Thursday, July 16, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: The Pientang Lunch Box Sets by James & Daughters are Packed and Ready to Go

Stuck at home or at work and can't find a place to eat in the new normal? James & Daughters by Chef Jonas Ng has just the right and tasty solution to satisfy your cravings...

Chef Jonas Ng and James & Daughters now offers sumptuous Pientang Lunch Box Sets for take-out and delivery in response to the new normal with a tempting array of savory and complete meals in a box. With twelve tasty options conveniently packed in a box priced from P 250, P 275 and P 300, you don't even have to leave home or the office, James & Daughters will deliver it to you.

Taking inspiration from Taiwanese-style packed lunches, each Pientang Lunch Box Set from James & Daughters comes complete with Tea Egg, Braised Tofu, Veggie of the Day, Rice and Utensils conveniently packed in a box. All you have to do is open the lid and dive right in.  

The restrictions on mobility and the resumption of partial operations by selected restaurants in the new normal have resulted in limited meal options for many at work and even those at home. Chef Jonas Ng and James & Daughters have adapted to the new normal by offering convenient and satisfying meal options delivered to your office or home with their new Pientang Lunch Box Sets. I sampled two of their packed meals, and it's loaded. The Smoked Duck Lunch Box Set (P 300) includes tender slices of house-cured smoked duck breast served with chili sauce, tea egg, braised tofu, vegetables and rice for a complete meal.

The convenient tray includes compartments for the different components of the meal that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, at work or even at home. The main course of Smoked Duck is masterfully executed with thick slabs of duck breast delivering a savory richness with every bite followed by just a hint of smokiness and perfectly finished with a dab of chili sauce.

It's an elegant meal for a convenient lunch set complemented by the tea egg, braised tofu, vegetables and rice that's guaranteed to satisfy any appetite or craving. And it's all packed conveniently in a box and delivered straight to you. A complete meal that's ready-to-eat as soon as it's delivered is definitely a plus in these uncertain times. 

The current reality of a prolonged quarantine have triggered a surge in online transactions and food deliveries. If you simply can't go to your favorite restaurant because of restrictions or fear and anxiety of leaving the safety of your home, then most restaurants will go to you. One of them is James & Daughters by Chef Jonas Ng with their Taiwanese-inspired Pientang Lunch Box Sets. And here's a cool offer. James & Daughters is offering a 10 + 1 promotion on their Pientang Lunch Boxes for large groups and families (give James & Daughters a call at the number listed below for more details on the mechanics). In addition to James & Daughters' specialty dishes like Oven Roasted Pork Belly and Five Treasure Soup that's also available for take-out and delivery, they also offer Gourmet Gift Items such as bottled Sinamak, Binurong Mustasa and their popular Bicol Express Dip.

Another tasty option is the Ngo Hiong Kikiam (P 275) with the classic pork blended with traditional 5 Spice and wrapped in tofu skin for another comforting meal. The richly seasoned pork and soft, nutty tofu skin combine for a savory burst of flavors complemented by the tartness of ketchup. And there's more from James &Daughters' line of Pientang Lunch Box Sets like San Pei Tzi 3 Cups Chicken, Siomai, Taiwanese Pork Sausage, Taiwanese Fried Pork Chop, Hong Shao Rou or braised pork belly, Gyoza, Kiamchay Lo Ba, Zha Tsi Pai Fried Chicken Steak, Yan Su Tzi Chicken Bites and Hakka Style Pork Stir Fry, all packed and ready to go...

To order your Pientang Lunch Box Sets, simply call James & Daughters at 0917 134 6625 for orders and inquiries, orders accepted daily from 9am to 5pm.

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