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A Fab Fam Feast with the New Family Set Menu at Nikkei Robata in Newport Mall

The grills are all fired up. Round up the fam and the gang for a sumptuous all-Japanese feast with a Peruvian spin fresh off the grill that's perfect for your next big gathering...

Celebrations continue in the festive new year, and here's one more dining option to add to your list. Nikkei Robata launches its lavish Family Set Menu exclusively at its newest location in Newport Mall featuring a mouthwatering selection of hearty bestsellers good for 5-6. From handcrafted Rolls and tasty bites like Gyoza and Tempura to Yakitori straight off the fiery robatayaki grill all the way to Dessert, the new Family Set Menu by Nikkei Robata kicks off your family celebrations in this new year with sumptuous start. Read on for a tasty sneak peek at the new Family Set Menu by Nikkei Robata... 

The seamless weave of fresh Peruvian ingredients and Japanese culinary techniques has evolved into one of the world's distinct culinary styles celebrated at Nikkei Robata highlighting its specialty robatayaki offerings. A part of the of Nikkei Group which includes the flagship Nikkei (see more on my post, A Convergence of Peruvian and Japanese Flavors at Nikkei from 2018), Nikkei Nama Bar, Sunae Asian Cantina (more on my posts, Weaving Asian Flavors in a Colorful Tapestry by Chef Christina Sunae at Sunae Asian Cantina from late last year and Dining in the Next Normal: Sunae Asian Cantina Bounces Back with Vibrant Southeast Asian Flavors at One Bonifacio High Street Mall from three years back) and Terraza Martinez at Shangri-La BGC, Nikkei Robata at Newport Mall is another page in the group's evolving culinary story showcasing diversity and global cuisine.  

Since 2015, the Nikkei Group showcased this unique culinary convergence of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine at their first restaurant in Makati's Legazpi Village. Today, the flagship Nikkei restaurant is joined by two other sister concepts, Nikkei Robata with its traditional and centuries-old style of Japanese grilling and Nikkei Nama Bar with its playfully inventive no borders approach to global cuisine. 

At Nikkei Robata in Newport Mall, a wide selection of fresh and premium ingredients are romanced by the fiery charcoals inspired by the communal hearth style of cooking by Japanese fishermen. The grill is the main attraction at Nikkei Robata, and it's all fired up. 

With an extensive menu built around their grilled specialties, Nikkei Robata also offers comfortingly familiar and popular dishes prepared in their open kitchen...

...all coming together in the new Family Set Menu. Offered in two options, the Nikkei Robata Classic Family Set Menu (P 5,995) includes a stellar cast of specialty dishes from Spicy Tuna Rolls, Smoked Salmon Rolls, Kurobuta Gyoza, Assorted Chicken Yakitori, Tempura Moriawase, Fideo Saltado, Gohan, Miso Soup, Steamed Japanese Rice and Tres Leches. It's the perfect feast for the family for any occasion.

The Premium Family Set Menu (P 7,995) features Soft Shell Crab Roll, Unagi Asparagus Roll, Chipirones Fritos, Assorted Chicken Yakitori, Hamachi Kama, Robata Steak, Gohan and Tres Leches

Start your feast with the Classic Family Set Menu of Nikkei Robata with appetizing bites of Spicy Tuna Rolls and Smoked Salmon Rolls to open up the palate... 

The Smoked Salmon Rolls (10 pcs) is the perfect start to a festive family feast at Nikkei Robata with the deep yet subtle smoky notes complementing the buttery briny sweetness of the premium salmon, rounded out by the cream cheese, tobiko and katsuboshi

In contrast, a whisper of soothing heat from the smoked chili mayo and wasabi accompanies each bite of the Spicy Tuna Rolls (10 pcs), followed by complex layers of richness from the fresh tuna, soy sauce, scallions, sesame seeds and crunchy tempura flakes. Elegantly plated, the dishes first feeds the eyes before the palate in true Japanese style with a Peruvian twist.

The kitchen then preps the next dish...

