Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Days of Portuguese White and Rose with the 11.11 Sale of Winery.ph

Change up your wine game with some of the finest whites and rosé from the fertile lands of Minho and Alentejo in Portugal, and enjoy some great value with the 11.11 Sale of Winery.ph.

It's time once more to hit the "add to cart" button for a grand sale. Winery.Ph brings a curated selection of fine wines from 18 countries in its 11.11 Sale, including a select pair from Portugal with the Guadalupe White and Casa do Valle Rosé to add to your personal collection. With the holidays fast approaching, now's the time to replenish your stocks at home with the 11.11 Sale from Winery.ph (for more on the previous wine sale of Winery.ph, see my previous post, A Toast for the Country's Largest Mid-Year Online Shopping Event by Winery.ph).

What began as an online community has now grown into one of the largest wine distributors in the country offering both value and variety to a growing customer base of loyal wine lovers. The 11.11 Sale of Winery.ph showcases a premier selection from around the world... 

...including these top picks from Portugal. One of the world's top ten wine producing and exporting countries, Portugal has long been known for its specialty Port and Moscatel wines. The diverse array of the country's varietals have contributed to a rich and colorful wine heritage and tradition. And Winery.ph lets you get acquainted with the Portuguese wine style with the 11.11 Sale. Your orders from Winery.ph are carefully packed with a card detailing a QR Code for some mood music from Spotify to enhance your wine experience. It's the little touches like this that sets Winery.ph apart.    

A refreshingly tart and citrusy white wine and a vibrant rosé gets you in the proper groove for those special moments, more so in the long days of the new normal. Bring out the wine glasses and lay on some cool tracks... 

The Guadalupe White from the Antáo Vaz, Roupeiro e Arinto varietal of the famed Alentejo region delivers bright fuity notes with hints of pear, nectarine and herbs followed by a smooth and subtle vanilla finish. A sip drapes the palate with tart lime and citrus notes for a light yet complex weave of flavors pairing well with Arroz Ala Cubana, Chicken Tagine, Duck, Pork Embutido as well as Middle Eastern dishes with its contrasting profile. 

The Casa do Valle Rosé with its Vinhâo varietal brings a vibrant and colorful palette of flavors and aromas with pronounced strawberry, pineapple, rose petals and citrus rind hints to match its distinctive pale salmon color. The soothing crispness of the Casa do Valle Rosé leaves a lingering layer of bright strawberry notes on the palate, pairing well with fresh fruits like watermelon and strawberries. It's also great with a fresh goat cheese salad, canapes, Spinach Quiche, Spanish Fritata and even Kinilaw na Isda with Gata. Easy and smooth with that bright finish, it's just what you need for a leisurely day at home made better with a glass of wine.

Appreciating good wine at home is easy with Winery.ph. Both wines offer unique and contrasting notes to suit your mood. With a wide selection from around the world to choose from, enjoy your own wine moment at home with just a few taps on your mobile device. The White and Rosé are best served between 5-9℃ to chill you down from the sweltering heat in the metro. Take your palate on a journey to the famed wine regions of Minho and Alentejo in Portugal with this easy duo of Guadalupe White and Casa do Valle Rosé from Winery.ph 

Hit up the links below and scan your options for the upcoming 11.11 Sale by Winery.ph...

...and add some color to your wine experience with a crisp White and vivid Rosé for your own special wine moment. 

For more on the 11.11 Sale by Winery.ph, visit their website at https://winery.ph/. You can also check out their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/wineryph and IG Feed at https://www.instagram.com/wineryph/ for more updates.

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