Wednesday, November 10, 2021

#IndulgeHealthy with the New Low Carb and Sugar-Free Keto Friendly Series by FRNK Milk Bar

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? FRNK Milk Bar brings a whole new game-changing perspective to desserts with its innovative offerings...

FRNK Milk Bar introduces their newest and probably most indulgent offerings yet but without the guilt, the low carb, sugar-free and Keto friendly Dream Cakes and Doughnut Holes. Now you can have your cake and eat it too with these decadent cakes and doughnut holes following their unique #IndulgeHealthy concept. And no, this isn't a dream. It's much better. It's just some of the uniquely lavish offerings in a whole new range of tasty treats from their Keto Friendly Series. Read on for more on the new low carb and sugar-free Keto Friendly Series by FRNK Milk Bar... 

FRNK Milk Bar changes the game starting with the idea that dessert can be healthy. And it can be. FRNK Milk Bar proves that with their Keto Friendly Craft Milk Drinks like the Keto Dirty Maccha Pudding made with creamy pistachio milk, sugar-free maccha chia pudding from Uji Kyoto Morihan Maccha tea leaves and other plant-based and protein rich ingredients. And the Keto Kokoa Miruku Pudding with sugar-free Dark Kokoa Sauce, Kokoa Chia Pudding and pistachio milk.  

Consistent with its advocacy on healthy living and a sustainable lifestyle, the baked goods at FRNK Milk Bar follows the same gluten-free, plant-based and dairy-free options of their specialty milk bar drinks. Like the new Keto friendly Dream Cakes.

The new Keto Friendly Dream Cakes by FRNK Milk Bar proves in quite dramatic fashion and elegantly smooth indulgence that desserts don't have to be bland or tasteless to be good for you. The new Dirty Maccha Dream Cake and Kokoa Dream Cake are clear examples of what dessert can be consistent with the #IndulgeHealthy philosophy of the brand (for more on FRNK Milk Bar, see my previous post, CozyDayswithFRNK: Experience The Art in Breakfast with the New Warm Drinks Series, Fuji Kukki and Overnight Oats by FRNK Milk Bar). 

The FRNK Kokoa Dream Cake is as indulgent as it looks. And it should. After all, it is a dessert. But that's where the similarities with the usual desserts end. It looks sinful, but it's not totally bad for you. It's sugar-free. Just picture this, generous layers of Kokoa Chia Pudding, moist chocolate cake and a sugar-free chocolate shell topper neatly stacked up in a cool container. It's a pretty dessert, but this one tastes as good as it looks. 

A fragrantly nutty aroma of chocolate greets you once you open the lid, and that's just a preview of the deep and rich flavors of the Kokoa Dream Cake. Grab a spoon and get straight down to business...  

...with a heaping spoonful revealing the intricate and lavish layers of the Kokoa Dream Cake. It's moist and silky smooth, draping the palate with a decadent richness with every bite. The subtle play on contrasting textures teases the palate with the melt-in-your-mouth Kokoa Chia Pudding, the dense and moist chocolate cake and the hard and lightly crisp chocolate shell topper. For chocoholics, this is the dessert you've been waiting for. And at only 152 kcal per serving, without the guilt too. 

FRNK Milk Bar uses all natural sweeteners from plant-based ingredients so there's no need to worry. The natural sugar replacement contains 0% calories, sugar and glycemic index, 100% natural non-GMO with beneficial probiotics. So have another bite. The Kokoa Dream Cake punches a triple dose of pure chocolate bliss, dive deeper with a spoon and enjoy all these layers of chocolatey goodness in one bite. This is definitely one of the very best chocolate cakes in the metro.

The Dirty Maccha Dream Cake combines the bold umami notes of maccha sourced from Morihan, one of the biggest producers in Japan with sugar-free Uji Kyoto Maccha Chia Pudding and moist chocolate cake topped with sugar-free chocolate shell. It has the same equally intricate and lavish layers as the Kokoa Dream Cake but with the added bite of maccha for contrasting flavors.  

The elegant smooth richness of the chocolate is tempered by the mildly sharp notes of the maccha for that delicately balanced blend, while the textural contrasts from the moist chocolate cake, sugar-free Uji Kyoto Maccha Chia Pudding and sugar-free chocolate shell delights the palate with its seamless play. From the elegant packaging down to the last bite, the new Dream Cakes by FRNK Milk Bar are some of the very best dessert offerings in the metro. Maccha or Kokoa? Have both. And discover the subtle nuances that differentiates one from the other with its layered decadence.  

And there's more. The Keto Friendly Doughnut Holes along with the new Dream Cakes are the perfect match for FRNK Milk Bar's Keto Friendly Pudding Drinks

Made with almond flour, the Keto Doughnut Holes are light and moist and available in two flavor variants with the dark Kokoa Magma and the Dirty Maccha. The Kokoa Magma delivers pure chocolate flavors while the Dirty Maccha has that balanced weave of deep chocolate and mildly sharp hints of maccha. The bite-sized doughnut holes deliver a bold flavorful burst yet its sugar-free and just 100 calories per serving. Almost too good to be true, but it is. 

The Keto Friendly Doughnut Holes along with the Dream Cakes and Keto Friendly Pudding Drinks complete the new Keto Friendly Series of FRNK Milk Bar, and it's now available for dine-in, take-out and delivery via GrabFood, FoodPanda and BeepIt (visit 

Go ahead, have another piece. Low carb, sugar-free and keto friendly, FRNK Milk Bar responds to the the growing segment of health conscious consumers searching for healthier food and lifestyle alternatives. FRNK Milk Bar addresses this with its #IndulgeHealthy concept as reflected in their new low carb, sugar-free Keto Friendly Series with the new Dream Cakes and Doughnut Holes. Who says you can't have your cake? Let FRNK Milk Bar show you how, with the new Dream Cakes and Doughnut Holes from their Keto Friendly Series...

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