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Dining in the Next Normal: Dine at Home with Frozen and Ready-To-Eat Meals by Chef Gino's Kitchen

Isolated and cut-off from the world we know, the quarantine experience these past three long months during the nationwide lockdown caused by the viral pandemic is a reminder that things will never be the same. Living in the new normal will bring significant changes in our daily routine. But despite this self-imposed isolation at home, we've been more connected than ever online. The hard-hit food service industry and restaurants have all adapted to the next normal as a surge in home businesses continue to provide even more options. It's been said every crisis brings with it certain opportunities and for the dynamic couple behind Chef Gino's Kitchen, there's no better time than now to offer their line of sumptuous frozen and ready-to-heat meals...

Chef Gino and China Gonzalez share their favorite home-cooked meals, packed frozen and ready-to-heat, conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep with Chef Gino's Kitchen. Preparing a memorable feast at home has never been this easy, simply thaw, heat and it's ready to serve. Using only the freshest and finest beef, pork, seafood and other premium ingredients for their impressive array of savory offerings, you don't have to go out with a face mask to have a memorable dining experience. Chef Gino's Kitchen does it all for you so you can enjoy your feast at home.

The extensive menu of Chef Gino's Kitchen is a result of the collaboration between between Gino and wife China Gonzalez, with each dish a reflection of what they both love to cook and eat at home. From lavish party trays to convenient frozen and ready-to-heat meals, Chef Gino's Kitchen makes dining at home special. In these uncertain times with the lingering threat of Covid 19, it's a welcome addition to your growing menu of tasty food delivery options.   

Chef Gino Gonzalez recently prepared a spread using his frozen and ready-to-heat products and it's amazingly easy to do. Chef Gino's Kitchen does all the hard work and prepped each dish for you, all you have to do is reheat at home at your own leisure. From Chef Gino's Kitchen's hearty and comforting Callos (P 500 good for 3-4)... Duhat Wood Smoked Cagayan Valley Longganisa (P 400) and Duhat Wood Smoked Baguio Longganisa (P 400) smoked in their very own smoker...

...and 72-Hour Irish Angus Brisket Corned Beef (P 750/500g) each one conveniently packed and sealed frozen, anyone can prepare an elegant feast at home. Chef Gino's Kitchen also offers US Choice Angus Ribeye (P 1,850/kg), Maine Lobster Tails (P 420/100g), Hamachi Jaw (P 1,200), Seabass Collar (P 1,350) and Japanese Scallops (P 1,000/500g). You can also opt for Chef Gino's Kitchen's Party Trays like Lasagna (P 1,500), Roasted Seabass (P 2,500), Mushroom Truffle Pasta (P 1,600), Salmon Creamy Gratin (P 2,000), Galician Style Ribeye (P 3,500) and Baked Prawns with Lemon Herb Butter (P 3,000).  

Chef Gino Gonzalez began his demo with the Duhat Wood Smoked Baguio Longganisa (P 400), frozen from the pack and straight to the pan...

...adding a little water and allowed to simmer. After a few minutes, the fat is rendered as the local sausages begin to sear and sizzle.

A few more minutes and a little oil, the Duhat Wood Smoked Baguio Longganisa is ready to serve.

The local sausages are juicy with mild hints of garlic and a sweet fragrant smokiness combining for rich and flavorful notes. An audible snap from the natural casing announces each bite, delivering a burst of porky flavors draping the palate with a savory richness. The duhat wood smoking process adds its own distinctive sweet layer to the sausage, and everything just comes together seamlessly. The duhat wood smoked longganisa from Chef Gino's Kitchen, Baguio and Cagayan Valley variants, are great for long leisurely breakfasts at home with the family paired with fried rice, eggs and a sharp vinegar dip. The Duhat Wood Smoked Cagayan Valley Longganisa variant has the same richness with a pronounced fatty and garlicky finish...
  ...that's perfect for a longsilog breakfast at home any time of day.
The firm natural casing delivers an audible snap with every slice and bite, followed by the juicy sweet and smoky notes of the pork. Chef Gino weaves complex layers of flavors with his duhat smoked longganisa, combining sweet, smoky and savory in a seamless blend. 

Like the frozen duhat wood smoked longganisa, Chef Gino's Kitchen's frozen Callos (P 500) goes straight to the pan...

