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Here for Always: A Picture-Perfect Getaway at Taal Vista Hotel

Elegant and timeless, a much needed break from the hectic city with a leisurely stay at one of the country's iconic destinations takes you back on a nostalgic journey rekindling fond memories of countless childhood summers. And no matter how many times you've stayed at the enduring institution, the sights and cool vibe never fails to impress just like your first time. Welcome back to Taal Vista Hotel... 

Built along the ridge for picturesque views of the famed lake back in 1939, Taal Vista Hotel remains a landmark in the country's long list of destinations ready to welcome a new generation of travelers, families and weekend warriors. And after 83 years of its long and storied history, the panoramic views from the ridge still captivates the eyes, mind and spirit for a sensory experience that recharges and reinvigorates the body to this day. And if you're thinking of heading out of the city for a quick break, be sure to grab the promo code detailed on the blog for a cool 15% Discount off the best available rate applicable for weekday stays (Sunday to Friday). Now that's one deal you just can't pass up. Read on and revisit a nostalgic destination down south with a fresh new perspective at Taal Vista Hotel... 

Even on a rainy day, the familiar design of Taal Vista Hotel updated with contemporary touches still exudes that warm and comforting vibe making you feel at home almost in an instant. The hotel's overall look and feel retains the original design from 1939 threading a thematic link throughout the property reconnecting with the past while keeping in step with the times. One can imagine the countless stories from past generations and even more yet to unfold as Taal Vista Hotel welcomes travelers with renewed optimism. After more than two long years of the quarantine experience, it's reassuring to see various sectors like the hotel industry bouncing back.   

Through the years, my blog documented the premier destination of Tagaytay reflecting its many moods and flavors yet its original allure and essence remains unchanged. The sights and experiences that enthralled its early visitors from way back in colonial times with one of nature's spectacular wonders continue to captivate both young and old in today's new normal (for more on Taal Vista Hotel, see my previous posts, #ChristmasforAlways: A Christmas Holiday Weekend Staycation at Tagaytay's Iconic Taal Vista Hotel from a recent stay back in 2019 before the pandemic, Global Flavors with the Freshest Local Produce at Taza Fresh Table on the culinary offerings of their signature restaurant from 2015 and Culinary Gems at Taal Vista Hotel on my very first blog post on the famed property from 2014).

Against this scenic backdrop is Taal Vista Hotel, your own private vantage point with a stunning view of the lake. The lush and verdant greens calms the spirit for a refreshing break from the hectic pace of the city. Distant and far enough yet easily and conveniently accessible via a short and leisurely hour and half drive from Manila, Taal Vista Hotel is the perfect getaway from it all. 

Inside Taal Vista Hotel, the spacious lobby becomes your front row seat to the breathtaking vistas of the lake framed by panoramic glass windows. Savor the views with a soothing cup of freshly brewed coffee at the Lobby Lounge...

...or why not enjoy a refreshing tipple by the bar? From a variety of local artisan craft beer to handcrafted cocktails, libations and good vibes await your arrival at Taal Vista Hotel

Head out to the gardens and take a few more steps down the gentle slope and be amazed all over again. It's views like this that makes Taal Vista Hotel unique, different and special, attributes that have made it a special place for generations of travelers.  

Out in the garden, you'll find some interesting structures. These domes are the ideal spots for an al fresco snack or meal. You can arrange for a special picnic at the different domes in the sloped garden...

...or head toward the ridge and enjoy the amazing views in the open air transformed by the colors of the shifting light of day. 

On weekends, you can enjoy refreshing drinks, tasty bites and even live entertainment by sundown with dramatic views of the lake. You can easily check with the concierge at Taal Vista Hotel for the scheduled offerings by the scenic ridge. 

The ridge at Taal Vista Hotel is one of many highlights at the expansive property...

...and one of the best spots for those picture-perfect moments Taal Vista Hotel

A Room with a View at the Lake Wing

But there's just nothing quite like waking up to the views of the lake right from your own room. And it's no surprise that the accommodations at the Lake Wing of Taal Vista Hotel are the most popular among travelers and families. Take in the views on the short walk from the lobby... 