You've had the popular Japanese dumpling before, but nothing quite like the savory and rich Kurobuta Gyoza (5 pcs) of Nikkei Robata. It's gyoza, elevated with the use of premium Kurobuta resulting in a flavorful depth draping the palate with a savory richness.

Each bite delivers a delectable and contrasting textural play with the soft and mildly chewy dumpling and the delicate crispness of the seared bottom followed by a flavorful burst of the premium Kurobuta pork filling and togarashi. A dip in the Ponzu Sauce completes the flavors.

The hearty feast at Nikkei Robata continues with the Tempura Moriawase, a classic Japanese staple with assorted seafood and vegetable tempura served with fresh ginger, radish oroshi and tempura sauce.  

Draped in a light and crisp batter, the delicate notes of the succulent prawns and subtle sweetness of the vegetables comes through with each tasty bite. 

It isn't a celebration without noods, and the Fideo Saltado completes the festive feast with its rich mix of buta no kakuni, succulent shrimps and squid, snapper, fresh vegetables and egg yolk on noodles. The medley of distinct flavors from the pork, seafood and vegetables brings complex yet balanced layers teasing the palate with each bite. Reflecting the convergence of Peruvian and Japanese culinary styles, the Peruvian "chow mien" brings sweet and savory notes made richer with the egg yolk.

Gently tap the soft-boiled yolk, let it ooze on the noodles and mix it all up. The unique dish isn't your usual noods, combining flavors from two distinct culinary cultures in a bowl. And you'll find it here at Nikkei Robata with their new Family Set Menu.

The robatayaki grills at Nikkei Robata are then fired up...

...for the first of many grilled specialties...

...starting with the grilled skewered Tamago and Quail Eggs platter.

The luscious richness of the grilled quail eggs and soft tamago are layered with gentle hints of smoke from the robatayaki grills adding depth with each bite.

The lightly charred edges deliver rich and intense notes, and soon you're on your way to pick up another skewer. A fresh squeeze of lemon cuts through the richness of the quail eggs and tamago for that balanced finish.

The Nikkei Robata experience takes centerstage with its yakitori selections...

...grilled over charcoal. It just takes minutes to cook over the intense heat of the fiery charcoals.

The Classic Family Set Menu is now complete with the grilled Chicken Thighs and Wings Yakitori of Nikkei Robata. Each set comes with Miso Soup and bowls of steamed Japanese rice.

Tender and juicy capped with a charred outer layer delivering rich smoky notes, the thighs and wings become a meal in itself paired with steamed Japanese rice. A fresh squeeze of lemon brings out even more flavors with every bite. Grilled to perfection, the specialty yakitori of Nikkei Robata is one of many tasty highlights from the new Family Set Menu.

A sweet and decadent ending caps your sumptuous Family Set Menu feast at Nikkei Robata with the indulgent Tres Leches... intricate creation with soft sponge cake soaked in rich custard cream and generously topped with cubes of sweet mangoes. Each bite brings all the components together in an indulgent weave, from the moist sponge cake and custard cream to the fresh mangoes. 

From rolls to dumplings, noodles, tempura and specialty yakitori to dessert, the new Family Set Menu by Nikkei Robata is a complete and lavish feast for the family in this new year. And you'll only find it at the Newport Mall location of Nikkei Robata.

After a hearty feast, why not stay a while for a round of soothing libations at Nikkei Robata

All good things, including a great buzz, comes in threes. At Nikkei Robata, you can enjoy three cocktails for only P 595. That's an emphatic "happy" in Happy Hour. Fix me up a Fantasy Negroni, please...

The Classic and Premium Family Set Menu offerings are just some of the reasons to visit the newest location of Nikkei Robata at Newport Mall. Gatherings with family and friends become even more special while enjoying the convergence of Peruvian and Japanese culinary styles for a festive and unique dining experience. 

The robatayaki grills are all fired up and waiting for you. At Nikkei Robata in Newport Mall...

Nikkei Robata is located at the Second Floor of the Garden Wing at Newport Mall, Newport Boulevard, Pasay, Metro Manila or call 0945 551 1898 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at and IG Feed  at for more information and updates.

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