Monday, November 1, 2021

Harvesting Good Vibes: Supporting Local Farmers with a Fresh Delivery from SariSuki

An innovative community based online grocery steps in to lend a hand with fresh produce from local farmers during the pandemic, and it's now an integral part of a vibrant fast-growing circle in over six cities and counting. It's also one of the best and inspiring stories to come out of the quarantine experience...

Support local is given new meaning with the community based selling platform, SariSuki with its wide array of fresh offerings while supporting local farmers. The timing and relevance of the concept established last year as a response to the pandemic continues to resonate in this challenging new normal with its mission of empowering communities. The idea is simple, offer supermarket quality products at wet market prices based on the business model of Community Group Buying. Now with SariSuki Community leaders in Quezon City, Antipolo/Pasig, Marikina, Manila, Makati/BGC and Alabang/Muntinlupa, it's time to harvest some good vibes with the freshest local produce and support farming communities with SariSuki.

Stories of fresh produce rotting in the fields due to transport issues and quarantine restrictions on mobility remains an enduring image of the lingering pandemic's sweeping impact, and it's one of many stories that led to the creation of SariSuki. At the height of the pandemic, access to the supply chain was affected by the necessary lockdowns to curb the spread of the bug. The measure also resulted in the loss of jobs by daily wage earners. It's a scenario that pushed an idea to address gaps caused by the pandemic. SariSuki was founded with a single mission, to enrich the lives of communities by providing a platform to help themselves (see more inspiring stories on their website at and FB Page at Now you can have easy access to fresh produce conveniently delivered to your doorstep while helping local farmers with just a few clicks on your mobile device.

For those looking for supplemental income, SariSuki also provides unique opportunities with its growing community...

...through its innovative Ka-Sari Online Grocery Dealer program with no joining fees, cash outlay and work-from-home format (visit their website at for more details).

Fresh from the country's renowned salad bowl, access to premium quality vegetables from Benguet was never this easy. The quarantine experience continues to change and transform our daily routine with dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage emerging as new consumer habits defining a challenging new normal. SariSuki is geared for the new normal while supporting countless local farmers with additional channels for local produce...  

...for healthier meals at home. After all, a healthy diet is your first line of defense in the new normal.  

SariSuki brings you closer to local farm-fresh produce and everyday necessities with no need to leave home to purchase groceries. And with real value too.

SariSuki offers affordable prices with the same great quality from your supermarket with no minimum orders or hidden charges to surprise you. Not only convenient, it's a smart way to shop for everyday essentials.

Ordering through SariSuki is safe, fast and hassle-free, you don't need any additional pressure in your day right? Just leave it to SariSuki to handle your everyday purchases and delivery with no worries.

A fresh delivery of vegetables calls for a sumptuous bowl of salad. Eating healthy at home becomes more important even with the reduction of daily  infections, and you can enjoy a fresh delivery guaranteed with the SariSuki platform.  

Storing fresh vegetables by brining also prolongs the shelf life so you can enjoy your fresh delivery for days and weeks.

A sumptuous meal at home made with fresh vegetables goes a long way in promoting a daily regimen with a healthy diet...

...while supporting local farmers at the same time. SariSuki opens up a whole new world of tasty possibilities at home and all it takes are a few quick taps on your mobile device. Community-driven, SariSuki is your gateway to some of the freshest produce available. 

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, SariSuki offers a wide variety of products from your favorite brands like Unilver, Procter & Gamble, Universal Robina, NutriAsia, Nestle and Bounty so you can do all your shopping through the convenient community-based platform. 

It's an idea that was born out of the quarantine experience, and its relevance will continue long after the pandemic. Hit up the links below for your fresh delivery, and support farming communities at the same time with just a few taps with SariSuki.

For more on SariSuki, visit their website at and FB Page at for more updates and information.

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