...and it just takes minutes to simmer and it's ready to serve. Chef Gino prepares his Callos the traditional way, cooked low and slow for hours using premium ingredients like tender stewed beef tripe, Chorizo de Bilbao, garbanzos, green peas and peppers draped in a thick and rich tomato sauce infused with sweet and smoky paprika. All you have to do is heat it at home, it's that simple. From the buttery texture of the beef tripe to the sharp notes of the chorizo, the sweet peppers, chickpeas and green peas, Chef Gino's Kitchen's Callos is a nostalgic dish that has all the flavors we love. All the hard work was done ahead of time by Chef Gino's Kitchen, and all you have to do is heat it at home. No sweat.

Next, Chef Gino Gonzalez opens a pack of his 72-Hour Irish Angus Brisket Corned Beef, and placed the slab on a heated pan saving the brining solution in a separate cup for use later.

Chef Gino sears the tender slab of corned beef on all sides, evenly browned to lock in all the flavorful juices and mildly sharp notes of the brine solution. Like all of Chef Gino's Kitchen's frozen products, it just takes minutes from the pack to the pan to your plate. You don't have to be a pro chef at home with Chef Gino's Kitchen. 

Once seared on all sides, Chef Gino then slices the slab of brisket corned beef before serving...

...pouring the brine solution from the pack saved earlier to complete the plate. Brined for 72 hours, the savory richness of the fork-tender beef is balanced by subtle salty notes for that perfect corned beef. The thin layers of fat deliver even more flavor, melting in your mouth releasing its buttery notes. The best part, you can do it at home like a pro. Simply open up the pack from Chef Gino's Kitchen and just heat.

Chef Gino then pulls out another pack from his never-empty cooler of savory surprises...

A steak dinner at home? Absolutely. The boneless US Choice Angus Ribeye (P  1,850/kg) from Chef Gino's Kitchen is the perfect choice. With steak this good, all you need is salt and pepper to season and that's it. You don't even need any sauce, maybe just a dab of butter. Turned over once, a light even sear on both sides and it's ready.

Chef Gino then slices the boneless US Choice Angus Ribeye and tops it with crisp bits of deep-fried fat trimmed from the side. It just doesn't get better than this. Sometimes, keeping it simple makes a whole lot of difference. The steak delivers bold and robust beefy yet clean flavors, savory and uncluttered notes that can only come from a premium slab of beef. Salt, pepper and maybe a little butter are all you need. I usually ditch the steak sauce anyway. Chef Gino's Kitchen also makes it so easy to prepare at home. Steak dinner at home? Why not. 

Seafood lovers will be glad to know that Chef Gino's Kitchen also offers premium imported seafood like Maine Lobster Tails (P 420/100 g) direct from the cold waters of the east coast. There's just something about seafood caught off the cold waters that make it naturally plump and succulent, sweeter and rich with flavor. Now you can have it delivered straight to you by Chef Gino's Kitchen.

Chef Gino preps the Maine Lobster Tail...

...before placing it on a hot pan.

A gentle sear transforms the Maine Lobster Tail to a vibrant red as Chef Gino finishes it off with a pinch of salt.

And just like that, it's ready to serve. The Maine Lobster Tail is soft yet firm, with a subtle snap with each bite releasing rich briny notes. Separating clean off the shell, the Maine Lobster Tail brings fresh and clean flavors to the palate. It's five-star dining in your own home made possible by Chef Gino's Kitchen.

And there's more. Plump and succulent premium Japanese Scallops (P 1,000/500g) were also served that day to round out our feast by Chef Gino's Kitchen. A gentle sear on a hot pan simply seasoned with salt and pepper, and the Japanese Scallops are good to go.

Sweet with a briny freshness, the soft yet springy texture of the fresh scallops will have you going for another piece. The quarantine experience and the new normal opened up a whole new world of tasty options from emerging home-based food businesses. The variety and quality are equally impressive. Chef Gino's Kitchen is a prime example of this emerging trend. Offering dishes both Chef Gino and China enjoy cooking at home, Chef Gino's Kitchen's tasty delivery menu brings real and honest flavors using the finest ingredients direct to your home.

With Chef Gino's Kitchen, staying home for a memorable feast isn't such a bad idea at all. Leave it to Chef Gino's Kitchen to prepare and deliver your order straight to your doorstep, reheat and enjoy your feast at home.

To order and for more information on Chef Gino's Kitchen and their various offerings and pricing details, follow their IG account at @chefginoskitchen.

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