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One More Round with the All-Time Bestsellers and Buy One Take One Cocktails at Chili's

The all-time classics at Chili's continue to shine, with its specialty ribs, fajitas, steaks and margaritas (and yes, Buy One Take One on cocktails) leading the way for well over forty-seven years worldwide and almost twenty-six years in the Philippines. Now that calls for another round, don't you think?

Since it opened in Dallas back in 1975, Chili's has grown to over 1600 restaurants around the world showcasing its comforting American and Southwestern cuisine inspired by its Texas roots and Fresh Mex style. And since 1996 with the opening of its first branch in Manila, local diners have always returned to savor the all-time bestsellers that made Chili's a familiar go-to place with good vibes all around. Let's take a look back at some of the specialty dishes that's endeared the timeless brand close to the hearts of generations of local foodies...

Everyone remembers their first time at Chili's. The distinctive logo meant good times and good food, and a place to celebrate both special and ordinary things. And after all these years, it still does. 

The distinctive visual cues of the global brand tease the palate the minute you enter...

...with a warm smile beneath the face mask of a new normal that's here to stay welcoming your arrival. It's comforting to know that some things remain just the way you remember it, and Chili's is all about maintaining the classics that built the brand since 1975. 

Continuity and consistency are the key drivers for the brand as chronicled by my past blog posts through the years featuring their evolving menu (for more on Chili's, see my posts, Chili's Philippines Celebrates Twenty-Five Years with New Dishes, Exciting Promotions and Cool Giveaways from early this year, Cravings Satisfied...at Chili's on their Fish & Chips and Ranchero Chicken Tacos from 2017, Top Fusions: Inspired New Dishes at Chili's... on their creative culinary offerings from five years back, Chili's New Glazed Shrimp Steak on a Cloudy Day from six years ago, Meet Chili's New Burgers and Baby Back Ribs from 2016, Tex-Mex? Make That Fresh-Mex at Chili's on their signature Fajitas from six years ago, Time for Some Country Fried Steak...at Chili's on another timeless classic from 2015, Sweet, Smoky and Hot Flavors at Chili's also from 2015, Southwestern Flavors with Chili's New Chipotle Beef Sirloin from seven years ago, A Winning Burger Pair at Chili's from 2014, and A Little Sunshine and Southwestern Flavors at Chili's from 2012). 

Act One at Chili's

A refreshing Watermelon Fresh Fruit Mist (P 150) cools you down from the lingering heat, and soon it's time to replay your game plan from the playbook of the past with one of the all-time bestsellers at Chili's...

...with a basket of Bottomless Tostada Chips and Salsa (P 395). Each crisp and crunchy bite takes you back to much simpler times. Good times. Back then, the promise of endless rounds of nachos and an ice-cold cold beer were all the motivation needed to make the trip to Chili's. Nothing's changed since, it really doesn't take much to convince someone like me to head down the nearest Chili's. Just have the Bottomless Tostada Chips and Salsa ready...

The fresh and tart Salsa with its subtle heat is the perfect partner for the signature light and crisp Tostada Chips of Chili's. Change up the flavors by adding a cup of Skillet Queso for that creamy finish. The first act from the playbook is done, and time to move forward for the savory second act at Chili's...

A Parade of Timeless Bestsellers

The fresh offerings straight off the grill and deep-fryer at Chili's always tempt the palate and it's hard, even impossible, to name just one particular favorite. Depending on your mood or craving, here's a rundown of all-time bestsellers at Chili's...

...that continue to be as popular to this day for the past twenty-six years among generations of local fans. 

First up is the Salt & Pepper Dusted Sirloin Steak (P 950) with a premium slab of USDA beef on sautéed bell peppers and onions topped with seasoned butter and served with Chimichurri Garlic Potatoes and a side of Mushroom Sauce. The savory richness of the tender beef is kicked up and enhanced by the seasoned butter and the dusting of salt & pepper delivering bold beefy notes with each bite.  

