Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Max's Restaurant Aims for a Bigger Slice of the Pie with the New Buko Pandan and Caramel Pocket Pies by Max's Corner Bakery

The treats keep coming as one of the country's iconic culinary institutions celebrates 76 years of delivering memories...

The iconic institution has been a part of memorable celebrations for over 76 years, bannered by its specialty Fried Chicken. But The House That Fried chicken Built is now more than just chicken, showcasing a wide array of savory and even sweet treats to satisfy any craving. In celebration of its milestone 76th anniversary, Max's Restaurant is offering special discounts and menu additions online at https://delivery.maxschicken.com/ including their newest creations, the Buko Pandan and Caramel Pocket Pies by Max's Corner Bakery (for more on the special anniversary offerings, see my earlier post, Max's Chicken: Delivering Memories For The Last 76 Years). 

No celebration is complete without freshly baked desserts, and Max's Corner Bakery completes the Max's experience with their extensive selection of cakes, pastries, their best-selling Caramel Bars and now indulgent and flaky Buko Pandan and Caramel Pocket Pies (P 447 for a box of 5). Conveniently delivered to your doorstep, Max's Restaurant has adapted to the new normal addressing changing consumer habits such as dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage.

Light, flaky and delicately crisp with a sweet filling, the new pies are a perfect addition to the menu of Max's Restaurant. Conveniently packed in a box containing five indulgent pies, the new Buko Pandan and Caramel Pocket Pies are tasty pockets of indulgence. Warm it up in the oven for a few minutes and the layers of dough are perfectly crisped up with a warm filling.

The new Caramel Pocket Pie by Max's Corner Bakery combines the perfect crust with a lavish caramel custard filling for a decadent treat. Each bite is a play on contrasting textures with the warm filling draping the palate with its comforting sweetness. The caramel filling brings the familiar deep and rich notes pairing well with a freshly brewed cup of coffee after a sumptuous feast with the specialty dishes of Max's Restaurant at home. 

The crisp crust is the perfect vessel for the sweet and smooth caramel custard filling, not too thick with buttery hints to complement the richness of the caramel. Craving for local flavors? Max's Corner Bakery has that covered too.

The new Buko Pandan Pocket Pie takes the same crust and fills it with the subtle sweetness of young coconut and pandan with its distinct green hue and fragrant aroma for another tasty creation. And all it takes are a few minutes in the oven or toaster to give it a lightly crisp finish.

The flaky consistency and buttery hints pair well with the coconut and pandan filling giving it a totally different profile from the Caramel variant. The flavors are milder with just the right level of sweetness for afternoon coffee moments at home. 

Max's Corner Bakery gets the crust done right. And the filling adds that finishing touch. 

A slice reveals the dense consistency of the filling, while a bite releases layers of flavors from the sweet filling to the buttery notes of the flaky dough. Max's Corner Bakery has another winning pair with the new Caramel and Buko Pandan Pocket Pies

Seventy-six years and counting, and Max's Restaurant continues to innovate in step with the times. Caramel or Buko Pandan Pocket Pie? Have both. And celebrate 76 flavorful years of countless memories with Max's Restaurant with tasty pockets of flaky indulgence. Just hit up the link below for your order, and your pies should be well on its way to you. Easy as pie, right?

To order your favorite dishes from Max's Restaurant, visit their online delivery site at https://delivery.maxschicken.com/

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