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#HomeofTheWorldFamousMilleCrepe: Savory Bites and Perfect Sweet Endings at Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe

Who doesn't love the indulgent and intricate layered creations of Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe? You'll love the Home of the World Famous Mille Crepe even more with their newest dessert creations. And savory dishes too... 

Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe introduces their newest Mille Crepe creations along with hearty savory dishes to satisfy all your cravings in one place. Rediscover the fine art of Mille Crepe perfected by Emy Wada, Tokyo's grand dame of specialty cakes on your next visit. Better yet, why not enjoy a sumptuous meal before dessert? Curious? Then, read on...

Located at Greenbelt 3, Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café clearly stands out with its pristine white design theme... the backdrop to showcase their specialty Mille Crepe creations. This is, after all, the #HomeofTheWorldFamousMilleCrepe. You can't miss the indulgent selection of colorful mille crepe cakes lining the glass chillers, and slowly you give in and enter Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café (for more on Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café, see my previous posts, Triple Treat: Three-In-One at Glorietta 3 with Pepi Cubano, Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe and Yogorino from 2019 and #DiscoverNewMOAEats: Delectable Discoveries at SM Mall of Asia's New North Wing from 2017).

When you're out on your lunch break and craving for the Original Mille Crepe... can easily hit two birds with one stone by having a satisfying lunch capped by your favorite dessert at Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café with their extensive savory offerings from Japanese dishes to Italian style pasta. Now that you've efficiently managed your precious lunch break with one place for both lunch and dessert...

...order up a refreshing beverage like the Iced Macchiato (P 130), the soothing Orange Lemonade (P 150) or the Wintermelon Milk Tea (P 150). Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café offers a wide selection of beverage options from both hot and iced coffee, tea, milk tea and juices.  

Craving noods? Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café has an array of tempting options like the Creamy Uni Udon (P 375) with the traditional Japanese noodles in a light yet flavorful broth served with uni cream sauce topped with cheese, tobiko and shredded nori for a satisfying meal. The creamy uni and cheese combo is one of those tasty pairings that just makes you go for another bite making quick work on the noodle set by Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café

Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café also offers comfortingly familiar pasta dishes like the classic Aglio E Olio (P 375), a spicy shrimp pasta with garlic and olive oil sauce adding a layer of flavorful depth to the succulent shrimps made even richer with the Parmesan, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil...

...or the Paper Moon Truffle Pasta (P 375), a lavish cream-based shiitake pasta dish with its deep, nutty and earthy notes delivering rich flavors that linger on the palate followed by the sharpness of Parmesan and fresh parsley for contrasting notes and balanced finish.

If you still can't get over sushi bakes, all the rage during the height of the pandemic, Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café has that covered too from their Casseroles selection. The Scallops and Kani Sushi Bake (P 425) is a feast in itself with crabsticks, cucumber, mango, scallops, and special nitsume sauce served with mini nori sheets. The briny sweetness from the seafood weaves distinct flavors and textures complemented by the mangoes and cucumber capped by the mildly sharp and sweet sauce. Roll up another nori sheet and repeat. The Salmon Miso Gratin (P 465) from their Casseroles menu is another tasty option.

Note that the Scallops and Kani Sushi Bake is available only in the Glorietta 3 and Molito Lifestyle Center branches of Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café

Add some crunchy and juicy bites to your lunch feast with the Togarashi Karaage (P 275), Japanese style fried chicken with the added layer of flavor from the togarashi served with Japanese mayo and lemon. The Japanese togarashi spice blend cuts through the savory richness of the fried chicken for flavorful bites.

Light lunch? No problem. No one prepares eggs like the Japanese and the Tamagoyaki Sando should do the trick. A thick slab of egg that's just perfectly soft on lightly crisp pan-grilled bread is the perfect light lunch at Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café.

Can't beat the familiar flavors of ham and cheese on a hump day, and the Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich served with tart and nutty Tomato Truffle Dip at Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café hits all the right notes.   

Still hungry? Try the Ebi and Corn Korokke (P 275), crunchy shrimp and corn croquettes served with Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café's signature sauce and furikake coleslaw for textural contrasts and comforting flavors.

For heftier appetites, Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café offers Rice Bowls like the Gyudon Bowl (P 455) with fork tender thinly sliced premium sirloin beef glazed with sweet gyudon sauce on steamed Japanese rice with Ajitsuke Tamago or soy marinated egg...

...and the Caramelized Miso Salmon Rice Bowl (P 455) with salmon cubes in miso soy paprika butter glaze on garlic fried rice with scrambled egg. Both rice bowls by Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café offer rich flavors for a comforting and satisfying meal. If chicken is more your jam, the Lemongrass Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl (P 345) is your pick at Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café.

Note that the Rice Bowls are only available at the Glorietta 3 and Molito Lifestyle Center branches of Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café.

With a satisfying lunch at Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café done, you're ready for act two with the lavish array of Mille Crepe creations to end your feast on a high note. The Strawberry Mille Crepe offers vibrant tart notes from real strawberries pairing well with the soft and buttery flavor of their specialty crepes. 

Cheesy gets leveled up with the new Quezo Real Mille Crepe by Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café. Imagine the richness of Cheddar cheese, natural cream cheese and fresh light pastry cream schmeared on each layer of delicately thin crepes stacked high and topped with grated Cheddar for that perfect finishing and cheesy touch. 

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Italian dessert, Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café adds its own unique spin with the Tiramisu Mille Crepe. Using their specialty crepes as the base, the dessert wizards at Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café have the perfect blank canvas to paint colorful flavors and the Tiramisu Mille Crepe is one of those inventive creations.

The Mango Mascarpone Mille Crepe is another inventive combo with creamy mascarpone infused with sweet mangoes in each and every layer. But Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café isn't done just yet going all-out by topping the sweet mille crepe variant with slices of even more mangoes and mango gelée for that indulgent burst of sweetness. 

Then, there's the Rainbow Mille Crepe filled with fresh pastry cream in each layer with bits of Oreo cookies topped with fresh cream and rainbow sprinkles that tease the eyes before the palate making your day so much better after a bite. 

From their signature selection of Mille Crepe creations to cakes, shortcakes, baked cheese tarts and now savory dishes, Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café is your spot for savory bites and perfect sweet endings. 

Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Café is located at the Ground Floor of Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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