Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: A Salmon Run by The Golden Catch PH

The vivid bright orange hues, the buttery melt-in-your-mouth texture and its rich, creamy and briny sweetness sets this prized cold water fish apart from the usual seafood fare. When a fish swims upstream to spawn, you know it's different and special. It's the salmon run delivered by The Golden Catch PH...

The Golden Catch PH brings you premium Norwegian Salmon and Steelhead Salmon along with other fresh seafood like Yellowfin Tuna, Uni and Hamachi airflown direct from the source and straight to your home. Dining at home is given a lavish spin with the world's finest seafood, delivered fresh and ready to serve, all you have to do is tap a few clicks and your fresh catch is on its way to your table...

The quarantine experience has seen the rise of food delivery through online transactions and access to the world's very best products with just a few clicks transforming the home dining experience. More and more, dining at home has become part of the new normal due to the Covid 19 viral pandemic. But staying home doesn't mean missing out on your favorite sashimi-grade seafood.

The Golden Catch PH offers premium sashimi-grade seafood products airflown direct from the source and guaranteed fresh, never frozen, all you have to do is serve it and pick up your chopsticks. Each order is packed in sealed containers and insulated boxes with ice packs to keep your order fresh during delivery. "Guaranteed fresh at your doorstep" is a promise of The Golden Catch PH with each delivery. To enjoy your sashimi-grade seafood, The Golden Catch PH recommends keeping your orders refrigerated as soon as its received and consumed immediately to savor the fresh and clean notes at its flavorful peak.

Each order comes with a small bottle of soy sauce, wasabi, lemon, ginger, radish and chopsticks. It's ready to serve as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. 

The container itself is also draped in plastic wrap but once you open the lid, your eyes are treated to a visual feast. Salmon is a sensory experience, from its bright colors to its fragrant, fresh and briny aroma followed by its indulgent rich flavors and melt-in-your-mouth finish. Sourced from the frigid waters of Norway, these prized thick slices of salmon are as good as it looks. There's just something about cold water that makes seafood so much richer and more succulent than seafood from warm, temperate waters.  

A closer inspection of the tray reveals the intricate attention to detail that goes with each order from The Golden Catch PH, with each slab of premium Norwegian and Steelhead Salmon masterfully sliced and laid on fresh and crisp radish.

But be warned, once you pull the lid off the tray your immediate reaction is to grab a piece. It's a natural reaction, and this momentary lapse in judgement is a forgivable offense. The mere sight of these perfect slabs of salmon with its vibrant orange and deep red hues just triggers all your senses. 

A serving of Norwegian Salmon with crisp radish and pickled ginger brings nothing but the purest, cleanest and freshest flavors draping one's palate with a decadent richness. The special soy sauce with its deep sweet notes and freshly ground wasabi adds even more layers of flavors perfectly finished by a gentle squeeze of lemon.  

Each bite makes you appreciate that unique and distinct flavor that salmon brings to the table. And the fact that this order of salmon began its journey from the other side of the world off the cold Norwegian waters makes it even more special. It's that buttery and briny richness and delicate sweetness followed by its smooth silky texture that makes salmon an experience in itself. 

The Steelhead Salmon has a pronounced darker red shade, finer in texture and rich in lean protein, vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids. This type of salmon is a rarity in the local market, but you can have your fresh catch of Steelhead delivered to your doorstep by The Golden Catch PH. Just like the Norwegian Salmon, each bite delivers an indulgent richness with deeper, rounder notes. The differences are nuanced yet distinct making you appreciate the pleasure of salmon even more. In these uncertain times where movement and mobility is restricted by fear, anxiety and the quarantine due to the lingering viral pandemic, The Golden Catch PH with its fresh airflown seafood offerings comes in to make any meal or celebration at home memorable and special.       

Whether you go for the Large with approximately 45-50 slices or Giant Tray with 75-80 pieces, these thick slabs of salmon are gone in no time. But you can simply order up another batch from The Golden Catch PH with just a few clicks...

Based on their latest update, the next deliveries are scheduled on July 16 to 21 for Yellowfin Tuna and Uni and July 23 to 28 (tentative) for Norwegian Salmon, Steelhead, Yellowfin Tuna and Uni (be sure to check their FB Page for more updates on delivery schedules and prices at or order via To order, simply fill out the required fields on the order form at and submit. A confirmation message will be sent to you for your order. As these products are airflown direct from the source, please be guided by the delivery batch schedules for reference. Note that all orders and payments must be made at least one day before delivery. 

These uncertain times have left us feeling vulnerable and isolated, but enjoying life's indulgent pleasures like premium Norwegian Salmon and other fine seafood products delivered to your home by The Golden Catch PH is a comforting thought and that life goes on even in the new normal. Celebrate any milestone at home with the fresh offerings from The Golden Catch PH, you're just a phone call and click away...

For more on The Golden Catch PH, visit their FB Page at and their IG Feed at @thegoldencatchph for orders and more information. You can also call 0926 061 2317. You may also order via or email at for added convenience.

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