The Honey-Chipotle Shrimp & Sirloin (P 1,450) is Chili's own take on surf and turf with succulent honey-chipotle glazed shrimps completing the savory ensemble along with steamed vegetables and loaded mashed potatoes. The clean and fresh briny sweetness followed by its honey-chipotle glaze complements the rich beefy notes for another winning combo at Chili's.

No list of all-time bestsellers at Chili's is complete without the Country Fried Steak (P 595) with a slab of beef pounded until tender, hand-battered and deep-fried for that crisp golden brown finish draped in black pepper gravy and served with mashed potatoes and shredded corn. Each slice and bite brings a taste of rustic Americana for a satisfying and comforting dish. 

The Classic Ribeye (P 1,650) with 12 oz. tender cut steak topped with seasoned butter is, as they say, a cut above for that perfect steak dinner. Beautifully marbled for rich savory and beefy flavors, the Classic Ribeye is served with steamed vegetables and loaded mashed potatoes for a grand steak feast Chili's style.

And for steak this good, you really don't need much. And no, not even a side of gravy. Richly seasoned with salt and pepper to bring out the flavors of the USDA Choice beef, the butter does the rest adding one more layer of indulgent richness to a classic meal at Chili's.

And it just doesn't get better or more classic than that. Grilled just the way you like it, a medium finish gives it a delicate char with subtle smoky hints from the grill while remaining tender with a juicy pink center. Simple and uncomplicated, you just don't mess with a good steak like this.

If you need a rice fix, the Beef Salpicao (P 825) should do the trick. Tender steak tips marinated and grilled to perfection, the Beef Salpicao is topped with crisp garlic flakes and served with Chili's Rice and steamed vegetables. The steak tips release a flavorful burst with every bite, making you go for another spoonful of Chili's Rice. The popular local dish gets the Chili's touch and it works. 

A good old fashioned barbecue takes you to the Texan roots of Chili's with the Baby Back Ribs (P 725 Half Rack/P 1,400 Full Rack) served with four different sauces to choose from including Original or Chili's classic BBQ Sauce, Honey-Chipotle, Honey BBQ and Cherry Cola. Featured is the Cherry Cola variant with its deep vivid hues. The fall-off-the-bone ribs deliver bold sweet flavors from the Cherry Cola sauce followed by hints of chipotle and vanilla complementing the savory notes of the ribs with smoky hints from the grill. Sweet and sticky, the Baby Back Ribs are just what you need on your return to Chili's. 

A taste of Fresh-Mex is part of the Chili's experience, and the popular Classic Fajitas with the Grilled Chicken and Grilled Steak (P 695) combo is as good as the first time I've tried it. Tender savory slabs of beef and strips of chicken laid on grilled bell peppers and onions topped with chipotle butter and fresh cilantro on a sizzling platter, it just works all the time. 

Each order comes with soft flour tortillas, sour cream, pico de gallo, salsa and shredded mixed cheese. Now comes the fun part...

Pick up a tortilla and add a layer of grilled bell peppers and onions before topping it with grilled steak or grilled chicken. Then add some housemade pico de gallo, salsa, sour cream and grated cheese with a fresh squeeze of lime before rolling it up for a bite. And just like that, memories of good times from visits many years back just pops in your head with each bite. Other must-try Fresh-Mex options include the Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadillas (P 490), Smoked Chicken Quesadillas (P 495), Mushroom Jack Chicken Fajitas (P 625), Tenderloin Steak Fajitas (P 1,200), Ranchero Chicken Tacos (P 400-2 Tacos/P 520-3 Tacos), Crispy Chicken Tacos (P 400-2 Tacos/P 520-3 Tacos), Green Chile Chicken Enchilada (P 400-2 Enchiladas/P 520-3 Enchiladas), Smothered Chicken Burrito (P 520) and Smothered Beef Burrito (P 650).

They say good food triggers an emotion or memory transporting you back to a certain place or time. Since it first opened in Manila back in 1996, Chili's has become a portal of sorts reconnecting you with good times through its comforting all-time bestsellers.  

