Thursday, August 25, 2022

Tara sa foodpanda: The Best One-Stop Shop for All Your "Feels" with All the Deals. Tara, fp!

Here's the situation. It's another day filled with endless possibilities and excitement up ahead but the situation remains the same just like any other day. It's the persistent where-and-what-to-eat question that needs to be settled. And it's the same sitch that goes as far back as anyone can remember. Fortunately, there's an easy solution to the age-old question when your tummy starts to rumble, an unexpected occasion or spontaneous gathering with the gang. And it's a whole lot easier than you think, with the answer requiring just a few quick taps on your mobile device. Tara sa foodpanda! Tara, fp! 

It's the virtual one-stop shop for all your cravings turning all your appetite-busting dreams to reality, your ultimate companion for all celebrations imaginable where even small wins count and reason enough to enjoy a satisfying meal. That's right, foodpanda is there once more to save the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, in-between snacks or searching for a new tasty discovery, foodpanda offers a seamless no-hassle experience. All with just a few taps. With foodpanda, kahit anong feels, maraming deals!  

Here's the lowdown on the cool deals to fit all your "feels" in a jiffy with foodpanda:


Busy schedule ahead? Can't find the time? Running late? No worries. Skip the store, the long and seemingly never-ending time-consuming lines, and even the dreaded delivery fees. Simply use the code: DELIFREE with a minimum spend of ₱399. Valid only from Monday to Friday until August 31, 2022. And that's just for starters to whet your appetite. But better hurry, offer's good only until the end of the month.


Looking for something that truly satisfies? Solid ba sa sarap ang hanap? We've all been there, and we know it so well. Again, foodpanda makes it easy for you. Just call in the ever reliable and dependable food pros for a guaranteed MalupEAT meal and enjoy as much as ₱120 off. Now that's one cool deal you simply can't pass up. Available daily and only valid in select restaurants.

DAILY FoodTripid:

On a budget? Big appetite without the bucks? We've all been there. Relax, foodpanda has your back. You don’t need to hold back on living your spur-of-the-moment Foodie-ventures or sudden cravings when you can get up to 20% off and more with FoodTripid deals daily! Talk about bang for the buck, foodpanda lets you stretch your wallet to satisfy your nagging cravings. That's reason enough for a big smile. And an even bigger bite. 


And it's the end of the week. Ready and all set for the weekend? foodpanda saved the best for last. Why? Weekends are yours to experience and discover the full potential of your trusted foodie buddy, foodpanda. It about winning weekends and enjoying a bigger slice out of life. Experience what it means to be a real winner, and yes, small wins included, living every moment to the fullest with Winner Weekends. So what's the deal? Here it is. Get up to ₱200 off for a winning meal on Winner Weekends. Now, that's a winning play from the time tested playbook of foodpanda. Valid only from Friday to Sunday.

Now if these deals got you hungry, why not give foodpanda a tasty test drive by pulling out your mobile device right now? Oh, do the check out the video and let Anne Curtis show you the complete play-by-play to satisfy all your "feels" with all the deals from foodpanda.

DeliFREE, MalupEAT Deals, Daily FoodTripid, Winner Weekends. Pick your play and get ready to start scoring cool value-packed deals with foodpanda. Just download the foodpanda app, available on the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (IOS).

Learn more about foodpanda through Facebook and Instagram for the full low down and more updates.

For more on foodpanda, visit their website and FB Page at and for updates and exclusive treats. You can also download the app at the Apple app store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery.

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