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A Towering Perspective on Indulgence from Croquembouche Factory

It all began with one man's dream and vision of transforming the simple yet delicate traditional French pastry into a lavish and memorable dessert experience. Not only did he change the usual presentation and format for the classic cream puff, but the entire narrative and perspective for dessert resulting in one of the most creative and novel concepts in the metro. 

Croquembouche Factory, home to the world's first Belgian chocolate cream puff towers, offers a new way of enjoying traditional cream puffs with over 56 inventive and luxuriously decadent creations for any celebration or occasion. The stunning and eye-catching Croquembouche Towers leaves you in awe with an almost child-like amazement. One look and you'll never see cream puffs in the same way again. But that's just one part of the experience, and one bite just seals the deal. Read on for a whole new perspective on desserts with the Croquembouche Towers from Croquembouche Factory...   

A dessert centerpiece is usually the highlight of any festive feast or celebration, it's almost tradition and always expected. You can bring a cake to the party but why not be different and bring something totally unique and unexpected? From the 16-piece Croquembouche to the grand 128-piece Croquembouche Tower, Croquembouche Factory makes you stand out both literally and figuratively with their elegant and towering creations. 

Each order is packed and sealed in a special cylindrical container to keep it safe from the elements during delivery all the way to your doorstep. After all, the Croquembouche Towers by Croquembouche Factory are edible works of art. It's the meticulous attention to detail that sets Croquembouche Factory from the usual dessert options, and that includes using only the finest ingredients sourced from all over the world for each tower. 

From Callebaut's Belgian Chocolate to Flechard's French Butter, the much-prized vanilla beans from Madagascar and Sconza's Almond Dragees, premium Japanese cake flour and cage-free eggs, Croquembouche Factory uses only the very best for their Croquembouche Towers and nothing less. Each creation is made to order, customizable to fit any occasion taking over 12 hours of tedious handcrafted work to earn its rightful place as the table's centerpiece. 

It's almost guaranteed that your Croquembouche Tower will stand out from the other cakes at the party. Croquembouche factory also has its own delivery service covering the Metro Manila area for the proper handling of your order. 

The Normandie (P 3,500) is one of many bestsellers from Croquembouche Factory with its impressive 32-piece cream puff tower draped in tempered Belgian dark and milk chocolate filled with luscious Diplomat cream completed by Almond Dragees and an ornate fondant flower fixed on an edible cookie base. It's a sight that brings smiles to everyone at the gathering, a priceless reaction that's precisely what the founder of Croquembouche Factory envisioned. 

The Croquembouche, which translates to "crunch in the mouth" in reference to the melted caramel used in attaching the cream puffs or profiteroles to a conical tower-like structure first appeared in the royal courts of Europe in the late 1700's. Since then, this edible architectural marvel has been a mainstay of countless celebrations around the world. Croquembouche Factory takes the classic dessert concept with a unique spin giving it a refreshed, modern and contemporary update using the finest chocolate for its version (for the full listing of Croquembouche Tower offerings and variants, visit their website at for more details and orders but prepare to drool).     

Instead of melted caramel, chocolate is used to cover the structure and the cream puffs as the glue to keep it all together for most of Croquembouche Factory's offerings (they also offer the more traditional cream puffs with its coating of caramel). The results are impressive. Make that amazing. And it tastes a whole lot better too for the chocoholics out there. 

It's the little details that captivates your eyes, from the fondant flower to the Sconza Almond Dragees. And of course, the chocolate draped cream puffs with dark and milk chocolate. But not just any chocolate. Only 100% real Belgian chocolate will do for Croquembouche Factory. 

The indulgent combo of dark and milk Belgian chocolate gives these cream puffs that luscious and silky smooth finish. From the creamy, indulgently sweet with hints of caramel of the Callebaut Belgian Milk Chocolate to the bold, deep and mildly bitter hints of Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate, each bite is just pure chocolate bliss. The rich flavors that's not overly sweet and smooth texture just tells you this is premium chocolate pairing well with the delicate cream puffs. 

At the heart of the Croquembouche Tower experience are the traditional cream puffs draped in Belgian chocolate. Using premium Japanese cake flour for that fine textural finish giving the signature cream puff a soft and airy bite, Croquembouche Factory follows a tried and tested traditional formula requiring precise portions, procedures and measurements. It's a tedious process with no short cuts and Croquembouche Factory does not compromise each step of the way. French butter, organic eggs, Madagascar vanilla beans and Callebaut Belgian chocolate are just some of the essential components for Croquembouche Factory's specialty cream puffs.  

A tasty bite of the cream puff releases the silky smooth filling of Diplomat cream, an indulgent blend of custard and whipped cream. The preparation of the cream filling is another complicated process in the creation of the Croquembouche Tower requiring expertise and the finest ingredients. The filling, along with the cream puff and the Belgian chocolate combine for an indulgent trifecta of decadent flavors and textures. 

Tempering the fine Belgian chocolate is another complex step in creating the Croquembouche Tower following precise temperatures and specific processes. Tempering is done to ensure that the proper smooth consistency and delicately crisp texture is achieved to complete the Croquembouche Tower experience. The tempered chocolate forms a light and delicate shell covering the cream puff, becoming the distinctive signature of Croquembouche Factory. Croquembouche factory also has variants with Belgian white and ruby chocolate. 

And that's why it takes time to prepare and customize a Croquembouche Tower with a three-day lead time recommended for orders. Taking a step back lets you appreciate the effort that goes behind each creation at Croquembouche Factory, and making your special occasion much more memorable with the Croquembouche Tower.  

A bite of the cream puff with its pillow-soft texture draped in Belgian chocolate and luscious Diplomat cream filling brings it all together in a unique dessert experience that can only come from Croquembouche Factory.  

The light and delicate cream puff with its perfect texture filled with decadent Diplomat cream and draped in fine Belgian chocolate are enough reasons to try Croquembouche Factory. But giving or receiving a Croquembouche Tower is a moment you will remember for a very long time. From the bottom all the way to the top, Croquembouche Factory changes your perspective on indulgence with their unique Croquembouche Towers.

And Croquembouche Factory can customize your special tower with a variety of add-on options for any occasion or celebration. Croquembouche Factory has two locations, one in Mandaluyong and the other in Quezon City to cover the Metro Manila area. Ordering is easy, simply visit their online shop at You can also call 0956 038 2539 or email for orders.

You can always bring cake to a party. And don't be surprised if every one else brings cake too. But you can be different by bringing a Croquembouche Tower instead and be remembered for it long after the party. Let Croquembouche Factory show you a whole new perspective on desserts showcasing pure and lavish top-to-bottom indulgence with one of their unique and impressive tower creations. One man's dream of transforming a classic French pastry staple is now scaling up with infinite dessert possibilities to make any celebration even more special and memorable. Only at Croquembouche Factory...

For more on Croquembouche Factory, you can visit their website at for more information, menu listing and orders,  their FB Page at and IG Feed at for updates.

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