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Rise and Shine with the New Desayuno Breakfast Menu at Bar Pintxos Tapas y Mas

Waking up just a bit earlier than usual certainly has its rewards. At Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas, an early start sets you up with their new Desayuno Breakfast Menu...

Everyday starting 8:00 am to 11:00 am, Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas serves up a hearty early morning feast featuring new dishes from their Desayuno Breakfast Menu. From appetizing Bocadillos or open-faced sandwiches to sumptuous Arroz rice dishes and Specials, Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas offers several good reasons to wake up just a little bit earlier. Hungry? Then, read on... 

Located at the Ground Floor of Fairways Tower in Bonifacio Global City, Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas offers a lavish breakfast feast with its authentic signature take on Spanish cuisine with their Desayuno Breakfast Menu. Paired with refreshing cocktails, breakfast just got way cooler at Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas. 

Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas, along with Txoko Asador, remains high up on anyone's list for authentic Spanish cuisine. Now, breakfast is given that sumptuous Bar Pintxos touch for a refreshingly new and satisfying dining experience (for more on Bar Pintxos and Txoko Asador, see my previous posts, Tasty Bites and Soothing Sips at Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas, Now Open at 8 Rockwell from early this year on their specialty tapas and Stay A While for a Long and Leisurely Lunch with New Dishes at Txoko Asador from two months back on their new savory offerings).

Inside, Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas prepares for the breakfast service... more guests arrived for breakfast. Chef Albert Martinez and Randy Libre hosted our breakfast at Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas, promising another leisurely dining experience with a distinct Spanish twist and casual neighborhood vibe.  

Begin your breakfast experience at Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas with a freshly brewed cup of coffee to get you in the right groove...

...followed by some soothing libation to pair with your breakfast. That's right. It's just not a complete Bar Pintxos experience without cocktails, right?

That day, Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas served up a refreshing Mimosa...

...along with the Belleza (P 360) with its blend of sweet vermouth, Mancino Secco, white rum and orange juice to open up the palate.

Another round from the bar becomes my pick for the rest of the morning. The Agua Fresca (P 360) with its refreshingly sweet and vibrant citrus notes from the white rum, cucumber juice, lemon juice and mint not only quenches your thirst but cleanses the palate preparing you for another round of tasty bites and sips. 

It's the perfect cocktail for breakfast with its light yet flavorful and smooth finish. The zesty notes of lemon is mellowed by the subtle sweetness of the cucumber with the rum adding depth to each sip. 

Chef Albert Martinez then added the finishing touches to the first courses of open-faced sandwiches, the Bocadillo with four light yet savory variants. A soft brioche is the base of the specialty breakfast sandwiches of Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas topped with a variety of flavorful combos.

The Bacalao (P 628) is a sweet and savory open-faced sandwich with a generous mound of bacalao flakes on soft brioche drizzled with honey and topped with caviar. The mild salty hints from the bacalao is tempered by the deep nutty sweetness of the honey for balanced notes while the caviar brings its flavorful briny burst into play for that perfect finish with each bite. The Bacalao offers fresh and clean flavors...

...while the Salmon Y Caviar (P 628) brings its own unique fresh flavors to the table with its lavish toppings of smoked salmon, cream cheese, quail egg, caviar and truffle honey. The play on sweet, mildly salty and subtle smoky hints from the buttery salmon come together with each bite tied by the rich cream cheese with the caviar and quail egg adding even more flavorful layers of indulgent richness.   

The Torta Y Jamon (P 628) offers bolder flavors with a comforting finish from the Jamon Serrano laid on soft and fluffy scrambled eggs with creamy yolk sauce, tortilla de patatas and crushed tomatoes. The sharp and savory hints from the jamon are mellowed by the eggs and potatoes kicked up by the tartness of the crushed tomatoes for rich yet balanced flavors.

The aptly named Matrimonyo (P 628) is a marriage of fresh flavors from the briny boquerones or fresh anchovies, egg, pickled peppers and garlic for a bright and refreshing medley of clean yet vibrant flavors. The fresh notes of anchovies cut through the layers of egg, pickled peppers and garlic with each bite, pairing well with another sip of the Mimosa or Aperol Spritz

Each of the Bocadillo variants at Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas bring unique and distinct flavors for a light yet flavorful breakfast. And there's more...

If fried chicken is more your style in starting your day, the Pan Con Pollo Al Ajillo (P 489) at Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas should do the trick. Crisp and juicy fried chicken works all the time.

The chicken sandwich is given the Bar Pintxos touch with guindillas or pickled chili pepper, anchovies and pickle spice for contrasting notes served with sides of crisp fries and lemon wedge. The homemade ketchup with its distinct smoky hints adds a flavorful layer to complete the dish. 

The uncluttered flavors of the fried chicken are perfectly complemented by guindillas and anchovies for a unique take on a popular staple.  

In between savory bites, enjoy fresh flavors with the Manchego Y Jamon (P 390). The mesclun of garden-fresh greens, crispy jamon, Manchego cheese and cherry tomatoes drizzled with a creamy garlic dressing is a refreshing change of pace to your sumptuous breakfast feast at Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas. You can also opt for the Ensalada Burrata (P 390) with apple slices and sharp balsamic dressing.   

If you're still hungry, Bar Pintxos pulls all the stops with their Arroz selection served with organic eggs, sides and a cup of coffee. 

The Salteado Y Gambas (P 498) is a hearty bowl of brown rice topped with plump and succulent Gambas al Ajillo and organic egg drizzled with Salsa Verde for that perfect start to your day at Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas

Gently tap the yolk and let it ooze down the rice and go for a big spoonful of comforting flavors. The Gambas al Ajillo add a layer of briny and mildly smoky sweetness to the hefty bowl, followed by the flavorful notes of the Salsa Verde. Allthe components work well together for a satisfying breakfast.

If you can't decide between gambas and beef, the Arroz Mixta (P 550) with tender Beef Yakiniku and Gambas simplifies the breakfast situation at Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas. It's a serious meal along with the organic egg, Salsa Verde and Paprika Oil on brown rice.

The tasty duo of briny sweetness from the succulent shrimps and savory richness from the fork-tender beef yakiniku combine for a flavorful one-two punch with the organic egg and brown rice along with Salsa Verde and Paprika Oil to complete the dish. 

The Butifarra (P 498) with sausage, beans, aioli, organic egg and brown rice is another hearty option from the Desayuno Breakfast Menu of Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas. The rich and savory notes with a subtle smoky sweetness from the Spanish butifarra pair well with the beans and organic egg with the creamy aioli rounding up the medley of flavors in one bowl. 

The Salteado Y Gambas, Arroz Mixta and Butifarra offer real and hearty flavors to suit your breakfast cravings. Other options from the Arroz selection include the Salteado Ternera (P 498) with fork-tender beef tenderloin, the Tinchorizo (P 320) with Chorizo Bilbao and Pollo Al Ajillo (P 350) with chicken and pimenton.

Cap your breakfast at Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas with the Spanish Toast (P 385), an elegant spin on the classic toast with torrija, chocolate, bananas and cream. That's all the good stuff on a plate.

From the Bocadillos and Arroz to cocktails and dessert, Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas reinterprets breakfast with its own unique Spanish-inspired take for a refreshing new dining experience. 

The early bird gets first dibs, so they say. And that includes a hearty breakfast at Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas...  

Bar Pintxos Tapas Y Mas is located at the Ground Floor of Fairways Tower, 5th Avenue corner McKinley Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 8810 1307 for inquiries. You can also check out their FB Page at for more updates.

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