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Coffee Moments at Malongo Atelier Barista

Pouring a cup of coffee every morning is a daily ritual so common and deeply etched in our daily routine, we often take for granted the deep culture and significance it continues to play in social interactions as we head out and start our day. Why not take a break for a cup of coffee at Malongo Atelier Barista and take a moment to appreciate this amazing beverage?

Malongo Atelier Barista brings its own unique coffee story and culture to the bustling Legazpi Village neighborhood in Makati, sharing its advocacies on the traditional slow roast and fair trade advocacy enjoyed with each soothing cup. Come inside for a cup...

Located at the Ground Floor of Greenbelt Hamilton along Legazpi Street in Makati, Malongo Atelier Barista expands its presence in Manila with another new branch to complement its first location in BGC. It's also part of the brand's very first bold move in Asia as it penetrates an established coffee market. What began as a small coffee roastery in Nice, France back in 1934 has now grown into a global brand known for its wide range of premium coffee including both blends and single origin slowly and tediously roasted using traditional methods. 

Cool fact. The enduring popularity of the beverage can be traced back to the origins of its name, derived from the Arabic word for "wine." From "quawah" to "kahveh" in Turkish, later to "koffie" in Dutch, the captivating spell of the celebrated libation clearly set it apart revered in almost the same level as wine.   

Inside its newest location at Greenbelt Hamilton, the rich heritage of the brand is highlighted in an elegantly designed and minimalist space setting the stage for an intimate coffee experience. One wonders if there's room for one more coffee brand in a crowded and cluttered category, and the answer is a resounding yes. We just can't get enough of coffee. And to think it all began way back in the 9th century when shepherds noticed their herd in an ecstatic mood after grazing on the coffee plant. Those happy goats eventually led to a global market worth over $495.5 bn becoming one of the economic pillars in world commodities.  

At Malongo Atelier Barista, you'll find everything you need for that perfect cup on their shelves starting with a vast selection of premium high-altitude hand-harvested coffee beans refined by traditional slow-roasting techniques of their talented baristas. And it goes much deeper as Malongo upholds ethical commitments to fair trade and preserving traditional farming techniques. But did you know coffee beans are technically seeds? It seemed "beans" sounded right because of the resemblance of the pits from the berries actually looked more like beans. And it just sounds way better than coffee seeds. 

At Malongo Atelier Barista, each cup is an expression of the brand's philosophy and master roaster's legacy. And a guarantee of excellent taste. But did you know that the simple indulgence with coffee was outlawed back in 1511 in Mecca for the reason of promoting radical thinking? Even Italian clergymen tried to ban the "satanic" beverage back in the 16th century. You can raise a cup to Pope Clement V11 for lifting the ban and assuring you have the perfect start to your day with a fresh brew without the fear of excommunication.

A quick scan of the menu presents tempting choices, but once you decide on a brew you can sit back and take in the casual vibe at Malongo Atelier Barista. It's easy to get carried away and order up a couple of brews, but can you have too much of a good thing? Relax. Researchers say you need to drink at least 30 cups one after the other in quick succession to be seriously considered as a lethal dose of caffeine. Then again, why not just enjoy your cup at Malongo Atelier Barista and take your time. 

And watching your cup masterfully prepared weaves another layer to your experience at Malongo Atelier Barista...

My choice to end the day is an indulgent Viennese Coffee (P 200 Moyen/P 220 Grande). And why not, the blend of espresso, milk, chocolate and whipped cream is something you deserve.

Capped with a decadent crown of whipped cream, the richness of the espresso, chocolate and milk becomes even more lavish with each soothing and decadent sip. Coffee is, after all, a well-deserved reward to a long day. 

As the whipped cream slowly melts with the espresso, chocolate and milk blend, each sip drapes the palate with a lingering richness. And your day suddenly takes on a more positive vibe.

And one good drink deserves another, right? Well below the 30 servings to avoid an overdoes, go ahead and enjoy another cup...

...with the classic Cafe Latté (P 190 Moyen/P 210 Grande). The smooth and creamy brew is rich and delicately balanced with the deep, rounded notes of coffee tempered by the creamy layer of milk. The Cafe Lattė warms the palate followed by a sweet and creamy finish. You can also customize your brew with a choice of syrups like Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel, Almond, Sugar Cane, Citron, Peach or Raspberry.

One more sip and you're now totally immersed in the moment. It's these moments that make Malongo Atelier Barista a welcome addition to the blossoming local coffee culture.  

And you can also bring home the Malongo Atelier Barista experience with their many gift packages. kits and boxes.

How's your day like so far? Maybe you just need a coffee moment. At Malongo Atelier Barista in Greenbelt Hamilton...

Malongo Atelier Barista is located at the Ground Floor of Greenbelt Hamilton, 147 Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati. You can also visit their FB Page at for more information and updates.

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