Saturday, July 18, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: The Savory Galbi Jjim by Lucas Kitchenette, From One Family's Kitchen to Your Table

We've all had this ongoing love affair with everything and anything Korean, from K-Pop and Korean TV dramas to kimchi, samgyupsal and Korean cuisine in general. Now you can have homemade Korean dishes delivered straight to your doorstep from another rising home-based food business in the new normal.

The rise of home-based food businesses and the spike in food deliveries in response to the quarantine will be one silver lining that will be remembered after this global pandemic. From savory meals to fresh-baked items conveniently delivered to your home, home kitchens are now serving different communities fresh and hearty home-style meals with a personal touch. One of them is Lucas Kitchenette with their specialty Korean dishes like Galbi Jjim... 

The forced quarantine may have temporarily isolated our households from the rest of the community but increased usage of online transactions and food deliveries provided unprecedented access to a wide and diverse variety of tasty options. From community finds to home businesses with a wider reach covering most of Metro Manila, households can now be connected with just a call or a click in the new normal. Lucas Kitchenette joins the fast emerging home-based food business sector with its sumptuous home-style offerings from their family kitchen straight to your table. The Galbi Jjim (P 850) from Lucas Kitchenette is their take on the traditional Korean style beef stew, packed with fork-tender beef and fresh vegetables. Each order is sealed all around the edges...

...and delivered warm to your doorstep. Once you open the lid, a savory and fragrant aroma triggers your appetite before feeding the eyes with large cuts of colorful fresh vegetables and chunks of tender beef. All natural with absolutely no preservatives or MSG, the Galbi Jjim by Lucas Kitchenette offers fresh and clean flavors. It's a high restaurant quality serving with homespun warmth.

Straight from the container to a bowl, the Galbi Jjim is ready to serve as soon as its delivered. The first thing you'll immediately notice are the large chunks of beef and equally large cuts of fresh vegetables like radishes, carrots and mushrooms draped in a rich yet light sauce. The bowl above is roughly half the serving. It's a loaded order, definitely worth what it costs for added value for money.

Each bite brings the savory richness of fork-tender beef to the palate followed by the subtle sweetness of the radishes, carrots and nutty notes of mushrooms for that perfect finish. Like many Korean dishes, the use of fresh vegetables tempers the beefy richness for that fine and delicate balance. The version by Lucas Kitchenette ranks high on my list for comforting fare conveniently delivered to you.

Lucas Kitchenette also does a wicked Korean Sundubu Jjigae as well as Filipino dessert classics like Biko and Guinataang Bilo-Bilo for delivery. From one family's kitchen to your table, Lucas Kitchenette is one of many rising home-based food businesses weaving its own silver lining in these uncertain times.

For more on Lucas Kitchenette, call 0926 0974881 or visit their IG account at @lucaskitchenette and follow the hashtag #LucasKitchenette.You can also visit their FB Page at

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