...but be sure to make a quick stop for one more photo for the 'gram and rediscover why Taal Vista Hotel is here for always.

Heading down or up, the view of the lake accompany you each step of the way. The new facilities at Taal Vista Hotel maintains the classic design elements of the original structure adding a nostalgic character to the property.

The spacious lobby at the Lake Wing is set up for the next day's breakfast buffet as an extension of the Veranda, the hotel's signature all-day dining restaurant. Breakfast from your room at the Lake Wing is just a few steps away...

The Premier Rooms at the Lake Wing all feature a balcony overlooking the lake...

...along with all the amenities and comforts for the modern traveler. The Premier Room configured with two Queen-sized beds is ideal for families equipped with a large flat screen LED TV, minibar, safety deposit box, flat iron with board and free wi-fi to keep you connected with the rest of the world.

Plush, silky smooth linens ensure a good night's sleep, and getting out of bed becomes a serious debate every morning but the tranquil views will have you up in no time at all. The luxurious accommodations are also your direct portal... views like this from your own balcony. And if you plan to take the kids out to Sky Ranch located right beside the property, there's an exclusive and convenient access for guests to enter the park from the Lake Wing garden.  

For some, staying in the room with views like this is the perfect getaway and who can blame them? If you're thinking of booking a getaway to Taal Vista Hotel anytime soon until October 28, this will help you decide much faster. Enjoy 15% Off Best Available Rate applicable for weekday stays (Sunday to Friday) simply by using the code DudeForFood on the Taal Vista Hotel website at Now that's one deal that's hard to beat for a memorable getaway down south. Offer is good only until October 28, so bring out your mobile device and start tapping for a value-packed getaway offer at Taal Vista Hotel (terms and conditions apply). 

After a good night's sleep, the lake also wakes up from its slumber draped by mist and fog. And as the sun rises, the mist peels away revealing the lake's prominent features. As mentioned, there's just nothing quite like waking up to views like this.

Dining at Taal Vista Hotel

An integral part of the Taal Vista Hotel experience is sumptuous food from breakfast to lunch, snacks and dinner. Start your day with a hefty breakfast at the Veranda, known for their impressive buffet offerings and specialty a la carte dishes. 

A popular option at the Veranda are the comforting local dishes from the Heirloom Section of the menu, featuring familiar staples like Chicken Inasal, Bulalo and many more (for more on Veranda, see my post, All-Day Dining with a View at The Veranda of Taal Vista Hotel). 

Then, there's Taza Fresh Table with its curated menu showcasing the finest and freshest ingredients. Many of the dishes feature vegetables, herbs and fruits grown from Taal Vista Hotel's very own garden for fresh, clean and vibrant flavors. 

Taza Fresh Table brings its own lavish spin to freshness with a wide array of international and local cuisine created and transformed with premium local produce for another culinary experience at Taal Vista Hotel that's not to be missed (for more on Taza Fresh Table, see my post, A Fresh Feast at Taza Fresh Table in Taal Vista Hotel). 

By late afternoon, another of Taal Vista Hotel's popular attractions is set up near the Lake Wing lobby by the garden. Bibingka and Puto Bumbong? Absolutely.

Fresh off the fiery charcoals and steamers, the Puto Bumbong and Bibingka at Taal Vista Lodge are best enjoyed al fresco in the wide open gardens overlooking the lake.

It's yet another unique element threading the nostalgic vibe of your experience at Taal Vista Hotel. Pair your native delicacies with a cup of soothing Hot Chocolate from the Lobby Lounge. Leisurely afternoons at Taal Vista Hotel just doesn't get better than this. 

If weather permits, enjoy your afternoon snacks under the dome at the sloped gardens of Taal Vista Hotel. And if you're planning to celebrate a special moment, ask the concierge to make it even more special and memorable with their wide selection of menu offerings and packages. 

As the afternoon rains cleared, the views of the lake once again draws your eyes to its captivating and serene beauty. It's a view you can only find at Taal Vista Hotel.

The skies open up for one final peek at the sun, but there's more activities lined up at Taal Vista Hotel...

