Monday, July 13, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: A Taho Party at Home Delivered by Soy Yummy PH

Why wait for Taho Tuesdays when you can enjoy a Taho Party at home any day you choose?

The quarantine experience reminded us that it's the simple pleasures that gives the most joy in these uncertain times. A serving of chilled taho at home not only soothes and refreshes the palate but triggers fond nostalgic memories. Soy Yummy PH takes the lead in bringing joy through soy to your homes with their extensive selection of soy-based products conveniently delivered to your doorstep...

A popular snack staple for generations, one can't forget those childhood summers waiting for the neighborhood taho vendor to pass by your street with his large stainless steel container of soy goodness filled with fresh silky tofu paired with sweet syrup and tapioca pearls. Now with 60 outlets across the National Capital Region and nearby provinces, you're never far away from Soy Yummy PH's tempting offerings of soy products including Taho, Soy Milk, Soy Refreshers, Soy Pudding, Tofu and Tofu Snacks. The surge in online transactions and food delivery as a result of the prolonged quarantine and the lingering threat of the viral pandemic is now part of the new normal, but a serving of comforting taho conveniently delivered to your home eases your transition to the new reality with each refreshing sip and spoonful.

Soy Yummy PH makes any home celebration extra special with their popular and best-selling Family Taho Party (P 400), an impressive 2.5 liter tub filled with your choice of warm or chilled silky tofu along with the mandatory sweet syrup and sago pearls to complete your taho experience at home. Each order also comes with a traditional taho serving spoon for a touch of nostalgia, just like your neighborhood taho vendor.

The fresh and clean notes of the silky tofu simply melts in your mouth followed by the deep sweetness of the dark syrup and textures of the tapioca pearls. One spoonful takes you back for a classic and memorable throwback to simpler uncomplicated times when simple pleasures sweetened your daily routine. One order of Soy Yummy PH's 2.5 liter Family Taho Party serves 12 to 15, more than enough to feed your family and household and you can enjoy seconds too.

In addition to the traditional silky soya snack, Soy Yummy PH adds a modern and contemporary twist to the popular staple with its Flavored Taho infused with the vibrant notes of fresh fruits like the Mango Taho (P 180 for a Bundle of Three)...

...and the Strawberry Taho (P 180 for a Bundle of Three), each one transforming the traditional taho for a new and refreshing flavor experience.

Just like your childhood favorite taho, the Flavored Taho of Soy Yummy PH delivers the same melt-in-your-mouth goodness you love with the added punch of fruity notes. The sweetness of fresh strawberries and mangoes gives an added layer of bright flavors to complement the mild nutty notes of the silky soya for a seamless pairing.

And just like the traditional taho, each order comes with a serving of sago pearls and flavored sweet syrup (L) to match your Strawberry and Mango Flavored Taho. The Strawberry Syrup even includes pieces of sweet preserved strawberries (R) for that extra burst of tartness and sweetness. 

Tradition meets modernity with these refreshing flavored taho offerings from Soy Yummy PH. Simply pick your fruit and enjoy...

Soy Yummy PH also offers a more indulgent, silky smooth soya creation with their creamy Soy Pudding (P 129 for a Bundle of Two). With its smooth texture and mouthfeel, the Soy Pudding is an upgrade to the traditional taho combining both flavor and texture for a decadent soya experience. The Chocolate Soy Pudding brings the deep the nutty sweetness of chocolate to the palate with the refreshing soy pudding base as the vessel, melting in your mouth releasing even more flavors.

Each cup of Soy Pudding includes a packet of flavored sweet syrup, in this case a thick chocolate syrup. And the tapioca pearls? Dig deep with your spoon and you'll find it at the bottom of the cup for that perfect finish to your Soy Pudding experience.  

The quarantine experience also witnessed quite a few food trends, including the popularity of ube or purple yam. Soy Yummy PH responds to this trend with their own take, the Ube Soy Pudding.

The distinct natural sweetness of purple yam gives this Soy Pudding a whole new and different character. The bright purple color alone tells you this is special. A packet of thick ube sauce completes the flavors, along with the sago pearls on the bottom of the cup.

Soy Yummy PH offers more soy-based products including a line of Soya Milk in Original, Melon, Chocolate, Honey, Muscovado and Sugar-Free variants (P 240 for a Bundle of Four). A healthier alternative to cow's milk, soy milk is a popular plant-based option that's nutritionally similar and high in protein with countless health benefits. Enjoy Soya Milk with a twist with Soy Yummy PH's Soy Refreshers blended with taho and tapioca pearls in Honey, Taro, Chocolate, Matcha and Milk Tea flavors.  

Soy Yummy PH also makes cooking at home easy with their selection of Silken, Firm and Premium Tofu that's perfect for stir-frying and hot pots and their Tofu Snacks like Tofu Bites and ready-to-heat Tofu Sisig. Soy Yummy PH obviously has all the soya bases covered with their extensive product offerings.

Ordering your very own joy through soy from Soy Yummy PH is easy, simply follow these quick and convenient steps starting with a DM on their FB Page... the instructions and fill out the order form...

...confirm your order and payment...

...and your joy through soy from Soy Yummy PH is on the way. You can also order via, an easy link with prices and menu for added convenience. Delivery service available in Metro Manila only from Monday to Friday. Cut-off for orders and payment is 7pm to ensure that your orders will be included in the next delivery schedule. As all products are prepared fresh to order, Soy Yummy PH recommends ordering one day in advance via their online delivery portal. Customers also have the convenient option of picking up their orders at selected Soy Yummy PH branches in Metro Manila.

For many of us, the quarantine experience was like a pause button forcing us to take a second look at what we truly value in life. It's also a timely break and allowed us to once again enjoy life's simple pleasures. Like a comforting bowl of chilled taho topped with tapioca pearls and a generous drizzle of sweet sauce, just the way we enjoyed it so many years ago. Soy Yummy PH lets you relive those moments once more with their wide variety of soy-based products. You don't have to wait for Taho Tuesdays, you can have your own Taho Party at home any day you choose with Soy Yummy PH...

For more on Soy Yummy, visit their FB Page at and for more information, updates and ordering details. You can also follow their IG Feed at @soyyummyph with the hashtags #SoyYummy, #SoyExpress and #SoyExpressDelivers.

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