Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: A Sushi Bake Situation Dispatched by Salmon HQ

Sweet, briny and crunchy or succulent, savory and creamy? That's a Sushi Bake situation, and it can be difficult choosing just one way to go when you have two excellent options from Salmon HQ...

One of the more popular food trends during the quarantine is the now famous Sushi Bake, a lavish take on the classic sushi with all the classic elements you love and then some.The elegantly deconstructed sushi is laid out on a platter and baked, then served with seaweed or nori. A hearty meal in itself, the Sushi Bake is a great option for a special family meal at home and part of the fun is rolling up a bite-sized serving in nori. Salmon HQ brings their own indulgent versions to the table with the Crunchy California Sushi Bake and the Aburi Scallops Salmon Ebi Sushi Bake, both elevating the sushi bake game that will last long after the quarantine. It's one of those food trends that's here to stay for the long haul, and you'll agree once you open up a tray delivered by Salmon HQ.

The quarantine experience altered and transformed the way we go about our daily routine, putting everything on hold due to the viral outbreak. But we've also seen creative innovations in food products and offerings along with a surge in food deliveries and home-based food businesses. And we've seen quite a few food trends making waves on the net like the increasingly popular Sushi Bake. It's a novel idea that's perfect for the times with long family lunches or dinners at home now part of the new normal.

Customers now have a variety of tasty options to choose from, but Salmon HQ clearly makes its case as the best Sushi Bake in the metro with the Crunchy California Sushi Bake and the Aburi Scallops Salmon Ebi Sushi Bake...    

Salmon HQ delivers fresh seafood, specifically sashimi-grade salmon and tuna and it just made perfect sense to take a crack at the booming sushi bake scene with their access to premium seafood products. The Crunchy California Sushi Bake (P 1,000 Medium Tray) takes inspiration from the popular California Maki, recreated in a platter. The heavy tray includes sticky sushi rice layered with generous loads of Kani, sweet mangoes and creamy Japanese mayo topped with crunchy tempura batter for a delicious combination of sweet and savory, soft and crunchy all in one bite.  

On the surface, the delicate lattice-like pattern of sweet and spicy sauces along with Japanese mayo on top of crisp tempura batter tempts both the eyes and palate. One experiences a wide range of contrasting flavors and textures, coming together seamlessly with each bite followed by the nutty notes of the seaweed wrap.  

Once you place a spoonful of the Crunchy California Sushi Bake on the nori, you'll immediately notice the more than generous serving of fresh Kani and sweet mangoes so you get a taste of both with each wrap. The initial bite brings the refreshing sweet hints of the mangoes followed by the clean briny notes of the Kani and finished by a mildly soothing heat from the spicy sauce tempered perfectly by the creamy Japanese mayo. Sweet, creamy and crunchy, the Crunchy California Sushi Bake by Salmon HQ is the best way to get acquainted with the sushi bake craze.

The Aburi Scallops Salmon Ebi Sushi Bake (P 1,400 Medium Tray) brings another set of unique and distinct flavors to the table with its lavish mix of seafood including succulent scallops, rich and buttery salmon, kani and plump shrimps. And topped with fresh fish roe for the finishing touch. Baked and torched for that subtle smoky hint adding to its complex flavors, the Aburi Scallops Salmon Ebi and Sushi Bake is probably the most indulgent variation of the sushi bake yet.

Topping your nori with a heaping spoonful of Aburi Scallops Salmon Ebi Sushi Bake reveals just how loaded this sushi bake is with shrimps, salmon, scallops, kani and fish roe. The fresh flavors are as bold and vibrant as how it looks, and one bite sets the story straight. By far, this is the best sushi bake currently available in the metro. Hands down. 

The use of fresh and premium ingredients give it a flavorful freshness that just keeps getting better with each bite. As I reach out for another piece of seaweed, one can appreciate why sushi bakes have become popular during the quarantine. The huge and generous servings of the sushi bake tray reflect a comforting abundance on the table that's so reassuring bringing families closer together in these uncertain times.

By the third try at wrapping and rolling, you're getting the hang of it placing not more than one tablespoon on the seaweed. It's easy to get carried away by adding more than one spoonful but then again, that's all part of the fun with sushi bakes at home. 

Once done, simply store your sushi bake tray in the ref and just place it in your microwave to warm it up if you have that second wind for another round. Convenient and satisfying loaded with the finest and freshest seafood, that's hard to beat more so now in the time of a pandemic.

At the end of your sushi bake feast, the question we began with now comes back...

Sweet, briny and crunchy or...

...succulent, savory and creamy? Why not make it easy on yourself and have both. And you can with Salmon HQ, just call in or message your orders and this sumptuous duo of sushi bakes will be dispatched posthaste to your doorstep.

For more on the sumptuous Sushi Bake offerings of Salmon HQ, call 0922 894 3679 for inquiries and orders. You can also visit their Facebook Page at for more updates.

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