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The Return of Cool Along Jupiter Street at Pardon My French Manila

The music's back along Jupiter Street in Makati. And it's back with an elegant French flair with its lavish repertoire of sumptuous cuisine and handcrafted cocktails along with live entertainment. It's the return of cool at Jupiter Street. And then some...

Pardon My French Manila revives a former and once familiar haunt signaling the return of cool along Jupiter Street. The newest destination for live entertainment in Makati, Pardon My French does one better by elevating the supper club concept with its curated menu of elegant dishes inspired by French and Asian cuisine complemented by well-stocked bars on both floors for a soothing tipple. The music's definitely back, along with elegant fine dining for a unique experience setting it apart from the rest on Jupiter Street. 

Pardon My French Manila is the latest concept from PYC Foods Corporation, the same group behind One World Deli (see more on my post, The World's Finest in One Place. At One World Deli...from two months back), One World Kitchen (more on my post, One Dinner. One Menu. Across Thirty Countries. Celebrating the Culinary Legacy of Auguste Escoffier with an Epicure's Dinner by Escoffier Philippines at One World Kitchen from late last year), Cafe Fleur (see my post, An Afternoon with Chef Sau del Rosario at Cafe Fleur from early this year), SawSaw and One World Butcher, each one located within close proximity solidifying the group's coverage in this area of Makati. 

But Pardon My French is unique, bringing back an era when live entertainment was at its peak in the eighties and nineties. For music lovers, the iconic spot along Jupiter Street was the place for the best live entertainment for decades. In a nostalgic twist, the very same spot is revived once more with a more luxurious look and character. Think cool with a French accent.  

And the transformation is quite dramatic the minute you enter. Inside Pardon My French, a rich palette of elegant hues greets the eyes...

...with pristine white linens and plush velvet lined seats against soothing French blue colored walls. Gone are the days of sticky floors from the old haunt, Pardon My French pulls all the stops with its upscale rendition of an elegant supper club. Finally, one place for dining and live entertainment returns to Makati. After all, good food and great music are a match like no other. 

Open for lunch and dinner with live entertainment in the evenings, Pardon My French is a totally new concept that's leveled up from the former decades-old institution on Jupiter Street. The shell and structure may be the same as you'll soon find out bringing back memories of Strumm's from many years back. But the bright splashes of color and stylish new vibe bares little resemblance if any to the old Strumm's. And Pardon My French promises volumes of new experiences and stories for fans and regulars of the old haunt as well as a new generation of lovers of fine food and music all in one place. 

The establishment's bar is one of the key features immediately noticed once you step inside. The bar becomes the perfect spot to enjoy the live entertainment at Pardon My French along with soothing cocktails to get you in the groove.  

At the second floor, Pardon My French offers private alcoves in bright colored tones for more private group gatherings...

...with its luxurious French vibe as a recurring theme. From calming greens... bright reds...

...and vibrant yellows, Pardon My French paints your mood for any occasion. It's also the perfect setting for an elegant dining experience for lunch or dinner before the live entertainment. 

Overlooking the stage, you can pick your spot after a satisfying dinner and enjoy the live performance with a round of cocktails from the second floor at Pardon My French.

Pardon My French exudes pure class from every angle, taking its rightful place as the metro's newest destination for live entertainment and elegant dining. Every space and corner is planned and designed with the artful aesthetics of the French themed concept...   

...and that includes another bar at the second floor so you're never far from some libation when the live entertainment begins each night.  

An old friend, Julz, sets me up with my Old-Fashioned (P 380) by the bar...

...for a pre-dinner cocktail. The deep notes of whiskey and the bright citrus hints of orange zest finished with a simple syrup has been my go-to cocktail of choice and Pardon My French does a mean Old-Fashioned

The bar selection at Pardon My French include classic cocktails like the Whiskey Sour (P 380), Mojito (P 350), Aperol Spritz (P 480) and Negroni (P 410) along with an extensive collection of spirits and beers to Signature Cocktails like the French Perennial (P 420) with spiced house rum, Granny Smith apples, lemon and maple syrup, the Gentleman's Companion (P 480) with its blend of whiskey, vermouth, almond syrup and chocolate bitters, the Chef's Palate (P 420) with white rum, lime, and muscovado sugar... 

