Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Kenny Rogers Roasters Unveils Biggest 3D Interactive Billboard in the Country For Your Larger-Than-Life Cravings

The classic Kenny Rogers Roasters' Roasted Chicken. The tender, juicy and fall-off-the-bone Baby Back Ribs on Brick Oven. The Signature Corn Muffins. And a tempting variety of side dishes. Each one showcased in vibrant living color to satisfy your larger-than-life cravings in hyper-realistic high resolution...

Kenny Rogers Roasters kicks off the new year with its innovative and impressive 3D Interactive Billboard located along EDSA Mandaluyong for a stunning visual experience. The groundbreaking signage may be the first and largest 3D Interactive billboard in the country, and coming from Kenny Rogers Roasters it really is no surprise. Kenny Rogers Roasters leads the way in culinary innovations with its deliciously healthy menu, and now you can experience it in full color along the metro's famed highway. Its a digital feast for the senses in 3-D. Hungry? Then, read on...

The massive 3D Interactive Billboard located along EDSA corner Apo Street in Mandaluyong cuts through the clutter of signages along the always busy highway, transforming the static out-of-home signage scene with its innovative technology. Following the age old principle of traditional advertising, out of sight out of mind, the new 3D Billboard by Kenny Rogers Roasters cuts through the maze of billboards in a compelling visual experience. And that's not all. Kenny Rogers Roasters will soon be dressing up its own fleet of delivery trucks with the new 3D Roasted Chicken for good measure so you won't miss it when you traverse the always busy highway.

And when you see the mouthwatering visuals of the classic Kenny Rogers Roasters' Roasted Chicken, Baby Back Ribs on Brick Oven, Signature Corn Muffins and tempting array of tasty sides while stuck in traffic, you'll soon be overwhelmed by a serious craving only to be satisfied once you make a quick detour to the nearest Kenny Rogers Roasters branch or order up for delivery...

Kenny Rogers Roasters isn't new to innovation, it's a continuous process with its consistent roll-out of tasty new offerings (see more on my posts, Healthy Can Be Delicious as Kenny Rogers Roasters and Beyond Meat Introduces New Plant-Based Offerings from late last year, Your Favorite Roast with a Luxurious Spin, Meet the New Truffle Roast by Kenny Rogers Roasters... from 2021, All Set and Ready to Wrap and Roll at Kenny Rogers Roasters on their sumptuous Wrap and Roll offerings, Hot News: Enjoy a Mexican Fiesta on a Plate with the New Chipotle Spicy Roasts and Ribs by Kenny Rogers from early this year and ECQ Eats: Kenny Rogers Roasters Goes Beyond Deliciously Healthy with Plant-Based from Beyond Meat on their collab with Beyond Meat). This drive for constant innovation is unveiled and celebrated in high-def with Kenny Rogers Roasters' new 3D Billboard.

And once you see it, you simply have to order up. Like the Signature Corn Muffins (P 20 per piece/P 105 for box of six). Made with corn meal batter and filled with sweet corn kernels, the buttery aroma triggers your appetite once you  open the box. It's also the perfect pairing with your savory meal from Kenny Rogers Roasters

The 3-D Billboard with its compelling visuals does a good job at working up your appetite. With a comforting menu built around their popular and best-selling signature roasts, ribs and more, give in to your cravings and order up a feast from Kenny Rogers Roasters... 

Refreshingly new and different, the new signage definitely stands out. And the 3-D Billboard experience by Kenny Rogers Roasters is guaranteed to make you tap and click the add-to-cart button on your mobile device within seconds.  

The Signature Corn Muffins has to be part of your list of orders...

...along with the Baby Back Ribs in Brick Oven (P 475-920), an easy choice once you see the juicy pork ribs marinated and slowly cooked with barbecue sauce and flavorful seasonings on the giant screen to tease your palate.

Tender and fall-off-the-bone with that sweet, smoky and sticky glaze, your cravings kicked up by the 3-D Billboard come to life with a big bite of the Baby Back Ribs in Brick Oven by Kenny Rogers Roasters. And it tastes just as good as it looks for a lavish synch with the 3-D Billboard. 

It's that rich savory weave of flavors from the marinade, seasonings and the smoky hints from the oven that combine and enhance the delicate notes of the juicy slab of pork. And Kenny Rogers Roasters masterfully executes it consistently with the Baby Back Ribs in Brick Oven.

Complete your Kenny Rogers Roasters feast with the Signature Roasted Chicken (P 230-P 825), a whole chicken roasted for that juicy finish capped by a delicately crisp layer. 

Served with gravy, the Kenny Rogers Roasters' Roasted Chicken delivers a flavorful burst with each bite from the marinade and seasonings. Cooked with a unique blend of herbs and spices in a rotisserie, this is the flavor you love from Kenny Rogers Roasters.

There's just nothing quite like a comforting winner chicken dinner after a tiring drive or commute along EDSA, don't you think?

Don't forget to complete the experience with the wide variety of tasty sides from Kenny Rogers Roasters including Mac and Cheese, Tex Mex Macaroni, Corn and Carrots, Chicken Macaroni, Coleslaw, Sour Cream & Chives Potatoes, Steamed Vegetables, Fresh Fruit Salad and the new Spinach Mashed Potatoes.  

The competitive culinary landscape demands innovation to cut through the clutter in a relevant and compelling way. The new 3-D Billboard by Kenny Rogers Roasters is one big step in that direction. 

And when your appetite is triggered by the 3-D Billboard experience by Kenny Rogers Roasters, simply pull out your mobile device and give in. And enjoy. 

For more on Kenny Rogers Roasters, visit their website at or order via their hotline at 8-555-9000. You may also order via GrabFood and foodpanda. You can also check their FB Page at for updates.

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