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Healthy Can Be Delicious as Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat Introduces New Plant-Based Offerings

The continued popularity of plant-based offerings is a positive development in the local culinary scene with more access as well as options for diners to enjoy and experience healthier meals. Kenny Rogers Roasters goes one step further with its expanded menu of plant-based options...

Kenny Rogers Roasters in collaboration with Beyond Meat introduces savory new plant-based options with the Kenny's Beyond Bolognese and Kenny's Beyond Basil Bowl to supplement their existing Kenny's Beyond Burger and Kenny's Mashed Potato offerings in the current menu. The expansion of the plant-based menu builds on the success of the previous collab between Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat launched last year with the Kenny's Beyond Burger and Kenny's Beyond Mashed Potato (for more on the initial collab, see my post ECQ Eats: Kenny Rogers Roasters Goes Beyond Deliciously Healthy with Plant-Based Options from Beyond Meat from September last year). Kenny Rogers Roasters goes beyond deliciously healthy once more with exciting new plant-based dishes to suit your appetite and craving. Curious? Then read on...

The addition of two new plant-based dishes to their line-up is an indication of the interest in healthier options emphasized even more by the lingering quarantine experience. And Kenny Rogers Roasters responds with its signature creative approach sustained by a long list of product innovations (for more on Kenny Rogers Roasters, see my previous posts, Your Favorite Roast with a Luxurious Spin, Meet the New Truffle Roast by Kenny Rogers Roasters...on their indulgent Truffle Roast variant from late last year, Hot News: Enjoy a Mexican Fiesta on a Plate with the New Chipotle Spicy Roasts and Ribs by Kenny Rogers Roasters from their mouthwatering Chipotle series from early this year and All Set and Ready to Wrap and Roll at Kenny Rogers Roasters on their sumptuous wraps from two months back). 

The initial success of the Kenny's Beyond Burger and Kenny's Beyond Mashed Potato is a positive start, leading to even more plant-based products from Kenny Rogers Roasters. A hearty pasta dish and rice bowl complete the plant-based offerings of Kenny Rogers Roasters with the new Kenny's Beyond Bolognese and Kenny's Beyond Basil Bowl.

And the best part? You can enjoy the new plant-based offerings from Kenny Rogers Roasters conveniently delivered to your home or office via their website, https://kennyrogersdelivery.com.ph/ with just a few clicks and taps on your mobile device...

...for a sumptuous plant-based feast with all the savory flavors you love. The recent developments in plant-based technology have resulted in products that deliver more flavor with a textural finish to match for a satisfying and healthy meal. Beyond Meat is one of the world's leaders in plant-based products and the collaboration with Kenny Rogers Roasters showcases the infinite possibilities with meatless alternatives.

It's a welcome development for those looking for plant-based options or for those eager or curious to try a healthier meal. And it's easy to spot...

...just look for the Kenny Rogers Roasters Beyond Deliciously Healthy seal prominently displayed on the packaging with the Beyond Meat logo. The benefits of plant-based meat include zero cholesterol and the absence of hormones and antibiotics for an all-natural flavor experience. Made from vegetables including peas, beans, potatoes and brown rice, the plant-based alternatives also generate significantly reduced greenhouse gases during production.  

The seal is your guarantee of quality plant-based meat from Beyond Meat recreated and transformed by the culinary wizards at Kenny Rogers Roasters. Kenny Rogers Roasters have done an amazing job with the new plant-based offerings delivering on both sumptuous flavors with that textural bite you won't even miss the meat.   

Previously, I tried the Kenny's Beyond Mashed Potato (P 325) with a juicy and savory plant-based patty laid on soft and silky smooth mashed potatoes served with gravy...

...and it absolutely delivers on both flavors and textures (for more on Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat, see my post ECQ Eats: Kenny Rogers Roasters Goes Beyond Deliciously Healthy with Plant-Based Options from Beyond Meat on their plant-based Kenny's Beyond Burger and Kenny's Beyond Mashed Potato from last year). The first bite releases a flavorful burst from the spices and seasonings followed by a juicy richness with subtle smoky hints from the grill just as you'd expect from the usual beef patty. One more bite and slowly it sinks in, plant-based options have come a long way from what we've experienced before delivering meat-like qualities. The juicy patty with its plant-based proteins from Beyond Meat are some of the best tasting meat alternatives in the market. 

