Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: A Tasty Spin on Traditional Steamed Buns with Homemade Wheat Siopao Delivered by MPantry

How do you improve on the classic savory steamed bun? That's easy. Just ask M Pantry...

The prolonged quarantine experience allowed us to discover some tasty finds in our communities, including a clever spin on the traditional siopao. The specialty Wheat Siopao in Asado and Bola-Bola variants by MPantry not only changes the texture and flavor of the bun with the use of wheat but the whole siopao experience with its savory fillings. Pillow soft yet dense, these steamed buns got some serious game...

We've seen quite a few inventive and creative innovations in food products along with the surge in food deliveries and home-based food businesses during the quarantine. And MPantry redefines the siopao game with their refreshing take on the popular snack and meal staple. 

And it all starts with the dough, using wheat for that distinctive color and grainy texture. Each order is individually wrapped and packed in a sealed container conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Once you open the lid, a nutty fragrance immediately tells you this isn't your ordinary siopao. The softness of the bun also sets it apart from the usual steamed bun, almost like fresh baked bread. From the aroma and color to its delicate tactile touch, MPantry's specialty Wheat Siopao is both refreshingly new and different promising an all-new siopao experience. 

Ready-to-eat straight out of the container, MPantry recommends steaming it for a few minutes to enjoy its vibrant notes and delicate texture at its flavorful peak. Fresh from the steamers, the nutty aroma of the wheat buns become even more pronounced and softer to the touch. But the proof, like they all say, is in the pudding. In this case, the wheat buns...

The heftier Bola-Bola Wheat Siopao by MPantry marked by a red stamp is a heavy bun, opening one up tells you why. Filled with a massive savory meatball and salted duck egg, the Bola-Bola Wheat Siopao offers equally big and bold flavors. 

The juicy pork meatball brings rich savory notes perfectly tempered by bold salty hints of the duck egg for balanced flavors, rounded out by the soft and mildly sweet bun. It's this range of seemingly contrasting notes, all coming together in a seamless blend, that makes these wheat buns special. MPantry doesn't provide any sauce, and that's because you don't need any. The flavors are all there in the bun, and one more bite validates this. 

From the texture to the flavor, the Bola-Bola Wheat Siopao by MPantry can be the game-changer in your search for some of the best steamed buns in the metro. But there's more...

The asado siopao is perhaps the most popular and widely known bun enjoyed by many in the metro, and MPantry adds its unique touch with the use of wheat. The Asado Wheat Siopao by MPantry is lighter than the Bola-Bola variant, but the flavors are packed and equally robust. Each bite brings the subtle grainy sweetness of the wheat bun followed by the savory richness of the pork asado filling to the palate, draping it with intense notes lingering long after the last bite. Sweet with subtle hints of smoke, the pork asado is masterfully executed contained in the perfect wheat vessel. 

A slice of the Asado Wheat Siopao reveals a loaded filling of juicy and savory pork asado with the comfortingly nostalgic sweet and smoky flavors. Just like the Bola-Bola variant, the soft wheat bun completes the flavors absorbing all the richness of the filling. And the dough really does make a difference, with every side of the wheat bun as soft as the center of freshly baked bread. It's familiar yet refreshingly different and unique that's soon high up there on your list of personal siopao favorites.

In these uncertain times, sometimes familiar old favorites can make everything just a little bit more bearable. It's also reassuring to enjoy a taste we all loved before the pandemic. MPantry offers these comforting flavors with an inventive twist for a new and flavorful experience.

And it can all be delivered conveniently to your doorstep with just a DM on IG (@mpantry_ph) or a quick call at 0945 6200 266. Dining at home is becoming the new normal in the time of Covid 19, and MPantry makes the experience a bit more special.   

The new normal put a hold on our daily routine, but MPantry lets you enjoy the simple pleasures to get you through another day in the metro-wide state of quarantine. It's these little pleasures, wrapped in a delicately soft wheat bun, that lifts our spirits and makes us all look forward to the day when we beat this virus. 

For more on MPantry, follow their Instagram account at mpantry_ph or call 0945 6200 266 for orders and inquiries.

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