Saturday, January 14, 2023

Love Burgers? Feel the Love from Love Burgers PH...

A good burger doesn't have to be complicated. Let Love Burgers PH show you how...

The freshest ingredients and fresh-ground premium quarter-pounder Wagyu beef patties on a soft bun, it just doesn't get better than that. A garage-based burger joint, Love Burgers PH takes you back to the classic burger experience built around their fresh ground Wagyu beef for real flavors. And there's a whole lot of love with each burger and each big bite. Here's the lowdown on some of the best Wagyu beef burgers in the metro...

Opened late last year, Love Burgers PH shares its own lavish rendition on a classic staple straight out of their garage while taking it up a notch with local premium Wagyu beef fresh-ground daily for solid flavors. Love Burgers PH goes straight to the meat of the matter with its beef patties, using only the finest Wagyu beef and nothing less. And no short cuts too as Love Burgers PH prepares each of the specialty burgers cooked to order so you get to enjoy it at its flavorful and juicy peak. 

The result? Juicy, savory and rich beefy notes with each bite. The Wagyu beef patty is, after all, the star of the show in any burger. And the burgers of Love Burgers PH makes the cut.  

The OG Burger and classic Cheeseburger are the best way to get acquainted with the burger philosophy of Love Burgers PH. Ready for a bite?

Let's start with the burger benchmark, the enduring and all-time classic Cheeseburger by Love Burgers PH. American cheese, red onions, pickles and 100% Wagyu beef on a soft and buttery toasted potato bun, each component brings its own layer of distinct flavor to the mix. When you think about it, it's a straightforward and simple construct with no need to overly complicate it. But it's the juicy Wagyu beef that punches through with its savory notes draping the palate with a beefy richness that makes all their burgers special and refreshingly different.  

The beautifully marbled Wagyu beef is indulgently rich and juicy laying the foundation for the perfect Cheeseburger from Love Burgers PH. And no, none of that dry and overcooked meat from more commercial options. One more big bite drives home the point and seals the deal.

The red onions and pickles cuts through the richness of the Wagyu beef for that balanced bite followed by the creamy finish of the American cheese and special sauce or Love Sauce. And that pillow-soft potato bun completes the experience. One more bite ties it all together, and the Cheeseburger by Love Burgers PH is all but a memory as you bite your way all the way to the other end of the burger.  

Take a closer look, and you'll agree it all comes down to the Wagyu beef patty ably supported by the red onions, pickles, American cheese, special sauce and buttery soft potato bun. And it works. 

The OG is the signature burger expression of Love Burgers PH with American Cheese, slabs of crisp bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, half caramelized onions and 100% Wagyu beef patty on a soft potato bun. It's a loaded burger with all the familiar trappings but the Wagyu beef sets this burger apart from the usual commercial options. That same juicy, buttery bite and mouthfeel from the premium Wagyu beef clearly makes the case for Love Burgers PH.

Paired with fries, this one's a burger lover's treat. Each ingredient complements the other without cluttering the pure and unrestrained notes of the premium Wagyu beef patty. The mild sharpness and crisp textural contrast of the bacon tempers the richness of the patty while the American cheese and half-caramelized onions gives the burger a creamy and mildly sweet and smoky finish. If anyone can describe love in a burger, this might be the closest in its purest form yet. From their potato buns to the 100% Wagyu beef patties and everything in between, Love Burgers PH proudly presents their version of the perfect burger. 

Love Burgers PH is definitely one of the new players in the metro's competitive burger game and a worthy addition to your must-try list for 2023, and it's entry bannered by The OG and the classic Cheeseburger are bold statements by new brand staying true to its simple concept of the perfect burger. From the classic Cheeseburger and The OG to more playfully inventive variations like the vegetarian Shroom Trip to the sweet and savory PB Burger, there's a whole lot to love with Love Burgers PH.  

Everyone has their own idea bordering on religious reverence on the enduring and much-loved staple, and ever since a juicy patty was slapped in between two pieces of bread by conflicted accounts from Louise Lassen, Charlie Nagreen, Otto Kuase, Oscar Weber Bilby, Frank and Charles Menches or Fletcher Davis depending on who you believe, the iconic burger remains undoubtedly a story that will be celebrated for many more years to come. One such story comes straight out of a garage at Love Burgers PH...

For more on Love Burgers, visit their hidden joint at 8 Mola Street, Makati or FB Page at and IG Feed at for more information and updates. You can also visit their website at or call 0917 898 6236 for orders and delivery.

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