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Dining in the Next Normal: Your Ramen. Your Rules. With the Home Ramen Kits of No Name Ramen

From down south of the metro, a ramen with no name makes you a master ramen chef at home...

Ramen this good doesn't need a name. No Name Ramen now offers their Premium Tonkotsu Ramen Home Ramen Kits for delivery, allowing you to faithfully replicate shop quality ramen in the comfort of your home. Now everyone can be a ramen master. Your ramen, your rules...

Food deliveries are now very much part of the culinary mainstream in the new normal in response to the prolonged quarantine and lingering threat of the viral pandemic. We've seen the emergence of home-based food businesses as well as innovative food products during the quarantine reflecting both creativity and resilience in a time of crisis. The food service industry is struggling to survive along with many other sectors due to this global outbreak, but the rise of home-based food businesses with exciting product innovations is a bright spot that's here to stay post Covid-19.

The intent of my on-going series of blog posts on Dining in the Next Normal aims to document not only the effects of the quarantine but highlight how food businesses adapt and evolve with the current reality. And I've seen and experienced quite a few delivered to my home. One example is the D-I-Y Ramen Kit, and No Name Ramen makes it easy for you to enjoy good shop quality ramen at home. No Name Ramen offers Shoyu Premium Tonkotsu Ramen and Tantanmen Premium Tonkotsu Ramen with each variant packed in sturdy boxes identified by its bright yellow label. It's a compact box yet it has everything you need to make a sumptuous bowl of ramen at home.

When you open up a box of No Name Ramen's Home Ramen Kits (P 320), simple and easy intructions guide you in preparing the perfect bowl of ramen. No Name Ramen also recognizes the fact that this is your creation, allowing some latitude and flexibility in the preparation of the broth and noodles to your preference.  

Inside, the different components of the Shoyu Premium Tonkotsu Ramen are packed separately. Each box includes the tonkotsu broth, noodles, pork chasu, oil and spring onions portioned for one full serving. Bring out the pots and fire up the burners, you're on your way to a perfect bowl of shop quality ramen... 

How? Simply boil two cups of water in a pot, and once you have a full boil, add the noodles and let it simmer for one and a half minutes. If you prefer soft noodles, let it cook for two minutes. If you like your noodles soft yet chewy with that springy bite, cook for only a minute and give or take ten seconds and nothing more. Once done, drain and set aside the noodles and place it on your prized ramen bowl. For the broth, dilute the tonkotsu broth base in one cup of water and boil in a separate pot. If you want a thicker and richer broth base, just add 3/4 cup of water. If you want a lighter broth, add four tablespoons of water to the one cup of water in the pot and leave it to boil. All this takes just a few minutes.

Once satisfied with the consistency, thickness and flavor of the broth, you can now pour the creamy milky base directly over the noodles. You're now almost there, but you need to prepare the toppings. Submerge the meat pack containing the slab of pork chasu in the hot water (you may use the same pot used for the noodles) for a few minutes to warm it up, then gently lay on top of the noodles. Drizzle the oil around the noodles and garnish with finely chopped spring onions. And that's it. Like a pro.

Give yourself a pat on the shoulder, you just created a perfect bowl of Shoyu Premium Tonkotsu Ramen at home. No Name Ramen does all the work for you by prepping the broth and pork chasu, all you need to do is cook the fresh noodles. A sip of the thick broth drapes the palate with an unctuous richness followed by a gentle whisper of heat from the oil for balance and perfectly finished by the soft yet firm noodles. A bite of the noodles releases even more intense notes from the broth, capped by the fork tender slab of pork to complete your ramen experience. This is shop quality ramen, the kind you would usually find in ramen specialty shops with the same level of flavors and mouthfeel. And the amazing part is, you did it. There's some satisfaction in that, making each sip and bite taste even better.

For those who enjoy a fiery spice in their ramen, No Name Ramen has that covered too. The contents of the Tantanmen Premium Tonkotsu Ramen include packets of tonkotsu broth base, noodles, chili oil, minced pork, sesame seeds and fresh bokchoy. The basic procedure is the same as the Shoyu Premium Tonkotsu Ramen...

...with blanching the fresh bokchoy in hot water for 30 seconds or one minute as the additional step for the Tantanmen Premium Tonkotsu Ramen. The same broth is used for the base, delivering the same rich notes one expects from shop quality tonkotsu ramen. But the minced pork adds its own kind of meaty savory flavors followed by a gentle spice gaining intensity with succeeding sips. And it lingers without numbing your lips. It's a chill and steady kind of spice.  

The mild spice tempers the broth for balance, cutting the richness preparing you for another sip. The sesame seeds and fresh bokchoy add layers of both flavor and texture to each bite to round off your ramen experience with No Name Ramen. And just like the Shoyu Premium Tonkotsu Ramen, the Tantanmen Premium Tonkotsu Ramen is both flavorful and easy to prepare. 

No Name Ramen brings two tasty options for those who prefer to make their own meals at home, and these Home Ramen Kits score high on both flavor and convenience by packing real ramen shop quality in a box. But it's preparing the ramen itself that makes the experience so much more special. The ease of preparing the ramen also allows you to customize the thickness of the broth and the texture of the noodles with very simple tweaks. You don't need rocket science for that perfect bowl of ramen at home, just the Home Ramen Kits by No Name Ramen. 

The quarantine experience put a hold on everything, changing our daily routine in dramatic fashion. But it also made us take a closer look at the things that matter. The kitchen once again became an essential part of home, bringing us closer despite our seeming isolation due to the quarantine. And we started cooking again. A bowl of shop-quality ramen for lunch or dinner at home is now easier than ever with No Name Ramen's compact Home Ramen Kits. 

And you make the rules. After all, it's your ramen. A thicker broth or chewy noodles with that springy bite, you can customize your bowl of ramen anyway you choose. And No Name Ramen takes care of the comfortingly rich and savory flavors you love in an authentic shop-quality bowl of ramen. The quality and bold flavors of the fresh ingredients in each Home Ramen Kit has that "cooked for hours" feel which No Name Ramen already did for you so you can prepare it in minutes. Innovation and quality come together seamlessly in each box by No Name Ramen. 

All this comes in a box, conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Food deliveries are now part of the new normal, but you can raise it a notch higher with the Home Ramen Kits by No Name Ramen for an authentic and memorable ramen experience at home.

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