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#MakeItGolden: Striking Gold with Magnolia Gold Label for the Richest and Creamiest Ice Cream Experience by Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines

Since 1925, the much loved and enduring brand has been the undisputed gold standard for local ice cream continuously setting and raising the bar with its indulgent world-class creations. Now on its 96th year, Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines does one better...

Now more decadent than ever made with fresh carabao's milk, Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines introduces the richest and creamiest Gold Label yet elevating and taking the ice cream experience to the next level for those special golden moments of pure ice cream bliss. Time to #MakeItGolden with the new and most decadent ice cream line from one of the country's iconic brands and fall in love all over again with your favorite ice cream. 

Reimagining The Ice Cream Experience With Every Scoop
No other local ice cream brand has become so much a part of the cultural and culinary mainstream as Magnolia, weaving its silky smooth and creamy notes in countless family celebrations through the years exuding so much nostalgia and warmth. Who can forget the much anticipated Flavor of the Month creations released by Magnolia Ice Cream from the early seventies, the ubiquitous Magnolia Ice Cream Carts plying the streets ringing their familiar bells during carefree childhood summer days, the landmark plant and ice cream parlor along Aurora Boulevard and the introduction of Magnolia Gold Label forever changing the way we enjoy ice cream. I remember a tub of Magnolia Gold Label Double Dutch as a reward for doing well in school, and it's a fond childhood memory that still resonates to this day.

Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines marks yet another milestone in its continuing story, reimagining ice cream made with fresh carabao's milk for the richest and creamiest ice cream experience using certified pure all natural ingredients and absolutely no artificial flavors. The gold standard in ice cream is once again set by Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines for a new generation of ice cream lovers. And for even more golden moments enjoyed one scoop at a time.

Some of the country's noted celebrities recently got together online to celebrate The Golden Moment: The Magnolia Gold Label Reveal Party hosted by Bianca Valerio last October 26 for the launch while sharing memorable stories of their ice cream experiences with the iconic brand. The universal appeal of Magnolia Gold Label runs deep, linking all ice cream fans around the country together with its luscious creaminess. And when you think about it, the story of Magnolia Ice Cream is our story. From childhood memories to celebrations and gatherings, its been a part of our memory bank's volumes of memorable moments.

Successful chefs and restaurateurs Marvin Agustin and Happy Ongpauco-Tiu revealed how applying the highest standards exemplified by the brand Magnolia Gold Label inspired their own thriving food businesses while beauty queen Megan Young and Olympic Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz shared memorable moments celebrated with the enduring ice cream brand. Asia's multimedia star Alden Richards shared his constant amazement with the innovative and inventive flavors of Magnolia Gold Label through the years. Each one had a unique yet memorable connection with the Brand, much like our own experience.  

The online event also introduced the newest flavors of Magnolia Gold Label that are every bit as indulgent as the sound of the names suggests with the Choco Peanut Butter made with real and authentic Skippy Peanut Butter and the nostalgic S'mores with Graham bits and toasted marshmallows. The flavorful and decadent new duo elegantly raises the bar for ice cream with its blend of all-natural ingredients and creamy finish draping the palate with its lingering finish.

The new S'mores flavor variant of Magnolia Gold Label features lavishly smooth premium Vanilla Ice Cream blended with Graham Cracker bits and Toasted Marshmallows swirled with sinful Dark Chocolate Fudge...

...while the new Choco Peanut Butter showcases a luxurious dual base of Chocolate Ice Cream studded with Chocolate Chips and Skippy Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Roasted Peanuts for a solid one-two punch of pure indulgence. After all, it's the kind of indulgence you've come to expect from Magnolia Gold Label and nothing less.  

The long tradition of using the freshest and finest premium ingredients remains at the very core of the Magnolia Gold Label brand's DNA setting it apart from the usual commercial options. It's this premium imagery that's been associated with the brand's enduring character and heritage that makes it special while adding that meaningful and relevant point of differentiation versus other brands, both local and imported. 

And it's what makes those deeply personal memorable moments truly timeless. And golden. Have a scoop and a bite, and rediscover ice cream perfection from the pioneer in local ice cream...

No need to gather round a fire with friends and family, a couple of scoops of Magnolia Gold Label S'mores is just way much better. The silky smooth finish from the fresh carabao's milk gives it an indulgent smoothness slowly melting on the palate releasing a decadent richness lingering long after the last bite... 

...followed by the Graham Cracker bits, Toasted Marshmallows and the deep notes of Dark Chocolate Fudge for a lavish play on both flavors and layers of textures. Each component weaves a distinct yet seamless blend for a nostalgic flavor reinvented and made more refined and elegant by Magnolia Gold Label.