In between bites, warm up the palate with comforting sips and bites of the hearty Clam Chowder (P 150 Cup/P 250 Bowl) for a refreshing change of pace. You can also opt for a savory beef broth with the Southwestern Beef (P 150 Cup/P 250 Bowl) or the traditional Chili (P 200 Cup/P 320 Bowl) for an original taste of nostalgia. 

Open Wide for The Big Mouth Burgers

Remember those wild lines and long queues for National Burger Day at Chili's back in the day? That's no surprise, how could anyone pass up on those handcrafted fresh to order burgers with juicy half-pound patties? The tradition continues with the specialty and aptly named Big Mouth Burgers at Chili's...

The Greg's Bleu Cheese Burger (P 520) with a thick and juicy half-pound all-beef patty slathered with creamy blue cheese dressing and topped with blue cheese crumbles, sautéed onions, tomato, bacon and crispy onion has a special place on my list with its savory richness and distinct notes from the premium blue cheese.

The Old Timer with Bacon (P 440 + P 110 for the bacon) is a revved-up version of the original topped with smoky bacon on a savory half-pound burger patty, crisp lettuce, red onion and mustard for another fail-safe option at Chili's. The addition of bacon makes this a serious burger.  

And if bacon's your game, the Ultimate Bacon Burger (P 580) is the hands down pick with double bacon, Cheddar, sour pickles, crisp lettuce, red onion, tomato, creamy jalapeño aioli with its soothing and subtle heat drizzled with spicy buffalo and honey-chipotle sauce.

For me, it's always been the enduring classic. The Old Timer (P 440) with pickles, red onion, tomato and garden fresh lettuce and a generous dab of mustard always hits the spot (see more on my love affair with the Old Timer on my post, Chili's Classic Old Timer with Cheese from way back in 2012). It's an honest burger that's both simple and uncomplicated delivering bold and real full-on flavors. 

Then there's the Southern Smokehouse Burger (P 540) with the extra punch of Chili's signature BBQ sauce for a savory medley of flavors with bacon, Cheddar, pickles, onion rings, lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli to round out the Big Mouth Burger selection at Chili's. And to this day, each one continues to satisfy while warming the palate with its nostalgic vibe. 

The Big Mouth Burgers at Chili's are often reason enough to visit, and after all these years these burgers still pack solid flavors. 

For dessert, cap your hearty Southwestern feast with the Fried Cheesecake (P 390). It's a lavish dessert for that perfect ending with rich textural contrasts and indulgent notes from the fried cheesecake balls drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauces with a side of vanilla ice cream.  

The Molten Chocolate Cake (P 395) remains an impressive sight that just gets better with bite after bite of pure indulgence. You just can't go wrong with a moist chocolate cake filled with warm chocolate topped with silky smooth vanilla ice cream draped in a decadent chocolate shell.

But it's the Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie (P 385) that always works for me. A large oven-baked chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge, it just really doesn't get better than that.

Raise a Toast for Buy One Take One Cocktails at Chili's

The good times at Chili's continues with the Buy One Take One Cocktails for rounds of good vibes...

...starting at P 220. Happy hour is anytime of your choosing at Chili's with the Buy One Take One offer.  

Pick your libation and let the good times roll with the Premium Long Island Iced Tea, Mango Mojito, Strawberry Mojito, Lynchburg Lemonade, Cherry Lime Press and Pomegranate Margarita. The refreshingly light and smooth cocktails with its zesty fruity notes and mildly sweet finish adds a festive vibe to your experience at Chili's. 

One more round? Absolutely, that's an easy decision to make with the Buy One Take One All Day Long offer at Chili's.

Food trends come and go but classics never go out of style. Timeless and enduring, the all-time bestsellers at Chili's continue to shine in a new normal that's here to stay. And with the Buy One Take One All Day Long offer on cocktails, it's always a good time to meet up at Chili's... 

Chili's is located at 199 Tomas Morato Avenue corner Scout Fernandez, Quezon City or call 0927 465 2162 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/ChilisPhilippines/ for updates.

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