal notes smoothened by its special milk blend. One more sip brings the subdued notes of maple sauce into play to complete the flavors. Rich and creamy with the added hints of oatmeal and maple tempered by the flavor forward notes of coffee, it's a delicately balanced beverage for that perfect start to your day.

The Sweet White Cold Brew (P 150) is an all-day any time beverage with its sweet and creamy blend. Made with a higher milk to coffee ratio to reduce the bitter hints, the Sweet White Cold Brew is easy on the palate with a silky smooth finish. But the sweetness isn't one dimensional, weaving seamlessly with the bold bitter flavors of the coffee. It's also the perfect variant to get acquainted with the new Mood Boost Cold Brew line from BLK 513 and Edsa Beverage Design Group.

From all natural Black Detox Fruit Juices to Mood Boost Cold Brews, BLK 513 responds to the new normal with its innovative offerings. Need a picker upper to make your day better? Pick up a box of the new and exciting beverage offerings from BLK 513...

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