The Choco Peanut Butter brings comforting and familiar notes in a masterful blend in true Magnolia Gold Label style. Using real and authentic Skippy Peanut Butter with rich chocolate ice cream for another decadent flavor combo, the Choco Peanut Butter exudes a casual yet rich flavor profile draped in an elegant finish. Chocolate ice cream, Skippy Peanut Butter ice cream, chocolate chips and roasted peanuts conspire for another luxurious ice cream experience by Magnolia Gold Label. For peanut butter fans, this one hits all the right notes.

The Definitive Gold Standard in Ice Cream

A scoop of Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream just transforms any ice cream moment with an unmistakable elegance unique and synonymous with the brand. The mere mention of the brand evokes a decadent luxuriousness while triggering countless fond memories taking you back to a place or time. Like your first kiss, you always remember your first Magnolia Gold Label experience. For me, it was Double Dutch that just changed my perspective on ice cream. And it continues to be a well-deserved reward to myself when I need that touch of indulgence to remind me that things will eventually get better. And there's nothing like ice cream to make any day better.

The sweeping changes from the quarantine experience continues to change our daily routine with emerging consumer habits such as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage defining a difficult and challenging new normal. Yet despite all these shifts in consumer habits affecting the metro's culinary landscape, the Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream brand remains top-of-mind allowing us all to experience that craving for indulgence to get us through the long days of the new normal.

Setting the tone for the rest of your day can be as simple as having a tub or pint of Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream conveniently delivered to your doorstep (check out the links below for orders and delivery). In addition to the Choco Peanut Butter and S'mores, Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream brings a world of pure indulgence expressed through a variety of flavors... so many flavorful combinations. It's this playfully inventive approach to flavors that keeps Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream at the top of its game and staying relevant with the times. 

Take the Avocado Macchiato by Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream with its soothing yet elegant blend of Avocado Ice Cream swirled with the contrasting bold and robust notes of Coffee Ripple and finished with the deep flavors ground Tablea bits. The seemingly contrasting notes come together in a harmonious and balanced blend you'll want another scoop.

Avocados are rich and creamy in itself, but the use of the fresh carabao's milk makes it even richer and creamier draping the palate with its refined sweetness kicked up by the mildly sharp notes of the coffee ripple and perfectly finished by the ground tablea bits. One scoop just doesn't cut it, so go ahead and have another.

The Wintermelon Milk Tea is a refreshing and lavish spin on the popular beverage with Wintermelon Milk Tea Ice Cream blended with Brown Sugar Jellies finished with decadent ripples of Caramelized Brown Sugar Fudge. It's milk tea, reinvented with a uniquely modern take by Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream. The creamy consistency drapes the palate like a comforting hug, delivering sweet indulgence in a unique ice cream expression. It's just one of many creative flavors in a roster of all-time bestsellers by Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines

The distinctive colors of the Taro White Cheese variant made with a dual base of purple Taro and White Cheese Ice Cream mixed with creamy White Cheese bits showcases comfortingly familiar local flavors elevated with the Magnolia Gold Label touch. The sweet nutty notes of the taro comes through with each bite, followed by the mellow and mildly sharp hints of creamy white cheese for a unique combination. The tradition of rolling out new flavors becomes a much anticipated event with Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream, with each variant unique and different from the other for a refreshingly new ice cream experience. 

Time To #MakeItGolden

Now it's your turn to transform ordinary occasions into memorable golden moments with a scoop from Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream. The always popular Cookies and Cream with premium and lusciously smooth Vanilla Ice Cream speckled with Chocolate Cookie Bits is one of many go-to flavors that still never fails to satisfy any ice cream craving...

...or the elegant simplicity of the uncomplicated and uncluttered Vanilla Ice Cream with its smooth richness. The say the real true test of any ice cream is with the simplest flavors and the Vanilla Ice Cream by Magnolia Gold Label breezes through with flying colors.

The smooth yet dense texture and deep sweet notes makes vanilla an all-day any-time flavor with the refined and subtle sophistication of the Magnolia Gold Label brand. 

The brand's colorful journey and history leads it to another chapter in a continuing story as the premier gold standard in ice cream. The richest and creamiest Gold Label yet made with fresh carabao's milk, Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines is ready for even more memorable golden moments with friends and family for a new generation of ice cream fans. 

Relive, rediscover and experience your own golden moments with the new flavors and the rest of equally tempting all-star cast of indulgent variants from the gold standard in ice cream with Magnolia Gold Label by Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines. After all, you deserve the best, right?

Shop Magnolia Ice Cream at supermarkets and grocery stores, or online via San Miguel Frozen & Chilled on Shopee and Lazada, The SMC Hub and other online partners like FrozenMNL. You can also visit their FB Page at for updates.

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