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It's Avocado August at Sebastian's Ice Cream...

Just give Sebastian's Ice Cream the season's fresh harvest of avocados and watch him transform and create indulgent ice cream temptations that will leave you wanting even more. Exactly how many ways can one create pure ice cream indulgence with avocados? Find out...

Sebastian's Ice Cream celebrates the bountiful harvests of fresh seasonal avocadoes with a lavish array of ice cream creations from scoops and pints to inspired frozen novelties with their signature Ice Cream Cake, Poppits, Chilly Burger and Dive Bar. Using the buttery richness of avocados as its flavorful base, Sebastian's Ice Cream pulls out all the stops showcasing a tempting variety of indulgent ice cream and inventive frozen novelties further cementing the brand's reputation as the local Willy Wonka of ice cream.

Long known for their indulgent ice cream, Sebastian's Ice Cream continues to push the limits going out of the box with innovative ice cream creations like Poppits, Chilly Burgers and Dive Bars adding to their growing repertoire of frozen specialties. Just like their previous seasonal offering with fresh strawberries (more on my previous at Strawberries n' Ice Cream: Meet The New Strawberry Summer Collection from Sebastian's Ice Cream), avocado season becomes one more window to showcase the brand's creativity...

...starting with the Avocado Almond Poppits (P 145 for 8 pieces/P  260 for 14 pieces), bite-sized nuggets of Sebastian's Ice Cream's signature silky smooth Avocado Ice Cream recreated in their popular Poppit execution (for more on the specialty Poppits of Sebastian's Ice Cream, see my post, Forget the Spoon. Enjoy Ice Cream in a Fun New Way with Poppits in a Pint by Sebastian's Ice Cream).

Hand-scooped and dipped in thin shells made from chocolate and other coatings, the Avocado Almond Poppits by Sebastian's Ice Cream creates a whole new way of enjoying ice cream. With absolutely no need for spoons, simply pop a Poppit and experience pure ice cream goodness with each bite. 

The creamy richness of Sebastian's Ice Cream's signature Avocado Ice Cream drapes the palate with its luxurious indulgence after biting through the chocolate shell followed by the subtle yet elegant nutty sweetness of almonds for contrasting textures and flavors in each bite. And these bite-sized nuggets pack a flavorful punch. The natural buttery and creamy finish of avocados becomes the perfect canvas for Sebastian's Ice Cream's innovative creations, and these Avocado Almond Poppits offer a whole new avocado flavor experience.

The Avocado Chocolate Chip Chilly Burger (P 140 per piece) features the same luscious Avocado Ice Cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies for another novel take on the season's fresh harvest. The batter used for the chocolate chip cookies is infused with fresh avocados giving it a pale green hue along with milk chocolate chunks and toasted almonds. 

The resulting blend of the different ingredients bring layers of rich and distinct notes rounded out by the smooth Avocado Ice Cream. Soft and chewy, the avocado-infused chocolate chip cookies are the perfect vessel for the Avocado Ice Cream draping the palate with a creamy and buttery richness. Sebastian's Ice Cream offers a wide variety of Chilly Burgers with different flavor combinations, but this season the Avocado Chocolate Chip Chilly Burger should be high on your list of Chilly Burger options.

Ice cream cakes are part of Sebastian's Ice Cream's lavish selections and the Avocado Butter Cake Ice Cream Cake (P 155 per slice/P 1,650 whole 9-inch cake) is this season's offering. The layered dessert features Avocado Butter Cake, Avocado Ice Cream and Milk Almond Crumb for another creation with that signature Sebastian's touch. Capping the elegant cake is a drizzle of peanut butter adding yet another element in an indulgent weave of flavors. 

The stacked layers offer textural contrasts and flavors coming together with each bite. The peanut butter is an unexpected addition to the already lavish cake, bringing a deep and nutty richness to the Avocado Butter Cake Ice Cream Cake. It's flavor combinations like this that keeps Sebastian's Ice Cream top-of-mind when it comes to ice cream in all forms, shapes and flavors. And ice cream cakes too...

...and Sebastian's wide array of scoops and pints.  