...and the aptly named 110 Jupiter Street (P 480). The sweet gin-based cocktail with fermented watermelon juice, fresh basil leaves, lemon juice, agave syrup, ginger and dill is light and easy on the palate with a pleasing herbal finish. A few more soothing sips and the 110 Jupiter Street will soon have you wrapped around her captivating charm. Libations were always part of the experience at this nostalgic spot on Jupiter Street, and Pardon My French keeps the tradition alive with their handcrafted selections of refreshing and playfully inventive cocktails.

And one round leads to another. The Signature Cocktails at Pardon My French are both unique and creative, and that's enough motivation to visit early for some pre-dinner cocktails. Pardon My French opens daily except Mondays at 11:00 am for lunch and 5:00 pm for dinner. 

Revisiting a familiar place is like turning back time, taking you back to the carefree days of youth. Like so many others, Jupiter Street was part of the weekend routine that shaped and defined our younger days. Going back to this spot on Jupiter Street was also a homecoming of sorts, reconnecting with old friends making Pardon My French even more special.  

Pardon My French also showcased some of their tasty selections from the Small Bites Menu to pair with cocktails... the Chicharon Crusted Mushrooms (P 420), deep-fried button mushrooms crusted with crunchy pork rinds and served with a vinegar dip for a creative take on textures and flavors... 

...the savory Beef Shawarma (P 320) with fork-tender spiced roasted beef in mini pita pockets...

...and traditional Croquettes (P 370) stuffed with chorizo and bechamel paired with dried fruit sauce. The Chicharon Crusted Mushrooms is unique to Pardon My French delivering both rich flavors and textural contrasts with each bite while the Beef Shawarma and Croquettes offer comfortingly familiar flavors pairing well with the handcrafted cocktails from the bar.

Other options from the Small Bites Menu include Chicken Satay (P 500), Cuapito (P 340) with char siu pork, Lamb Samosas (P 340) and Quatre Fromage Pissaladierre (P 320) or cheese raclette with tomatoes and capers highlighting its French and Asian inspired offerings. The tasty bites reflect both traditional and inventive creations, a preview of the lavish dinner yet to be served at Pardon My French. A few more bites and you know Pardon My French has so much more to offer. Each bite is an indication of the kitchen's creativity. And that's no surprise...

...with local culinary legend Chef Ariel Manuel at the helm assisted by Chef John Lees, better known as The Tatooed Baker with his indulgent dessert offerings. The dynamic tandem brings complementary culinary styles to the menu of Pardon My French with a taste of tradition and contemporary innovative approaches in a balanced and seamless blend.  

I first met Chef Ariel Manuel a little more than nine years ago at his former restaurant (see my post at Lolo Dad's: Dinner at Manila's Finest from 2013 when I first started this blog) with his dishes like the Double Espresso Soup of Cream of Mushroom and Tomato, Herb de Provence Crusted Rack of Lamb with Three Cheese Risotto and Confit of Duck Leg with Duck Breast and Stir-Fry Foie Gras Rice making a lasting impression remembered to this day. With his signature classic French style that still resonates in this age where culinary trends come and go, Chef Ariel Manuel brings traditional flavors masterfully executed at Pardon My French.     

The Tatooed Baker, Chef John Lees brings his own inventive spin on traditional French desserts to the menu of Pardon My French to complete the culinary experience. Some of his featured creations... the delicate and intricate sweet and savory Profiteroles with Chicken Liver Paté, Smoked Fish Mousse, Walnut Purée and White Chocolate & Vanilla are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg of The Tatooed Baker's culinary prowess that will soon be available at Pardon My French. Anchored on tradition, both Chefs Ariel Manuel and John Lees provide a solid base for the culinary offerings of Pardon My French.

After cocktails, Chefs Ariel Manuel and John Lees were back in the kitchen to prepare the evening's dinner...

