Sunday, August 14, 2022

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Raffles Makati's New Handcrafted Mooncakes

It's the season for mooncakes, and Raffles Makati weaves its own elegant touch to the festive celebrations with its own handcrafted mooncake creations...

Welcome prosperity and celebrate the much-awaited Mid-Autumn Festival with the lavish new Mooncake creations of Raffles Makati, now available for orders and reservations. Raffles Makati's indulgent offerings come in four indulgent and premium variants, Red Bean with Salted Egg Yolk, Lotus with Salted Egg Yolk, Lotus and Red Bean and Ube and Lotus. Packed in a specially designed box, the new handcrafted Mooncake creations are the perfect gifts for family and friends for one of the most important Chinese festivals celebrated around the world.   

Raffles Makati adds its own distinctive flair to the celebrated Chinese festival with its elegant box...

...for the perfect Mid-Autumn Festival gift. Simply unlock the snap button...

...and open it up to reveal four boxes of indulgent Mooncake creations by Executive Chef Bela Rieck and his culinary team (for more on Executive Chef Bela Rieck's culinary creations, see my previous post, Show Me The Honey: The Honeyholic Afternoon Tea for Two at The Writers Bar in Raffles Makati Hotel from late last month).

The impressive design is just the first in a series of experiences with the refined and sophisticated style of Raffles Makati for an elegant take on tradition.

Unboxing the package becomes a treat in itself. Inside the specially designed package, one will find four boxes containing the prized Mooncakes of Raffles Makati.

Each of the four Mooncake variants by Raffles Makati feature their own unique and distinctive design with intricate patterns that tease the eyes before the palate. 

The sweet Mooncake delicacies have become part of the local cultural and culinary mainstream, and Raffles Makati weaves its masterful culinary spin with four tempting variants to choose from, or why not simply get the whole set of four Mooncake creations?  

Raffles Makati's Executive Chef Bela Rieck draws on tradition and years of experience to create these decadent delicacies capturing the spirit and essence of an abundant harvest. This bountiful vibe is represented by the unrestrained richness of the traditional pastry with its dense and sweet filling.

The weight of each Mooncake gives you an idea of the generous filling made from premium ingredients, and Executive Chef Bela Rieck doesn't hold back on the good stuff.  

Perfectly moist delivering layers of sweetness and rich flavors, the Mooncake creations by Raffles Makati are a cut above the usual options in the metro. The Ube and Lotus variant brings unique flavors to the palate with its ube and lotus blend, complementing the other in a balanced weave of pure richness. The comfortingly familiar notes of the local ube adds a nutty sweetness with each bite followed by the smooth finish of lotus paste. The crust is soft and moist, completing the flavors. 

The Lotus and Red Bean variant offers more traditional flavors with the bold notes of red beans tempered by the smooth and subtle flavors of the lotus paste. Lotus paste is considered by many as the original and most luxurious filling for mooncakes, and Raffles Makati recreates this centuries old tradition with the sweet Lotus and Red Bean Mooncake.

The Red Bean with Salted Egg Yolk brings the added richness of salted egg yolk into play adding layers of deep flavors with each bite rounded out by the sweetness of red beans. The salty and sweet notes come together in a balanced blend, finished by a lingering sweetness on the palate. 

The Lotus with Salted Egg Yolk is probably the most elegant Mooncake variant from Raffles Makati with the contrasting sharp notes of salted egg yolk smoothened by the subtle sweet flavors of the lotus paste. Each bite drapes the palate with a subtle yet indulgent richness, perfect with a pot of tea,  

The specialty Mooncakes by Raffles Makati are priced at P 488 each or P 2,988 per set of four. How to order? Easy. Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with that elegant Raffles Makati touch with the new handcrafted Mooncakes, simply download the Order Form or call 7795 1840 and 8555 9777 for your orders. Orders are now available for convenient delivery and pick-up starting August 17 until supplies last so better hurry. 

After more than two years of the quarantine experience, it's good to see some sense of normality coming back with the celebration of tradition. This Mid-Autumn Festival, make it extra special with the new handcrafted Mooncakes by Raffles Makati...

To order Raffles Makati's new handcrafted Mooncakes, you can download the Order Form or call 7795 1840 for your orders and more information. Raffles Makati is located at 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila. You can also visit their FB Page at for updates.

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