With the Kenny's Beyond Mashed Potato and Kenny's Beyond Burger as my basis, I was looking forward to trying the recently launched plant-based offerings. The Kenny's Beyond Bolognese (P 245) features soft yet firm al dente spaghetti noodles tossed and draped in a rich and savory tomato sauce made richer with fresh basil and Beyond Meat plant-based protein for a pasta dish that's not only satisfying but good for you too. 

The fragrant aroma of the rich sauce and sweet basil teases your appetite, with one bite packing a bold and vibrant tartness from the juicy tomatoes draping the palate with its flavorful richness. Then, the textures of the plant-based protein brings its savory notes into play to complete the flavors.

The creative pasta dish is just one of many interesting possibilities with plant-based options, and Kenny Rogers Roasters brings fresh flavors with its tasty Kenny's Beyond Bolognese. The tomatoes and basil are the perfect base for a hearty pasta dish, while the plant-based protein from Beyond Meat caps the dish with its savory notes and tender, juicy and meaty bite. 

The contrasting tartness from the tomatoes mellowed by the sweet basil and kicked up by the Parmesan complement the savory notes of the plant-based protein for a balanced finish. From the noodles to the sauce and plant-based protein, the Kenny's Beyond Bolognese is a tasty alternative to the usual pasta dish capped by a soothing heat from the fresh chilies. 

All the components for a traditional Bolognese combine for comfortingly familiar flavors, with the savory plant-based proteins from Beyond Meat adding the finishing touches to a satisfying and healthy meal. It's the perfect dish for all your healthy pasta cravings without meat.  

One of the first plant-based offerings from Kenny Rogers Roasters, the Kenny's Beyond Burger (P 325) featuring the classic quarter pound plant-based patty by Beyond Meat on garden-fresh and crisp lettuce topped with tomatoes, cheese and mayo on pillow-soft sesame seed burger buns still continues to amaze and hits all the right notes with each big bite. 

What's even more amazing is that you can enjoy real, pure and all-natural burger goodness without the guilt. The savory nutty notes of the patty along with the spices and seasonings recreate every thing you love about a good burger. Even more amazing, this burger has no meat at all. 

But it will have you going for bite after bite. Without the guilt.

But Kenny Rogers Roasters has one more plant-based offering for heartier appetites...

...with the Kenny's Beyond Basil Bowl. After all, a rice meal is as complete as it gets for most diners. 

The Kenny's Beyond Basil Bowl (P 300) is a comforting meal in itself, a savory bowl of umami goodness with soft and fluffy rice topped with Beyond Meat plant-based protein mixed with sweet basil, fresh chili and a sunny side-up. The rich savory notes from the richly seasoned plant-based protein combine with the egg and basil for a complex weave of flavors with each spoonful. 

Just like ground beef or pork, the plant-based protein mimics the mouthfeel and flavors pairing perfectly with the steamed white rice. The sunny side-up adds a comforting layer of flavors to the meal followed by the mildly sharp soothing heat from the fiery chilies for contrasting yet balanced finish.

A satisfying meal with bold flavors, the Kenny's Beyond Basil Bowl is a good alternative to the usual rice topping meal and another tasty introduction to plant-based alternatives from Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat

No longer a mere trend, plant-based options are here to stay and part of the culinary mainstream. Now with four plant-based offerings, Kenny Rogers Roasters is leading the pack with its savory creations with easier access for dine-in, take-out and delivery. Healthy can be delicious, and you can discover and experience it yourself with the new Kenny's Beyond Bolognese and Kenny's Beyond Basil Bowl along with the Kenny Beyond Burger and Kenny's Beyond Mashed Potato...

Ready to try something different? See more of the Beyond Deliciously Healthy Plant-Based offering and specialty bestsellers from Kenny Rogers Roasters on https://kennyrogersdelivery.com.ph/ or order via their hotline at 8-555-9000 and 0917 555 9000. The new offerings are also available via GrabFood, foodpanda and Pick-A-Roo. You can also check their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/KennyRogersPH/ for updates.

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