Thursday, July 2, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: Unboxing Menya Kokoro's New D-I-Y Tokyo Mazesoba and Black Garlic Ramen Kits

The value of food delivery was immediately felt during the quarantine experience due to the viral pandemic. In most cases, it was our only link to the outside world as the whole country and the rest of the world went on lockdown. During the quarantine, we've seen restaurants and food businesses adapt to the new normal introducing innovations like D-I-Y kits that faithfully replicates the same flavor, temperature and textural experiences of their specialty dishes. It's a clever solution to popular dishes, particularly ramen, that's ideal when served at its flavorful peak and temperature. Meet the new D-I-Y Tokyo Mazesoba and D-I-Y Black Garlic Ramen Kits by Menya Kokoro...

Menya Kokoro, Tokyo's Number One Mazesoba, responds to the new normal enhancing its food delivery service with the new D-I-Y Tokyo Mazesoba and D-I-Y Black Garlic Ramen Kits conveniently packed in handy carton boxes. That means you get to enjoy the same fresh and hot flavors of your favorite ramen at home, just like in Menya Kokoro.

Food delivery has been a virtual lifesaver for many households during the quarantine. Yet somehow, the food quality suffers just a bit after the delivery. You lose a little of the texture, the crispness and flavor due to the lower temperature. This is immediately evident when you order ramen, when the noodles become too soft. Menya Kokoro addresses these issues with a creative "out-of-the-box" solution now used by many establishments for their burgers, steaks, laksa and yes, ramen. In a time of crisis, innovative ideas and solutions readily present themselves and we've seen quite a few good ones. Packed in sturdy and handy carton boxes, each Do-It-Yourself package contains two servings (yup, that's two servings) of Menya Kokoro's specialty Tokyo Mazesoba or Black Garlic Ramen. A sumptuous ramen dinner for two at home? Now you can with Menya Kokoro's D-I-Y Kits.

The specialty D-I-Y Tokyo Mazesoba Kit (P 650) of Menya Kokoro is identified by its thematic yellow color with easy instructions printed on the label. Just five quick steps and you have your fresh and hot Tokyo Mazesoba exactly the way it's served at Menya Kokoro (for more on Menya Kokoro's famous dry ramen or Tokyo Mazesoba and other specialties, see my previous posts here at #TokyosNumber1Mazesoba: Prepare For A New Ramen Experience Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba on their launch last year and Mazesoba on a Cloudy Day at Menya Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba on their specialty ramen). Tokyo Mazesoba is different from the ramen we know, replacing the usual ramen noodles with thick buckwheat soba noodles and the broth with a rich oil-based sauce draping each noodle for an unctuous richness and refreshingly new flavor experience. This richness is intensified by the signature minced pork topping balanced by the subtle heat of soothing spices, minced garlic, onion leeks and special Kombu vinegar. The result is contrasting yet balanced flavors with every sip and bite.

The D-I-Y Black Garlic Ramen Kit (P 650) of Menya Kokoro is identified with its distinctive red markings, packed in the same sturdy box. Like the D-I-Y Tokyo Mazesoba Kit, the instructions for the D-I-Y Black Garlic Ramen Kit are clearly detailed on the label. And it's surprisingly easy to do at home, all you need is a pot of hot water and a few minutes of prep time.

As mentioned, eack D-I-Y Kit contains all the ingredients for two separate servings with two pairs of chopsticks. Each ingredient is sealed in thick plastic packaging to protect it from the elements. In a time of Covid 19, it's reassuring to know that your food is handled and packed properly. 

Included in the D-I-Y Tokyo Mazesoba Kit are two packs of thick and chewy Buckwheat Soba Noodles, Menya Kokoro Special Mazesoba Sauce, Signature Minced Meat, Minced Garlic, Onion Leeks, Nori and Kombu Vinegar. The sharp notes of the Kombu Vinegar cuts the richness of the special sauce giving it balance.

The D-I-Y Black Garlic Ramen Kit includes two packs of Ramen Noodles, Menya Kokoro Black Garlic Broth, Pork Chasu, Bamboo Shoots and Nori.

For the D-I-Y Tokyo Mazesoba Kit, start by boiling the buckwheat soba noodles on a medium pot, let it simmer for 8 minutes or in your preferred doneness then drain. Once fully drained, transfer the buckwheat soba noodles to a bowl. On a separate pot, boil water and place the pack of Menya Kokoro Special Mazesoba Sauce and Signature Mince Meat (do not remove from plastic bags) submerging it in the hot water. Once heated, open the bag of Menya Kokoro Special Mazesoba Sauce and pour on your bowl of noodles. Open the bag of Signature Minced Meat and top on the noodles and sauce. For the finishing touches, add the Minced Garlic, Onion Leeks and Nori. You may also opt to add an egg to your bowl. After gently mixing all the components, you're ready...

...for that rich and unctuous bite of Menya Kokoro's best-selling Tokyo Mazesoba. The thick and chewy buckwheat soba noodles makes this quite a filling meal while its indulgent savory notes drapes the palate with bold flavors that linger long after the last bite. 

The key is to mix everything well so you get a bite and taste of all the ingredients. The best part is when you're done with the noodles and reach the bottom of the bowl. Add some steamed white rice to the remaining Menya Kokoro Special Mazesoba Sauce with savory bits of the Signature Minced Meat, garlic, onions and nori and wait for that flavorful burst of richness with each spoonful of rice.

The instructions for the D-I-Y Black Garlic Ramen are almost similar, simply boil the ramen noodles on a medium pot for 2 minutes then drain and place in a bowl. On a separate pot, boil water and add the bag of Menya Kokoro Black Garlic Broth and Pork Chasu for 5 minutes (do not remove contents from the bag). After simmering for 5 minutes, open the bag of Menya Kokoro Black Garlic Broth and pour on your bowl of ramen noodles. Top with heated Pork Chasu and Nori and it's done, all in less than 8 minutes.  

Take a sip of the hot broth and let it line your palate with its savory notes, followed by a fork-tender bite of the smoky Pork Chasu and some springy noodles. The thick broth made with black garlic and pork has deep and rounded flavors with a savory, nutty and mildly sweet finish. That's a perfect bowl of ramen right there, and you made it. The right temperature, texture and freshness at its flavorful peak, that's the best way to enjoy a bowl of comforting ramen. And now, you can do it at home. How to order your own D-I-Y Tokyo Mazesoba Kit or D-I-Y Black Garlic Ramen Kit? That's easy too. Simply visit their website and order online at and your sumptuous bowl of noodles is on the way...

For more information on the new D-I-Y Kits and updates on Menya Kokoro, visit and order via their website at

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