Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Your Favorite Roast with a Luxurious Spin, Meet the New Truffle Roast by Kenny Rogers Roasters...

Pure indulgence and luxury comes to the table with the new Truffle Roast by Kenny Rogers Roasters. And the timing couldn't be better with the holidays just around the corner... 

Kenny Rogers Roasters adds a lavish spin to their specialty roasts with the new Truffle Roast for the perfect centerpiece to your holiday table. The prized delicacy transforms the usual roast, elevating it with its deep, rich and nutty notes pairing well with the juicy chicken for an indulgent dining experience.

It's one more innovative product concept from Kenny Rogers Roasters following the success of its new and healthy plant-based line and Detroit Style Pizza from Corner Pizza (for more on Kenny Rogers Roasters, see my previous posts, ECQ Eats: Kenny Rogers Roasters Goes Beyond Deliciously Healthy with Plant-Based Options from Beyond Meat on their new plant-based offerings in collaboration with Beyond Meat and ECQ Eats: All Squared Up with the New Detroit Style Pizza from Corner Pizza on their unique take on a Detroit classic).

Constant innovation with inventive new product offerings have become mandatory to stay relevant in a challenging new normal combined with emerging consumer habits such as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage defining a difficult and challenging year. Kenny Rogers Roasters recently introduced innovative new offerings during the quarantine and continues to push out-of-the-box with its newest product, the Truffle Roast. And its a real winner...

Infused with the unique and indulgent notes of the much prized delicacy, the new Truffle Roast by Kenny Rogers Roasters delivers that luxe twist to the usual roast with its rich flavors and fragrant aroma. A casual and comforting roast suddenly becomes a decadent savory feast with the new Truffle Roast for a unique experience from Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Marinated and soaked in truffle and buttermilk extracts, the new Truffle Roast is then roasted to perfection by Kenny Rogers Roasters with its specialty juicy finish. But that's not the only encounter of the new Truffle Roast with the highly sought-after delicacy...

Just before serving, drops of truffle oil are added on the Truffle Roast to enhance the rich aroma of the roast. An elegant gold foil wrap drapes the Truffle Roast to seal the flavors and aroma. One bite of the juicy chicken delivers a savory richness followed by the familiar deep, earthy and nutty hints of truffle for that layer of pure indulgence. It's a pairing that works well, complementing the delicate flavors of the chicken with the subtle yet distinct flavor and aroma of truffle for that lavish finish. A dip in the new silky smooth Buttermilk Sauce completes the flavors with a creamy richness.

From its aroma down to its flavor, the new Truffle Roast by Kenny Rogers Roasters is an elegant meal. Known for their inventive and flavorful roasts that are unique and distinct from the other, Kenny Rogers Roasters goes all out with this new and indulgent variant. And it's a worthy addition to their growing menu. 

For groups and families, the best way to enjoy the new and indulgent roast is with the Truffle Roast Group Meal (P 1,105) that's perfect for a group of four. The Truffle Roast Group Meal includes one whole roast, four side dishes, four cups of rice, muffins and a 1.5 L of Coke for a sumptuous feast for dine-in, take-out and delivery.

In addition to the Buttermilk Sauce created specifically for the new Truffle Roast, Kenny Rogers Roasters also upgraded their signature mashed potatoes with the new Spinach Mashed Potato adding both texture and flavor with its refreshing and mild bitter sweetness to the creamy potatoes. And it also pairs with the new Truffle Roast for an indulgent weave of flavors. 

No dining experience at Kenny Rogers Roasters is complete without the specialty Muffins, and you get that too with the Truffle Roast Group Meal. The rich Mac and Cheese, buttery Steamed Vegetables and sweet Fresh Fruit Salad along with the new Spinach Mashed Potato complete the flavorful supporting cast of signature Sides for the new Truffle Roast Group Meal from Kenny Rogers Roasters.  

But it's the new Truffle Roast by Kenny Rogers Roasters that clearly adds an elegant and festive vibe to any table. In a difficult new normal, it's a welcome and much-needed change of pace for a satisfying and memorable meal with family. The prized truffles gives the roast a flavorful depth setting it apart from the other variants, and it lingers long after the last bite playing with the delicate yet rich notes of the juicy chicken. 

Going solo but don't want to miss out on the new Truffle Roast? No worries. The Truffle Roast Solo B Plate by Kenny Rogers Roasters is just what you need for that savory Truffle Roast fix. 

Just as lavish, the Truffle Roast Solo B Plate (P 315) is a complete meal in itself with all the sides for a personal feast.

The Truffle Roast Solo B Plate includes a quarter chicken with the new Buttermilk Sauce on the side, two tasty side dishes, rice and a muffin for that Kenny Rogers Roasters experience. 

Sealed in special compartmentalized packaging, the Truffle Roast Solo B Plate arrives at your doorstep or office ready to eat. Kenny Rogers Roasters gets plus points for the cool packaging, adapting well to the rigors of delivery.

Once you open the lid, that fragrant aroma tempts you to just dive right in. Truffle and chicken does that. So please do. 

A sumptuous meal with the new Truffle Roast...

...complete with tasty sides including Buttermilk Sauce and the new Spinach Mashed Potatoes, it just doesn't get better than this.  

Savory, flavorful and indulgent, it's your favorite roast with a lavish and luxurious spin. But you don't have to wait for the holidays to enjoy this Truffle Roast from Kenny Rogers Roasters. Hit up the links below and order your Truffle Roast with just a few quick taps and experience pure indulgence.

Get your indulgent Truffle Roast as well as their other specialty bestsellers from Kenny Rogers Roasters on or via their hotline at 8-555-9000. 

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