Take a Walk Back in Time with A Walk Through History at Taal Vista Hotel

With its rich history and heritage, Taal Vista Hotel offers yet another unique experience celebrating decades of colorful stories with A Walk Through History. The short tour takes you back to the pre-historic era when the unique geological features of Taal were formed all the way to the present for a quick yet comprehensive appreciation of the property. Be sure to bring the kids too.

And here's an interesting fact that many of you probably didn't know. Back in the pre-historic period, the lake was once connected to the ocean with what is now called the Pansipit River. A variety of salt water fish species often made its way to the lake which was then an inland salt water lake. After a series of violent eruptions, the lake was slowly isolated from the ocean and the gradual lowering of salinity soon made it a freshwater lake. And the salt water species like trevally or talakitok along with sardines which were trapped in the lake eventually evolved into the freshwater fish we know today, Maliputo and Tawilis. Both species are found no where else except at Taal. The distinctive geological features of the lake and the evolution of the maliputo and tawilis into an indigenous species are just some of the unique stories of Taal.

Taal's history is marked by violent eruptions and milestones in local history, each adding its own layer of colorful stories to the now popular destination. 

The origins of the name "Tagaytay" can be attributed to a variety of sources, from the humorous frightened scream of a young boy shouting "Taga, Itay" as Spanish soldiers approached to the less exciting yet more probable Tagalog translation for the word "ridge." It's interesting facts like these that add even charm and character to the Taal.    

In 1935, Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon was just one of many who fell in love with the scenic views of Tagaytay and expressed an interest in building a lodge. In 1939, the Manila Hotel built Taal Vista Lodge where President Quezon held numerous cabinet meetings. During the second world war, Taal Vista Lodge was used by the invading Japanese forces as an officers' quarters. In the final months of World War Two, a daring airborne operation by the 11th Airborne Division recaptured Taal Vista Lodge on their drive toward Manila. After the war, Taal Vista Lodge re-emerged as a popular tourist destination.  

The design and architecture of the southern destination quickly became one of its most recognizable features, seen here in an old logo from the early fifties. The unique design feature has been retained with the newer structures welcoming visitors to this day. 

This blast from the past presents a snapshot of the room rates as well as cost of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Times have changed for sure... 

Taal Vista Hotel Marketing Executive Ms. Sheena Marie Pelaez points to a photograph of a young man at his favorite spot on the ridge. That young man is Henry Sy of SM Investments Corporation, the company that would later acquire Taal Vista Hotel.  

Another interesting feature of Taal Vista Hotel is the mural commemorating the 80th anniversary of the property found at the lobby level (for more on the 80th milestone anniversary, see my post, #ChristmasforAlways: A Christmas Holiday Staycation at Tagaytay's Iconic Taal Vista Hotel). 

Need to buy some gifts before heading home? You don't even have to leave Taal Vista Hotel to purchase gift items. After the tour, be sure to stop by Kultura Butik for their wide selection of local products including fashion accessories and handicrafts... 

...for the perfect pasalubong for friends and family. 

Outside the lobby, we were shown the organic garden where many of the organic vegetables, herbs and fruits used in the various dining outlets Taal Vista Hotel are grown. One of the many advocacies of Taal Vista Hotel is sustainability shown in full bloom at the gardens. 

As you return to your room, the balcony calls once again to present yet another stunning view of the lake. It's moments like this that makes every visit to Taal Vista Hotel special. The service and culinary offerings add even more layers to a continuous chain of experiences at the undisputed premier destination in Tagaytay. 

And just like the travelers back in the early days, the call of Taal Vista Hotel still resonates in a new normal that's here to stay. Plan your quick picture-perfect getaway down south by booking your reservation (don't forget to use the promo code for discounts) on their website, just hit the links below and relive nostalgic memories as well as create new stories to share at Taal Vista Hotel... 

Taal Vista Hotel is located at Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway, Kaybagal South, Tagaytay City, 4120 Cavite or call 02 7917-8219 and 02 7917-8220 for inquiries. You can also check out their FB Page at and their website at for more updates.

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