Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Let's Roll with The Cheddar & Danish Bleu Cheese Rolls by Flour Pot Manila

Artisan. 100% small batch. Sustainable. Freshly baked everyday and handmade. Would you expect anything less from Flour Pot Manila?

You've had cheese rolls before, but nothing close to this. Known for their signature naked cakes and other elegant cake creations, Flour Pot Manila is on a roll with another decadent treat with the new Cheddar & Danish Bleu Cheese Rolls. Read on and see what you're missing...

The cumulative wealth of experience earned by Chefs Rhea Castro-Sycip and JayJay Sycip from years in the hotel industry are lavishly showcased at the couple's restaurant, The Fatted Calf reflecting a continuing story that inspires with their hearty offerings (see more on my posts, Serendipitous Journeys: Feast and Celebrate at The fatted Calf Farmhouse Kitchen and Sumptuous Feasts, Wine Down Fridays, and Farmhouse Sessions at The Fatted Calf). 

For Chef Rhea Castro-Sycip, a new year presents another page in her own culinary journey built around her love and passion for baking. At Flour Pot Manila, Chef Rhea teases both the eyes and palate with her ornate and decadent cake creations solidifying her reputation in the culinary scene (for more on Flour Pot Manila, see my posts, Indulgence Comes Humming Your Way with The Hummingbird Cake by Flour Pot Manila, #ECQ Eats: Up, Down, Sideways with the Classic Pineapple Upside Down Cake by Flour Pot Manila, Celebrating a Local Harvest with the Ubi Kinampay Cake by Flour Pot Manila and A Cup of Tea and a Slice of Cake: The Indulgent Earl Grey, Orange and Chocolate Tea Cake by Flour Pot Manila for Mother's Day). Driven by boundless creativity, Chef Rhea brings another baked masterpiece to your table with the new Cheddar & Danish Bleu Cheese Rolls...

Recently voted as the winner in the recently concluded 2022 Edition of the Ultimate Taste Test, Flour Pot Manila's Cheddar & Danish Bleu Cheese Rolls along with their Mazapan de Pili Cheesecake are just some of the inspired new creations by Chef Rhea that has to be in your must-try list in this new year. 

Light and pillow-soft, the heirloom brioche is generously filled with creamy Cheddar and gourmet Danish Bleu Cheese for a flavorful cheesy burst with each bite. The creamy indulgence of the cheese blend combine for cheese rolls you've only imagined until now with the new Cheddar & Danish Bleu Cheese Rolls by Flour Pot Manila. The distinct and deep lingering notes of the Danish Bleu Cheese are perfectly balanced by the mild sharpness of the Cheddar for an elegantly refined finish.

Sugar and butter cover the surface of these decadent rolls, adding even more layers of decadent richness conspiring with the soft brioche and cheese blend for a cheese roll in a class of its own. Nothing even comes close. 

And just like her intricate cake creations, Chef Rhea doesn't hold back on the premium ingredients. Chef Rhea's philosophy of artisan freshly baked, sustainable and small batch handmade creations comes through with each bite. The use of organic butter and free-range eggs delivers flavors that are real and deep draping the palate with its lavish richness. Best enjoyed as is or better yet, lightly torched or toasted for that delectable thin glass crust of pure goodness. If you have honey, add a generous dab to take your cheese rolls to the next level. 

Your ordinary cheese rolls, transformed and elevated. Exciting new creations like the Cheddar & Danish Bleu Cheese Rolls are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as Chef Rhea Castro-Sycip takes on the new year with a renewed passion and creativity at Flour Pot Manila. And you can bet to hear more from Chef Rhea with even more lavish creations this year... 

For more on Flour Pot Manila, visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/flourpotmanila/ and IG Feed at https://www.instagram.com/flourpotmanila/ for orders and updates. You may also call 0916 493 7488 and 0977 643 7477 for orders.

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