Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Burger, Fries, and Some Seriously Good Hot Dogs at Munchtown

Burgers, fries and hot dogs...all you need for a day at the movies. 

The metro's filled with burger joints, but one can count the places with decent and respectable dogs with that elusive "snap" in every bite. Munchtown is one of those places...

Located at the Upper Level of Promenade 3 right beside the theaters, Munchtown is ideally situated for that hearty meal before or after a movie. Better yet, bring your Munchtown meal with you and enjoy the movie. And Munchtown has it all, from burgers, sliders and pizza, to burritos and fries. Munchtown's my kind of town. 

Start with Munchtown's Tzatsiki (P 70), Greek yohgurt and cucumber served with eight pieces of pita bread. Cool and refreshing, the creamy and sharp yohgurt and cucumber dip is always a perfect starter at Munchtown. And you can go all-Greek at Munchtown. Munchtown offers Hummus (garbanzos and garlic), an Eggplant Dip, and a hearty Chicken Gyro too.

Then, spice things up with Munchtown's Blue Cheese Fries (P 195), with Fresh Igorota Idaho potatoes drizzled with rock salt, black pepper, chunks of blue cheese, crispy bacon bits, tomatoes, spring onion, and grilled chicken liver. The combination of creamy blue cheese, bacon, and grilled chicken liver combine for a rich medley of flavors, this definitely isn't your usual fries. Munchtown offers over ten varieties of fries with various toppings, including black truffle, parmesan, jalapeno, chili & cheese, and even the classic Poutine and you just know the guys at Munchtown are pretty serious with their fries. Playful, inventive, and creative, with a wide range of flavors, Munchtown's signature fries are a perfect side to your meal.

The Munchtown Cheeseburger (P 240), a freshly ground 130 gram Black Angus patty topped with cheddar cheese, Russian dressing, crisp lettuce, caramelized onions, and tomatoes on a soft and fluffy potato bun, served with a side of fries. You also have the option to add bacon (P 50) and fries (P 40), or go for a serious Double Cheeseburger (P 390). Grilled perfectly, the premium beef patties have a juicy pink center packed with beefy flavor. And here's the best part, the thick, juicy patty remains firm all the way without crumbling, a sure sign no extenders are used. The potato buns are soft and fluffy, and pairs perfectly with the premium Black Angus patty.

Looking for some light bites? Go for Munchtown's Mini Black Angus Burgers (P 105/1pc, P 250/3pcs, P 420/6pcs, P 540/9pcs), with Russian dressing, ketchup, pickles, caramelized onions draped in rich and creamy cheddar cheese on mini potato buns. Go for a trio, a single or double won't be enough once you get down with these sliders. The sliders look deceptively small, but the premium Black Angus patty and potato buns have a serious punch, just perfect at the movies.

Then, the dogs arrived. And they're looking good. Real good. Munchtown's Chili Dog (P 220), German franks topped with mustard, onions, chili con carne, and cheddar cheese. The rich chili and and creamy cheddar combine for hearty and comforting flavors. And check out those dogs. When the dogs are longer than the buns on both sides, that's usually a good sign. The signature Smokees are prepared and smoked by Munchtown, using the finest ingredients, premium meats, and all-natural casings. One bite, and you hear the unmistakable "snap" that sets Munchtown's dogs apart from the others. And the buns are specially baked to Munchtown's specifications, with a light and crisp texture that absorbs all the flavors. That's a perfect dog right there.

And my personal favorite, the Chicago Dog (P 220), German franks topped with pickle relish, mustard, onions, tomato, pickle spear, banana pepper, celery salt, and pickled jalapenos. Fresh, clean flavors, allowing you to taste more of Munchtown's signature dogs, with the fresh pickle relish, crisp pickle spear, jalapenos, and mustard adding distinct layers of flavor without overpowering the German frank. Perfectly grilled with that fresh "snap"in every bite, this one is probably the best in the metro. And there's more...check out Munchtown's new line of signature hot dogs in my next post here at

End your Munchtown feast with a Salted Caramel Milkshake (P 150), rich, creamy and just that hint of saltiness to bring out even more flavor in every sip, a great way to a cap a meal at Munchtown.

Burgers, fries, pizza, burritos, and seriously good dogs. Finding that perfect piece of meat in tube form with that distinct "snap" has always been elusive. Not anymore. Munchtown's my kind of town.

Munchtown is located at Unit 202, Upper Level, Promenade 3, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan or call 785-6931 for inquiries.

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