Monday, January 9, 2023

Better Mondays Guaranteed with The Dairy Grind

 Start the week in this new year with some good vibes. And ice cream...

A better day, a better week, a better year. And better Mondays. And thanks to Better Mondays PR, my week in the new year is off to a great start with indulgent pints from The Dairy Grind. After all, ice cream makes any day better, right?

In a creative collaboration, Better Mondays PR and The Dairy Grind dream up a perfect and better Monday expressed through ice cream. The result? Cereal Milk Mondays and Vodka Mudslide Mondays, two uniquely indulgent yet contrasting creations guaranteed to get you on the right groove to better Mondays.

Since 2017, The Dairy Grind offered their own inventive scoop to ice cream with its novel customizable concept. It's ice cream with a personal touch, made from a wide selection of flavors, add-ons and ingredients. Crafting your own ice cream is, after all, part of the fun. And think of the possibilities, like unique corporate giveaways or even creative personal gifts and you get the picture.

Now, let's have a scoop. Kick off your Monday with a comforting hug to your palate with the Cereal Milk Mondays, a nostalgic recreation of a childhood classic that works all the time.

Rich, creamy and silky smooth with bits of crunchy cereal, the Cereal Milk Mondays hits all the right notes with a mildly sweet finish. 

Who can forget the bottom of the bowl, always the best part, concentrated with all the flavors you love? That's what each spoonful of the Cereal Milk Mondays tastes like. 

On the other end of the flavor spectrum, the bold and deep flavors of chocolate drapes the palate with full and rounded flavors followed by just a whisper of vodka. The Vodka Mudslide Mondays is for all chocoholics, just pure chocolate goodness with every bite.

Indulgent and decadent, the Vodka Mudslide Mondays is an elegantly lavish way to fix your chocolate ice cream cravings with the vodka completing that subtle layer of sharpness for that perfect finish.

Now that you've seen what The Dairy Grind can do...'s a snapshot of the wide selection of flavors and options for that customized ice cream experience.

As we celebrate the new year, here's to better Mondays. And more ice cream...

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