There's the specialty scoops and pints of Sebastian's Ice Cream bannering the product portfolio of the brand with three flavors highlighting the avocado season. The trifecta of avocado ice cream variants include two returning flavors for a timely comeback with the avocado season and one new creation. Kicking off the pair of OG flavors, the Avocado Macchiatto (P 140 per scoop/P 420 per pint) is a masterful blend of coffee ice cream and the signature Avocado Ice Cream with chunks of dark chocolate and toasted almonds. The bold notes of coffee adds a flavorful depth to the ice cream creation, mellowed by the decadent smoothness of the Avocado Ice Cream for a seamless and balanced weave of pure richness.

The dark chocolate and toasted almonds build on more layers of flavors with their distinctive notes to complete the coffee and avocado ice cream blend. Who knew avocado could be a versatile base paired with a wide range of flavorful possibilities. And it's the creative combinations that leave you amazed as part of the overall experience. But that's no surprise, after all, Sebastian's Ice Cream is the only one that introduced bitter melon, sapin-sapin and even blue cheese to their ice cream.

The Avocado Dream (P 140 per scoop/P 420 per pint) is another of Sebastian's Ice Cream's original flavors made with fresh avocado and condensed milk blended and spun into silky smooth indulgence. It remains one of the most requested flavors at Sebastian's, and one bite tells you why. The rich flavors are comfortingly nostalgic taking you back to countless childhood summers. Rich and creamy, it's avocado just the way we love it in its purest yet indulgent form recreated by Sebastian's Ice Cream.  

The newest creation, the Avocado Strawberry (P 140 per scoop/P 420 per pint) reflects the bold approach to flavors by Sebastian's Ice Cream using the freshest premium ingredients. The tartness of fresh strawberries and the creamy finish of fresh avocados, that's another winning combo from Sebastian's Ice Cream that will have you making quick work on the indulgent scoop.

Sebastian's Ice Cream takes their popular Avocado Ice Cream as the base then swirls in ribbons of Strawberry Sorbet made with real strawberries that totally changes the flavor profile with its contrasting notes. The richness of the avocado ice cream is perfectly tempered by the sharp tartness of the fresh strawberries for a delicately balanced yet indulgent finish. 

Sebastian's Ice Cream rounds up the Avocado August collection with the Avocado Peanut Butter Dive Bar (P 135 per piece), the newest variant in the popular Dive Bar selection. Hand-dipped in sweet peanut butter and sprinkled with roasted peanuts, the Avocado Peanut Butter Dive Bar is probably the most creative ice cream expression yet from Sebastian's Ice Cream.

The sweet peanut butter shell holds everything together perfectly with that delicate crunch. The nutty sweetness of the peanut butter shell topped with roasted peanuts then brings its own unique layer of flavor into play pairing well with the Avocado Ice Cream weaving decadent notes. Each bite just drapes the palate with the luscious notes of avocado and peanut butter in a seamless blend that can only come from Sebastian's wicked ice cream genius. With some of the best ice cream bars on a stick in the metro, the Avocado Peanut Butter Dive Bar is an absolute must-try (for more on Sebastian's Ice Cream's innovative frozen creation on a stick, see my posts, Summer Ain't Over Yet: The New Fruitsicle Frozen Fruit Ice Pops by Sebastian's Ice Cream and A Rainbow of Flavors: Sebastian's Ice Cream Presents Pride Pops and the Rainbow Ice Cream Cake for Pride Month)

Unrestrained creativity, playful inventiveness and innovation are intrinsic elements that have defined Sebastian's Ice Cream's engaging character, attributes that have endeared the local brand to countless loyal fans for years. I recall my very first experience at Sebastian's Ice Cream more than six years back, and I still can't help but be amazed with their seasonal creations (see more on Sebastian's Ice Cream on my posts, Fast-Forward to Summer with Sebastian's Ice Cream... from 2018 and Closure, Unresolved Issues, Matinong Girlfriend and Matinong Boyfriend: Meet the 2020 Valentine's Collection of Sebastian's Ice Cream from two years ago).

From flavorful pairings to masterful execution, Sebastian's Ice Cream's new creations for Avocado August clearly sets the bar for local ice cream and frozen novelties. Enjoy the season's freshest harvest of sweet avocados, reimagined in a variety of inventive ice cream creations, only at Sebastian's Ice Cream. 

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