...that began with savory starters like the Shrimp Cocktail in Sweet Chili Sauce (P 620) featuring succulent shrimps cooked in lime, fiery Thai chili and coriander dressing. The fresh and vibrant Asian-inspired notes of the dish formally signaled the start of a memorable dinner by Chef Ariel Manuel at Pardon My French.   

The pure and clean briny sweetness of the plump shrimps are perfectly complemented by the contrasting sharpness from the spicy Thai chili, lime and coriander coming together with a delicately balanced finish. The freshness of the ingredients deliver bold and unrestrained flavors in the opening act of Chef Ariel Manuel at Pardon My French... 

...followed by an iconic French dish. It's just not French enough without Escargot, right? Chef Ariel Manuel's elegant Escargot (P 600) draped in rich Burgundy Butter and garlic sauce is as classic as it gets. The subtle sweetness of the escargot pair well with the lavish richness of the butter finished by the lingering nutty hints from the garlic.

They say the secret of French cuisine is butter. And more butter. The sauce of the dish is an experience in itself, so pick up a piece of bread and mop up the glorious sauce. The signature French style of Chef Ariel Manuel shines through with the second starter at Pardon My French. Fresh, premium ingredients, masterfully executed. 

Pardon My French offers a wide variety of starters on their menu from Chicken Liver Paté (P 440) and Classic Steak Tartare (P 700) to The Chef's Signature Mussels (P 600) with Chardonnay and Fresh Cream or Mariniéres StyleCharcuterie Grazing Platter (P 1,760), Baked Aged Camembert (P 800), Baked Artichoke and Chorizo Cheese Dip (P 680) and Fondue Savoie (P 1,550).  

For the third course, Chef Ariel Manuel served a nostalgic salad dish with garden-fresh and crisp lettuce greens, soft-boiled egg and bacon drizzled with anchovy dressing and elevated with a slab of smoked salmon. The Caesar Salad (P 460) with salmon and edible flowers transforms the usual into something truly special with its medley of fresh flavors and contrasting textures.

The addition of salmon with its buttery texture and richness adds an opulent finish to the salad smoothening the bold flavors of the bacon, cheese and creamy anchovy-based dressing for a flavorful upgrade. It's the little touches like this that make dining at Pardon My French memorable.

Other salads you may want to try in your visit to Pardon My French include the Salade Niçoise (P 440) and Salade de Maison (P 420). 

As guests enjoyed the appetizers, one can already appreciate the fine dining potential of Pardon My French making it an ideal choice for lunch or dinner. The spacious interiors and tasteful design become part of the dining experience, with the flavorful dishes of Chef Ariel Manuel and John Lees completing it. 

PYC Foods Corporation President, Jun Sy, shared his own story behind the concept for Pardon My French. Driving along Jupiter Street one day, he noticed the familiar structure permanently closed. For Jun Sy, that was an end of a memorable era. That day, Jun Sy was a man on a mission. And he aimed to bring the music back to Jupiter Street.

A gourmet and music lover himself, a lightbulb moment triggered the possibility of transforming one of the most iconic venues in the metro with a new lease on life. It had to be different, better and special with even more layers to enhance the experience. At the height of the pandemic, the seeds were sown for the opening of Pardon My French. At the exclusive preview, the evening's feast not only celebrated the newest concept from PYC Foods Corporation and its growing portfolio of dining concepts but the love for fine food and music coming together in a seamless weave. 

The evening's first entrée was then served, the Pondicherry Prawn Curry Indienne (P 990) with fresh and succulent prawns gently cooked in butter, wine and cream and draped in rich Indian curry. Chef Ariel Manuel's refined and elegant version combines delicate and even subtle notes with a lingering heat and finished with a lavish richness on the palate. The fresh flavors of the prawns come through followed by the subtle yet punchy notes of the buttery, creamy curry. The bold flavors of the thick sauce reminds you that this is a curry dish, but there is a richness in its pure subtlety that lingers on the palate. And that right there is the Chef Ariel Manuel touch. 

For even more options on the day's freshest catch, Pardon My French offers other seafood entrées including Pan-Seared Salmon Ocean Trout (P 1,850), Barramundi (P 1,100), Lemon Sole Meuniére (P 990), Bouillabaisse (P 920) and Shrimp Linguine (P 840). 

