Friday, June 27, 2014

The Magnum Cafe Experience

Looking for that perfect customized Magnum bar? There's only one place for the ultimate Magnum experience...

Paris. London. Hamburg. Istanbul...and now Manila, the sixteenth city to offer your very own ultimate Magnum creation. 

The unique concept store is the ultimate expression of the Magnum brand, rich and indulgent, with all the elements from the finest premium ingredients to its elegant interiors, combining for that ultimate Magnum experience. Finding pleasure is easy, simply enter Magnum Manila...

Magnum Manila's staff of "pleasure makers" ensure that your experience is unique and memorable, and part of the many layers that build up to the ultimate Magnum experience. 

Chefs Him Uy de Baron and Miko Aspiras head the team of pleasure makers at Magnum Manila, offering a variety of unique creations from savory dishes to sweet and indulgent desserts. And you get a cool front row seat watching the team prepare the house specialties.

Creating your very own Magnum bar is fun and easy. Simply choose your Magnum bar, chocolate or vanilla, and choose your dip, which include white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or the Limited Edition Magnum Gold.
Then, choose your toppings. Magum Manila offers a wide range of toppings including pistachios, pop rocks, raspberries, almonds, potato chips, parmesan popcorn, dried mangoes, crushed Oreos, Speculoos cookies, honeycomb bits, gold nuggets, chocolate crunch balls, and even chili and sea salt flakes.

Your Magnum Bar is slowly taking shape. And finally, choose your drizzle to complete your Magnum Bar, choose from milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, or the Limited Edition Magnum Gold. Coat it, top it, drizzle it, set it. Easy.

And here she is...My Magnum Bar, with the Magnum Vanilla bar as the base dipped in dark chocolate and topped with crushed Oreos, gold nuggets, and chocolate crunch balls, and drizzled with creamy white chocolate. The wide range of dips, toppings and drizzles combine for an infinite number of combinations. From classic to experimental, whatever your mood, you can create it at Magnum Manila. You can choose from one of Magnum Manila's own signature combinations, or go all the way and make your own unique Magnum bar.   

But the Magnum experience doesn't end there. Magnum Manila also offers signature dishes by Chef Him Uy de Baron to complete your experience. Hand Blended Truffle Mushroom Soup (P 200), a thick and hearty soup with mushroom puree and rich truffle cream.

Asian Steak Salad (P 380), fresh greens with sweet corn, crisp wontons and slices of seared ribeye steak with an Asian-inspired sweet and sour dressing. Fresh, clean flavors and the juicy strips of ribeye add that savory component to complete the dish.

Magnum Bolognese (P 300), slow simmered minced meat in a rich and comforting pomodoro, topped with Magnum milk chocolate shavings. The rich flavors of the dark chocolate shavings complement the equally rich pomodoro for unique flavors, and one of the best in the metro. 

Croque Madame (P 400), a savory dish with mushroom bechamel, country ham, and gruyere topped with a sunny side up organic egg, and served with a side of fresh salad. Warm, crisp toast with the rich blend of flavors from the creamy mushroom bechamel, gruyere and country ham capped by an organic sunny-side up combine for comforting flavors, a personal favorite. 

Then, it's time for dessert. Magnum Manila's Fondue for Two (P 350), with vanilla and chocolate Magnum bars served with a choice of milk, dark, or white Belgian chocolate fondue, fresh strawberries, bananas, kiwi, lady fingers, butter cake, brownies, and brownie brittle, with gold nuggets and pistachios.

Or go for some of Magnum Manila's seasonal creations. Like the Rogue Magnum, a flavorful collaboration between Magnum Manila and Rogue Magazine, with layers of light cashew meringue, cremy mascarpone mousseline, fresh strawberries, and fig-flavored Crema del Duca balsamic cream topped with a vanilla Magnum bar dipped in Belgian white chocolate and drizzled with freeze-dried strawberries and salted almonds (for more on the Rogue Magnum, check out my previous post here at 

Chefs Him Uy de Baron and Miko Aspiras are already busy planning for the upcoming monthly specials (see my previous post on Magnum Manila's creative and flavorful Chocolate Month creations here at, and expect to hear more from Magnum Manila. soon.

Magnum Manila is located at the 5/F, Sky Park, Sm Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

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  1. I scream for ice cream.... but I also scream for that amazing looking bolognese!

    1. Hi Ramona, great food and ice cream, all in one place! Great to hear from you!


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