Friday, July 31, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: Bringing the Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant's Dining Experience Home to Your Table

Great food always brings with it happy memories, and Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant lets you bring it home to your dining table...

Dining at home is the new normal, drastically altering our usual consumption habits. As the food service industry struggles amidst the pandemic, food deliveries remain the only viable option to reconnect with loyal diners, strengthening links and allowing diners to recreate that special restaurant experience at home. It may not be enough to match revenues from a regular dine-in service, but it's an extra step to preserve relationships with customers. Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant adapts to the new normal offering its specialty dishes inspired by Filipino and Spanish cuisine for both take-out and delivery. Now you can bring home the good times, conveniently packed and delivered to your doorstep.

Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant formally opened early this year, and the promising launch was suddenly put on hold by the global pandemic. But like many restaurants, Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant takes a proactive stance to address the new reality. Following stringent safety protocols and guidelines, the restaurant has been certified to resume operations at a minimum capacity. But anxiety and fear keeps most diners at home due to the lingering threat of Covid 19. Rafael's tackles the new normal head on by implementing food deliveries to complement its regular dining operations. Bringing their unique restaurant experience to your home is easy, all you need to do is call and leave the rest to Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant (for more on Rafael's, see my previous post, New at Newport Mall: Comforting Flavors Recreated at Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant).

You can recreate the Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant experience at home in three quick and simple steps, from ordering, payment and validation... 

...and your favorite dishes are on their way to your dinner table at home. Just like that.

A few days back, Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant allowed me to recreate the restaurant experience at home with their specialty dishes for a memorable meal. And to make it even more special, Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant included a vacuum-sealed sachet of my favorite cocktail (R)... 

Many consider this the oldest cocktail ever recorded, and it still soothes and refreshes the palate and body with each sip. The Old-Fashioned is an iconic blend of Jim Beam Bourbon, sugar cubes and bitters garnished with an orange peel, it remains my go-to cocktail of choice and Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant remembers. To enjoy your Old-Fashioned, simply load a glass with ice cubes, open the vacuum-sealed sachet and pour the contents to the glass. They even added an orange peel to garnish your Old-Fashioned packed in the same sachet. It's a proper Old-Fashioned, just the way they serve it at Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant. In these uncertain times, a comforting cocktail works wonders to make another day at home so much more special. Now, it's time to open the packed meals...

An homage to a loving mother's specialty dish, Petronella's Chicken is inspired by a family heirloom recipe and a sumptuous meal in itself with Brown Sugar Brined Chicken Roast Inasal topped with Caramelized Pineapples laid on soft and fluffy Pineapple Rice.

The tender and juicy chicken delivers delicate notes followed by hints of subtle sweetness and a whisper of smokiness. The infusion of caramelized pineapples adds to the layers of rich flavors, rounded out by their specialty Pineapple Rice. The sauce also completes the flavors. A flavorful twist on the inasal, it's a hefty meal guaranteed to satisfy any appetite.

And there's one more box to complete your festive feast at home. A box of pizza always hits the spot, and it's a comfortingly familiar staple for any meal at home. But Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant adds its own flavorful spin with local ingredients for a unique pizza experience.

The Longga Pizza is a creative fusion with house-cured longganisa, mozzarella, tomatoes and basil on a crisp and rustic crust. The bold and smoky notes of the local sausages adds rich and savory notes complemented by the creamy mozzarella and tart tomatoes for a vibrant finish with every bite.

Great for sharing, families at home will enjoy this inventive take on pizza with a local spin. Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes for take-out and delivery, and each dish adds its own special touch to your dining table.

From Tapas to savory mains and cocktails, Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant promises to recreate that unique dining experience in your very own home.

These are uncertain times, forcing many of us to seek creative out-of-the-box solutions to remain relevant and viable. The hard-hit food service industry continues to struggle, promising a stronger bounce back in the new normal. Here's a toast to the industry, and hoping that we can all meet again in our favorite establishments soon. 

For more on Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant's delivery and take-out offers, call (02) 8373 5105 and 0966 470 5365. You can also visit their FB Page at and IG account at @rafaelswph.

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