More wine? Absolutely. Wine flowed throughout the evening adding to the already festive mood at Pardon My French. Joie de vivre, right?

A refreshing Citrus Sherbet was served as the feast's palate cleanser, preparing you for the next dish at Pardon My French...

For the second entrée and final savory dish, Chef Ariel Manuel presented the impressive Chateaubriand (P 3,780). The premium slab of Braveheart tenderloin steak oven-roasted with a juicy pink center is one of many specialty steak dishes from the menu of Pardon My French. Sliced before serving, the richly seasoned steak delivers bold, beefy flavors pairing well with a selection of sauces. Like a perfectly orchestrated musical arrangement, Chef Ariel Manuel builds up on flavors with each dish from the appetizers and salad to the mains.  

For steak lovers, Pardon My French also offers other Braveheart steak cuts like Grilled Skirt Steak (P 1,890), Pepper Steak (P 2,400), The Chef's Signature Steak (P 2,500) with tenderloin stuffed with blue cheese and Entrecote Ribeye (P 6,200). The solid steak menu is one more reason to visit Pardon My French. You'll also find other traditional options in the menu including Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb (P 2,800), Lamb Shank Curry (P 2,550), Beef Ragu Pappardelle (P 890), Lamb Loin (P 1,680), Classic Duck Confit (P 1,350) and Pork Tomahawk (P 1,680).   

And my wine glass was never empty that night. Wine flowed, paired with great food and company at Pardon My French

For dessert, Chef John Lees presented an indulgent sampling trifecta from the dessert menu with Lemon and Mascarpone Cheesecake (P 380) served with lemon curd macaron and ginger streusel, Dark Chocolate Delice (P 320) with coconut-whipped ganache and kaffir lime and Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream (P 190) to complete the decadent trio. From the tart and creamy cheesecake to the deep and bold notes of dark chocolate capped by silky smooth homemade ice cream, The Tatooed Baker caps the evening on a high note with contrasting expressions of pure decadence.

And you can expect more from The Tatooed Baker at Pardon My French, so stay tuned.

After dinner, Pardon My French transforms once more as the stage lit up revealing another layer in the newest destination's many offerings with an epic performance by The Plug. Songs from decades past brought back fond memories taking you back to the heyday of live entertainment at Jupiter Street. The music is back. With the return of cool at Pardon My French. 

Each song and number by The Plug fills the space with streams of memories from the past in a dazzling light show with their inspired renditions of hits from the eighties and nineties. PYC Foods Corporation President Jun Sy formed the band during the pandemic, refining the sound and style for a place in the roster of performers at Pardon My French. With acclaimed musical director Mel Villena in charge of the musical entertainment at Pardon My French, guests and diners can expect a great show every night from Tuesday to Sunday.

Tuesdays is Pop and Jazz, Wednesdays is Party Retro, Thursdays is 70's and 80's Party, Fridays is Latin and Funk and Saturdays features the Artist Series and Party Retro. Simply pick your day and genre headlined by the metro's leading bands and performers at Pardon My French.  

The live entertainment is the final and finishing touch to Pardon My French's colorful weave of experiences. A feast for the palate and soul, good food and great music combine for a memorable night out at Pardon My French. And that's exactly how PYC Foods Corporation President Jun Sy envisioned it right from the start when he passed along Jupiter Street that fateful day during the pandemic.

One of the evening's guests, musician Noel Cabangon, even performed an impromptu number on stage to the delight of the audience for one of the night's many memorable highlights. 

Pardon My French is open from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm for Lunch and 5:00 pm to 12:00 am for Dinner from Tuesday to Thursday and 5:00 pm to 1:00 am on Friday and Saturday. Your favorite spot along Jupiter Street is back, with an elegant French flair complemented by fine dining and cocktails. It's time to make new stories and memories at Pardon My French...

Pardon My French is located at 110 Jupiter Street, Makati. You can call 0917 823 0091 for inquiries and reservations. You may also visit their FB Page at and IG Feed at for more updates.

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